Beverly’s Private Show

You can start at the beginning or just jump in here… It may even be hotter with no context.  

Beverly was nervous. Tonight she was performing the live show for Mr. X. She still didn’t know if he really was her boss, or just sounded like him, but that was enough to convince Beverly to go through with the recording.

beverly 3 3Every night she listened to the brief recording from his first visit. His commands had become the soundtrack for her masturbation.

Tonight, she’d meet him again, at least through the computer screen. She used extra glue on her mask, but it was the clothing he’d requested that made her really nervous. What he’d described was almost identical to what she wore to work after they’d met. She told herself that lots of men had a thing for the “business woman” look.

She’s found herself in the same black pencil skirt but a tighter blouse. Her toys were layed out, and she had nothing to do but wait. She took a deep breath when her computer chimed letting her know he was online. She made sure that her voice filter was working, and turned on the sound.

“I’m glad you made it,” she said to the screen. He, she noted, had not turned on his video feed. But she wasn’t surprised at that.

“I couldn’t pass up the chance to watch you alone, Lola.”

She bit her lip hearing his voice. It was a dead ringer for her Boss.

“What should I call you?” She asked.

He laughed, “You seemed to like calling me Mr. X, so let’s stick with that.”

Beverly nodded, “ok Mr X,” her voice only hitched a little saying the name, “Would you like to begin?” She waited listening to the hiss of dead air between them. She’d never been this aroused making a video before. Certainly the process and audience was a turn on, but the added danger of her boss, even just imagined, had her on fire.

“unbutton your blouse,” the voice said, “slowly.”

Beverly’s fingers shook as she unbuttoned the first button, revealing a healthy amount of cleavage. She’s posed a bit, teasing him with the hint of lace showing. She let the shirt slip from her shoulders, and waited to hear his next command.

“Do you always wear lingerie like that? Something sheer and lacy under your professional clothing?”

Beverly nodded, and without intending too, she began to tell him the story of masturbating in the work bathroom. She left out the parts about how he sounded like her boss, but told him in luscious and filthy detail what she had done. He encouraged her, asking questions about how she had touched herself. Beverly embellished a bit, making the story sexier than the frantic need to cum she’d experienced. She was bit breathless when she finished.

“Take off your bra and skirt” he ordered.

She stood, once again removing everything slowly. With her back to camera, she slipped the bra off. Before she could turn back, he interrupted her strip tease.

“Stay that way, and remove your skirt. I want to know what kind of panties a slut like you wears to work.”

beverly 3 1Beverly bit her lip, loving his commands. She reached behind her back and unzipped the skirt. She wondered if he would like the panties. They’d been a gift from a client, and were straps that accented rather than covered. They left her ass bare, and left a scrap of lace to cover her pussy. Of course they were crotchless. They were, she thought, the exact type of lingerie, he would expect Lola to wear. With a shimmy, she let the skirt fall from her hips and puddle on the floor.

She glanced over her shoulder, making eye contact with the camera. She knew that the straps on the panties would frame her ass. She shook her hips a little, moving slowly and she hoped seductively.

“You like showing off don’t you?” He said.

She wasn’t really sure he wanted a response, and before she could muster one, he ordered her to bend over.

She bent, bracing herself against the bed. She kept her legs tightly closed, limiting what he could see.

“Do you get off wearing panties like that in the office?”

Once again, Beverly was struck by how much Mr X sounded like her boss. She wondered what he would think of her lingerie. Would he find it sexy or just trashy? Did he harbor his own secret kinks? “I love wearing lingerie under my work clothes,” she answered. “I walk around the office, and wonder what my colleagues would think of me if they knew.”

“Get on the bed.”

Beverly climbed onto the bed, still facing away from the camera. She crawled across the bed to her usual spot, and knelt looking back at the camera. After all, he hadn’t ordered her to turn around. She pouted at the camera for him. “Is this were you want me?”

She heard his intake of breath before he answered. “I’d rather you worked in my office, so I could have you on your knees in front of my desk.”

Beverly bit her lip and smiled. “I’d like working for you” Beverly purred. “I’d wear all of my sluttiest lingerie for you.”

She could hear the desire in his voice when he spoke again, “Turn around and let me see your pussy.”

Beverly had been a cam girl long enough to recognize the sound of a man masturbating, so she continued talking as she moved. She made up a story about being called into his office, after getting caught masturbating in the bathroom. She faced the camera, and raised her knees up, before spreading her legs open. She knew this angle worked well, but gave a quick glance at the camera monitor anyway. Her pussy, framed by the lace panties, was on display, pink and glistening under the lights.

“How often do you show off that pussy?”

Beverly smiled, “On camera?” she paused and picked up the dildo from her last show. “When I used this was the first time I livestreamed my pussy.” Saying it aloud gave her a thrill. This had gone far deeper than she’d expected. She had thought that like most clients he’d rush to the masturbation part. But while he may be touching himself, he wasn’t rushing her.

“But you’ve shown it in private videos like this?”

Beverly shook her head, still holding the dildo, aching to plunge it into her pussy. “You’re my first,” she said wanting it to sound suggestive and not clichéd. “Do you like what you see?”

“Yes, but I want to watch you with that dildo again. Describe how it feels and call me Mr. X.”

beverly 3 4Beverly leaned back against the pillows, and began lubing up the dildo. She began rubbing the dildo over her clit, sighing at finally getting to touch herself. As she eased the large toy inside, she began a running stream of moans and dirty talk, always remembering to say his name. “Oh Mr. X, this dildo is so big” and “Mr. X, I love the way it fills my pussy.”

“Let me see the dildo inside you.” He said.

Beverly took her hand away, glancing at the monitor herself. She had to admit it turned her on to see the large rubber cock filling her pussy.

“Beautiful” he said, “you can go back to fucking now.” He ordered.

She fucked herself slowly, he had paid for an hour, and she wanted to give it to him. But she was disappointed to no longer hear his voice. When she used her free hand to rub her clit, she got his attention.

“No Lola, I didn’t say you could touch your clit and I certainly didn’t say you could cum.”

She jerked her hand away, but felt herself get more aroused at his words than the touching. “I’m sorry, Mr. X. This dildo just feels so good, and I really want to cum for you.”

“You can’t cum until you really pound that slutty pussy for me.”

Beverley almost moaned aloud hearing his commands. “Anything you want, Mr. X” she gasped as she started plunging the dildo into her pussy. Once again, she described everything she was feeling, as much as she could, but hearing him once again urge her on, calling her a beautiful slut, had her on the edge of orgasm.

Finally she begged him to let her cum. And he let her beg for a solid five minutes, before he said she could cum. With only the quickest touch to her clit, she was over the edge and the orgasm tore through her. She felt her pussy clamping around the dildo and cried out as the tingling rush filled her body. As the orgasm subsided, she let her hand fall away, leaving the dildo inside her pussy.

“That was lovely Lola.” He said, his own voice hoarse. “I’ll see you in the office.” He disconnected the line.

Beverly blinked at the camera, once again wondering if he really was her boss or just a guy playing out a fantasy.

Part 1

Part 2


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