The Diary: Chapter 2

You can start at the beginning here, or you can just jump in and enjoy a 1920s Hollywood Orgy.

Kate felt the eyes of new men on her as her partner continued fucking her. She glanced up, making eye contact and realized she recognized him. He was a Hollywood legend on screen and off.

nude flapper

She kept her eyes trained on him as she slipped her hand underneath herself. Kate rubbed her clit, and watched the actor smile. Her orgasm was intense leaving her shuddering as the man fucking her came. Resting her head on the arm rest, she remained on the couch.

“Well boys, let’s see what we have here” the actor said.

Kate looked up at him. She shifted, moving slowly, until she was seated on the couch. The string of beads slapped her tits and belly. “So you gentleman want to join our little party?” She marveled at herself, feeling powerful and sexy in her boldness.  She wondered if the men of the twenties would be shocked by her boldness, but they only looked intrigued and pleased.  Her great grandmothers must have been wilder than she’d known. She stood up, feeling the come from the one of the men trickling down her leg.

If the men noticed, they said nothing.  The actor took a step toward her, and grasped a handful of her hair, pulling her head back for a brutal kiss. Kate felt herself melt against him. This was a man who knew his debauchery.  His free hand found her pussy, his fingers plunging into her.  Even over the pounding of her heart and the music she could hear the sloshing of her sex as his fingers invaded her. She moaned into the kiss.

The actor added a second or third finger, Kate wasn’t sure, but she felt the stretch, and he didn’t slacken his pace.  His companions sauntered over to empty chairs, watching. He broke the kiss, looking down at her.  “Are you comfortable with this getting rough?”

Kate looked up at him, still a little star struck.  “Yes,” she nodded, and gave a soft, content moan as his fingers started thrusting into her pussy again.  After just a few thrusts, he removed his fingers. She whimpered in disappointment, until he raised his fingers to her mouth. Kate opened her mouth, sucking his fingers clean.  She tasted herself and the men she’d fucked earlier. Once his fingers were clean, he kept a grip on her hair and led her to the couch.

“Back on your hands and knees” he said.

Kate resumed her earlier position, anxious to experience what came next. The actor gestured to his companions, and they surrounded her.  She felt hands on her, grasping her, pinching and pulling on her flesh.  Fingers burrowed into her pussy, and she was only a little surprised to feel fingers in her ass.  She moaned and heard herself begging for more. A cock pressed into her pussy and her actor smiled down at her, unfastening his pants.


Kate took his cock in her mouth, sucking and teasing – trying to stay focused when she was so distracted by the man fucking her.  The actor didn’t seem to mind.  He grasped her hair again, and started fucking her face.  There was no art, just using her mouth.  Kate’s body was on fire.  She felt the orgasm building and groaned around the cock in her mouth. The man fucking her, moaned as her pussy spasmed in orgasm.

“Damn she’s come off,” the man fucking her said.

The actor paused in his thrusting, “Glad you’re having a good time,” he looked down at her.  Kate raised her eyes and met his. There was something about eye contact while giving a blow job that she loved. He must too, because he bit his lip and stroked her cheek.  “Oh doll, you are too perfect,” he tugged her hair, softly this time and returned to thrusting.

Kate lay between them, as they continued. Each man fucking for all he was worth, hard and fast. The actor came first his come filling her mouth as she hurried to swallow.  The man fucking her came not long after, his body shuddering behind her.

Kate dropped her head to the arm of the couch, panting her body still prickling. The actor stayed next to her, stroking her hair.  “Doll, you’re the cat’s meow.”

She tried not to, but found herself giggling. Kate never considered that people really used the movie slang of the era, but here she was the “cat’s meow.” She shifted on the couch, and he came and sat next to her, resting her head in his lap. He sent his companion in search of drinks. She searched her foggy mind for a similar complement, “You’re the bee’s knees.”

Even she heard the slight question in her voice as she said it.  He cast a glance at her, “I’m not just saying that, Doll.” He leaned down and kissed her, passionately but without the roughness. “I know it’s against Lillian’s rules, but I gotta know, what’s your name?”


    • In the US, the 1920s are considered the first sexual revolution. And of course Silent Era Hollywood is full of rumors about orgies and sex parties; I assume they are just rumors and gossip, but they are fun to imagine.

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