Rabbit Ears

Some people connect the tradition of “bunny ears” in photos to a cuckhold’s horns. Sophie didn’t know if the connection was real, but it was all she could think about them her husband brought it up.  Not the photos, but cuckholding.  Evidently, she learned, this was a kink for some people. He’d brought it up and left her to consider the idea. Even two weeks later she was still thinking about it.

cuckhold3Steve was away for work, and she was home alone, thinking about cuckholding. During her years of marriage, she’d thought about other partners – didn’t everyone? She imagined finding a man, a stranger or near stranger – someone at a bar maybe and bringing him home. She’d be wearing something sexy, a short, tight dress in red – with a low neckline and high hem. Maybe she’d forgo her underwear. She’d lead this strange man in to her home, into her bed. She imagined the booze flavored kissing, and rough fumbling at her clothes, while alone in her bed, she began slowly stroking her breasts. She felt her nipples stiffen at the fantasy.  Steve would be watching her, watching her with this other man. She wondered how she’d explain him watching to the stranger from the bar? Maybe she’d have Steve hid in the closet, where he could watch through the slats in the door.

She’d strip in front of this man, this stranger, and lay back on the bed.  He’d bury his face between her thighs, eating her pussy like a starving man. She’d watch the closet door, moaning and bucking at this man’s face, while Steve watched. It might be better to have in visible in the room because she wanted to see his face.

As her fantasy played out, her fingers explored her body. Rubbing her nipples and drifting over her belly, toward her pussy.

She’d make sure she came while the stranger lapped at her pussy, and she moan and tell him how amazing he was a eating her pussy.  She bit her lip thinking about saying the vulgar things aloud, knowing that Steve would hear her.  She urge the stranger to fuck her hard, to pound her pussy with his cock.

Of course, she’d get on all fours, wanting to keep her face pointed at the closet. Wanting Steve to see her face as this man fucked her. Once she felt the cock filling her that would be it.  She couldn’t undo that choice. Sophie would reach her hand between her own splayed legs and rub her clit while the man from the bar fucked her. He’d tell her she was hot and beautiful and sexy. He’d tell her how good her pussy felt, but it wasn’t his words she’d crave. No, she’d have her eyes on the door, biting her lip and moaning wondering if Steve was masturbating.

cuckhold-e1537127499987.jpgIn bed, the fantasy left her panting. She dug around the in the bedside drawer, finding the vibrator. She’d thought she was the adventurous one for bringing home the rabbit vibe. She almost laughed at how naïve she was. She lubed up the toy, rubbing it over her pussy.  The fantasy had left her far more turned on then she’d expected, and she quickly pressed the toy inside and flicked on the switch.

Her eye’s half closed she pretended the silicone was her lover’s cock, the stranger from the bar. She assumed some men would enjoy having a husband watch. She slid the toy in and out, pretending that she lay on her back, a new man above her. His cock stretching her filling her, as Steve sat watching. She’d turn her head to face him, telling him how full she felt, how she was going to come on this man’s cock.

And she did come. Her body tensing around the vibrator, she felt the orgasm crest over her. She lay shuddering on the bed, wondering. Would Steve come out of the closet after the man left? Would he want to fuck her after? Would he masturbate openly when the man was on top of her?

Sophie thought about it, not sure what her answer would be when Steve returned from his trip.

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