Victoria’s Teacher

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After her encounter with Djet, Doctor Edwards took Victoria back to the city.  She’d rented them a hotel room and told Victoria they would both take a few days to recover.

Victorian woman wearing a "harem" costume, reclining on a sofa

Victoria had to admit the prospect of a bath and a real bed was appealing, but what she really wanted was to start searching for Djet.  However, she had no idea how to find the resurrected Pharaoh.

Dr. Edwards, after some very good gin, had told Victoria all about her own mummy encounter.  With a couple more drinks, the Dr. began filling in Victoria on all the explicit details.  They sat near each other on the bed, as it was the only place to sit in the room.

“It happened when I was about your age,” Dr. Edwards began.  “The excavation had been slow going, nothing like Djet’s tomb.  It was a series of broken, plundered cave tombs.  Even much of the writing had been destroyed.  The professor in charge of the excavation thought that much of the damage was caused soon after the unknown pharaoh’s death.”

Dr. Edwards poured another drink and paused.  “This story may get a little too personal”

Vicki encouraged her to continue.  “It will help me process what happened, hearing your story.”

“I found the hidden chamber,” she smiled.  “I leaned against an interior wall and fell through.  Inside, there was a sarcophagus.”

Vicki unexpectedly felt herself growing aroused.  Her mind was replaying her own supernatural encounter.  The thought of Professor Edwards the classy, composed, almost icy woman in the throes of ecstasy only added to Victoria’s arousal. She shifted on the bed, moving closer to the Doctor.

“Once inside the chamber, I was overcome with lustful feelings” the doctor blushed.  “However, unlike you, I wasn’t alone.  There was another graduate student there as well.  She came in to check on me, and as soon as she crossed the threshold, she too was overcome.” Professor Edwards finished her drink.  “The two of us…” She licked her lips, “it was like we couldn’t control ourselves.”  She looked at Vicki, “I’d never been with a woman before that day, you know.”  She wore a sly smile, “But it wasn’t the last.  She and I developed a deep friendship after our encounter.”

Silent film actress Theda Bara is Cleopatra

The doctor maintained eye contact with Victoria and continued.  “Elle, that was her name, began kissing me.  Her hands were all over me.” She gave a small laugh, “then, Elle and I were naked together on the sarcophagus.  She was performing cunnilingus on me.”

Vicki bit her lip and shifted on her chair.

The professor took Victoria’s hand, “Is this too personal?”

Vicki shook her head, wanting to know everything.  She moved from her chair to share the bed with Dr. Edwards.  “Oh no, doctor.  I appreciate you trusting me with this story.” Vicki noticed that the doctor continued to hold her hand.  “And I think it will help me process my own experience.”

“So I was lying on the sarcophagus, with the lovely Elle’s tongue penetrating me.  Then the sarcophagus moved, and Elle and I slid to the floor.  Then He was there.  The wrappings were like snakes, like tentacles, winding around us.  We were bound too quickly.”  She paused, “Over the years I wondered if the wrappings were part of the magic, like a protection for the newly resurrected pharaoh.”  She looked lost in her musing for a moment, and absently stroked Vicki’s hand and arm.

He took me first.  I was naked and very, very aroused.  I think it was because women are far more skilled at cunnilingus than men.” She paused, making eye contact with Victoria.  “He was like a god, muscled and virile.  I’ve never seen a man like that again.  He picked me up like I weighed nothing, and he laid me back on the sarcophagus lid.”

“I begged him to take me,” she said.  “I begged in English, in French, and finally in the smattering of ancient Egyptian that I knew.  I found that enjoyed being debased in front of an audience.  My Pharaoh fucked me, as I struggled against my bounds. Not to escape of course, oh no.” She shook her head, her hands now moving to rest on Vicki’s thigh.  “I wanted to fuck him back, you understand. I wanted to writhe, but I was bound too tightly.”  Elle watched the entire scene, bound and knowing that he would take her next.

Group of flappers performing an Egyptian styled dance

Vicki moved closer, letting her leg press against the Doctor’s.  “So he,” she paused not wanting to seem crass, “so, you enjoyed it?”

The professor laughed wickedly, “I reveled in it.  And when it was Elle’s turn, she did as well.  Our Pharaoh spent days with us.  He took us over and over, but I think he enjoyed watching Elle and I together best.”

Vicki wondered if Djet would have enjoyed a threesome.  She’d been with women before, and usually found the idea of being with a woman for a man’s pleasure to be repellent.  However, she couldn’t shake an image of being an odalisque, being locked into a harem for the Pharaoh’s pleasure.  She pictured the professor in the stereotypical western idea of a harem costume.  She blushed embarrassed to be fantasying about orientalism.  She was, after all, an educated woman, an anthropologist should be more aware… but she couldn’t shake the image.

The professor took hold of her chin, raising her head.  “Victoria did my story make you embarrassed? I didn’t intend it too.”

Vicki shook her head, “Um, no it wasn’t your story.”  She paused, “Well, I didn’t find the story embarrassing.”  She shifted her eyes down, “I found it very… arousing.”

“Look at me, Victoria,” the Doctor said, with a tone of command Vicki wasn’t used to.  Her eyes automatically jumped back up.  “Never be ashamed of your desires, Victoria.  The world out there,” she gave a languid wave of her hand toward the world outside their hotel room, “They work so hard to make us ashamed.  We don’t need to help them shame us.”

Vicki nodded, slowly.

“I too found the re-telling arousing.  There’s no shame in that.”  Her hand shifted on Victoria’s leg as if she’d realized how intimate the touch was.

Vicki found herself grabbing the older woman’s hand, holding it on her thigh.  “We could…” Victoria bit her lip, “I could help you with that.” Victoria said in a rush.

Doctor Edwards gave her a stern look, “Are you certain?” Vicki nodded vigorously.


  1. Oh this is a very clever and hot story. I was reading and twitching, reading and twitching. I definately hope for more. And as a lover of the tentacle – thank you! Indie xx


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