La Vie Est Belle

At the end of the story, the Beast transforms into a man… But that isn’t how the story has to go.

When Belle met her beast, she wasn’t a hostage or exchanged to pay her father’s debt. No, Belle met him in the woods. If I wanted to mix fairy tales, I’d say she was wearing red, but she wasn’t and I won’t.


She met him hiking in Rosewood Park.  She’d stopped to take a picture of a gorgeous fox, when she saw him, a great bear of a man. Tall, with a beard and long chestnut hair, he looked like some ancient warrior having wondered into the future. Belle noticed the scars on his exposed arms, as well the dark, thick hair that covered them.  From where she sat, it was clear that his nose had been broken a few times and not set very well.

Something about the meeting and the woods felt magical to Belle, enough that in less than a mile, she was following him off the trails and deeper into the woods. She’d still had to make the first move, waiting until he’d stopped walking and was pointing out some fern or flower to her. She took his hand, and licked her lips, before standing on her toes to kiss him lightly. It was a quick kiss, almost innocent – but Belle felt the jolt run through her.  She wanted this massive man, and she wanted him here in the wild woods.

At first, he looked surprised.  He hadn’t expected this spritely blonde, barely five feet tall to express any sort of sexual interest in him.  She, as far as he was concerned, was beautiful.  Yet, here she was kissing him. As she started to move away from him, he wrapped a thick arm around her waist and pulled her back to him.

This time he bent his head to her, and kissed her fiercely. Belle twined an arm around his neck, pressing herself against his bulk. Her fingers tangled in his hair, and she bit lightly at his lip as he broke their kiss. He grinned at that.

She began unbuttoning her shirt, pulling it off her shoulders and dropping it to the ground. He followed her example, pulling his t-shirt over his head.  Belle bit her lip admiring his broad chest and thick arms, all thickly haired. She ran a hand over his chest, loving the feel of his coarse hair. She traced the line of his hair to the waistband of his pants, noting that it was almost an arrow pointing toward his cock.

She met his eye as her bra joined her shirt, and she shimmied out of her shorts. Clad only in sunlight and hiking boots, she stood hip cocked, pointedly waiting for him to finish undressing.

He was simply watching her. Staring almost agape at how quickly she stripped.

Once again, she moved first. She pressed against him, kissing his neck and whispering in his ear, “I want to fuck you, here and now.”

woman flowers

That was all the prompting he needed.  He wrapped his arms around her, almost lifting her off her feet. His beard tickled her face and neck as he explored her body. He took one nipple in his mouth, and she moaned and begged for more, begged him not to hold back. She was gratified that he didn’t.

He pulled her down to the ground, letting her lay on discarded shirt. He kicked his jeans way, and stood over her for a moment, and Belle looked at her beast.  His bulk was more impressive how that he was naked, and she licked her lips seeing that vee of dark hair ended at his jutting cock.

He almost pounced on her, fitting himself between her thighs his cock pressed against her pussy. He met her eyes, and growled as he thrust inside her.  Belle moaned in delight, and once again whispered all her naughty desires to him.

This was no gentle romp in the woods. She demanded the beast in him, and he gave it to her.  He pounded into her, and she wrapped her legs around his waist and dug her fingers into his shoulders.

He let out another growl as he came, and ground his pelvis into her.  He lowered himself next to her, and pulled her against his chest.

Belle kissed him softly, and smiled contently having finally found her beast.

Inspired by a Friday Flash prompt (that I missed the deadline for)


  1. Woah Lucy! This was great – you seem to strike the right length too – not implausibly short, nor rambling on for too long before the story gets steamy! Wonderful. I too have a passion for ‘twisting’ the fairy tales, and have written a few myself – haven’t tackles beauty and the beast though!

    I’d love to read more if you do a series, and I shall look up the writers you recommend, I think (maybe you told me?) I’ve heard of Angela Carter before … need to research!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Very nice! I enjoyed how you modernized B&TB, yet remained faithful to the spirit of the fairy tale. (It looks like I’m not the only one who disliked that the Beast transformed back into the Prince in the original telling.) Great work!


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