Beverly applied the eyelash glue to her mask. With the mask in place, she slipped into her lingerie. The scarlet lace of the bra contrasted with her pale skin. The thong panties matched and barely covered her freshly waxed pussy. Staring at her reflection, she felt like someone else. She liked the feeling of being someone else, being free from the constraints of her life. Of course this was only the first part.

mask2She had gifts to consider, toy her viewers sent her, a couple of vibrators, a steel butt plug, and a variety of novelty dildos. She knew all her viewers wanted her to choose the dildo, to finally see under her panties. Maybe tonight, she would use one.

Maybe tonight, she thought as she set up her cameras, maybe tonight I’ll slide this thong off and spread my legs wide for the camera. She shivered at the thought. She’d lube up the longest and largest of the dildos… She pushed the thoughts away. She couldn’t get distracted during her set up. Her cameras were all in place, and anything that could identify her or her location was moved or covered up.

Her final check completed, she chose three dildos each brightly colored and large and set them on the bed next to a bottle of lubrication and a vibrator. Then she logged on to her site and turned on the cameras. She already had a few viewers, waiting for tonight’s show. Smiling at the camera she waved and wiggled her breasts at the camera.  She rarely spoke on camera. Even with a filter, she didn’t trust it.

Sometimes she imagined her colleagues at the law firm watching her naked and writhing around. It always turned her on more to imagine people she knew watching – her colleagues, the man at the newsstand, the young bartender, her neighbors. It didn’t matter. What got her off was the hiding in plain sight, keeping her debauchery behind the mask.

She picked up the first of the dildos, running her tongue over it. Her performance only increased as she heard her viewers cheering her on. She picked up the second dildo, and her fans’ encouraging sounds told her this was the toy to use. One of the watchers sounded a little like her boss, and Beverly couldn’t believe how hot it made her to imagine him watching.

With the toy selected, she began her striptease. It didn’t take long for her to be nude. She lay back in the bed, and took a deep breath. She’d been nude on camera plenty of times, but she’d never done something this intimate. Even in her vibrator videos, she kept her legs closed.

maslsShe looked into the camera, and opened her legs wide. She could see her own pussy, glistening wetly in the monitor.  Her views cheered.  She clutched the dildo, a ridiculous cartoon colored monster, only vaguely phallic at all. After lubing it up, she rubbed her clit with it.  Her viewers took up a chant of “fuck that pussy.” It was crude and vulgar, and one of the men still sounded like her boss.

She pressed the large dildo into her pussy, feeling herself stretch around its girth. Watching herself on the monitors was surreal. Her face, still covered by the mask, but her most intimate parts on display for strangers. As the viewers grew more boisterous, Beverly started to pump the dildo faster, harder.

“Come on slut, fuck that pussy” the voice that sounded like her boss reached her. She felt herself blushing, and unable to stop following his orders. Beverly’s pussy tightened around the dildo. He wasn’t the first man to use that language, and Beverly loved it. With her free hand she tweeked her nipples, rubbing and pinching them.

mask 3The man continued his commands, calling her slut and whore.  Telling her how slutty she looked with a huge dildo in her pussy and asking her if she had cum with all of them watching her. She heard herself asking him for permission to cum.

This was also new for her.  She rarely spoke on her videos.  Aside from moaning and some enthusiastic “yes, I’m coming” – always filtering her voice. She called him her bosses name, and begged to cum for him. The other views cheered her own, saying cum cum, but the man stayed quiet. Beverly plunged the dildo in harder and faster, still waiting for his voice. It didn’t return.  She was disappointed, but the other viewers had taken up the chant of cum slut cum, and that was enough to send her over the edge.

When the cameras were off, along with her mask, she wondered about the man.  Had calling him someone else’s name dislodged his mask? Would he be back? And how would she keep her mask on tomorrow? Every time her boss spoke to her, she was going to hear that man saying “fuck that pussy.”

Part 2

Part 3

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  1. This was hot and you really laced it well with danger, made her anxiety palpable. I agree with Kayla.
    I wonder if this is a common fantasy, it certainly pushed MY buttons.


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