As the queen of Aethiopia, Andromeda waited in the cave to complete the hieros gamos and bind herself to the land. She’d ordered the mattress and silken bed linens to be brought to the cave, even her lover would not care about such niceties. Outside the cave, she heard the crash of the sea, and under the incense, she could smell the brine of the sea. Her mother and the priests had prepared her for this rite, but she was still nervous about her first time.

andromeda 2The priest, new to the office and a young man, studiously avoided looking at her nude body, and Andromeda smiled at his bashful nature. He finished the rites, but before he could exit the cave, there was a shimmering in the air. The air seemed to split, and the long thick tentacles crept out of the kaleidoscope crack in the sky.

The thick, ropey tentacle touched her leg, inching up from her ankle. She sighed as the second tentacle emerged, this one with a flat paddle at the end. It followed the path of the first, touching first her ankle, and then moving up to her thigh.  There it began to secrete a sticky black fluid, and Andromeda felt her body respond. Her nipples grew hard and a tingling spread through her body centering on her pussy.

More tentacles slipped through the opening, each seeking out her lithe body.  Some of the smaller appendages caressed her body, stroking her flanks, belly, and breasts.  One began nudging its way between her thighs, slick with more of the black fluid that had her writhing under its touch.  She shifted her hips, opening her legs wide as the tentacle sought her opening. The thick, muscle of it pressing into her, slowly stretches her. Andromeda moaned and wriggled on the mattress, only to feel a thicker tentacle, wrap around her waist, and pluck her from the bed.

She dangled, suspended as the tentacle buried in her pussy began thrusting in earnest. The caressing tentacles continued their exploration of her body, one finding its way between her thighs, attaching one of its suction cups to her clitoris.  Andromeda cried out as her body shook with orgasm.

andromeda 5The creature was not interested in her orgasms, and continued seeking its own pleasure. Her thighs were soaked with her own lust and the creature’s aphrodisiac compound, making her beg for more. Her mother and the priests had both warned her that the creature was not interested in her desires, rather the entity would slake itself on her body.  Her role was to be a willing vessel; that the creature secreted the aphrodisiac compound was a luxury.

The tentacle in her pussy increased its girth for a moment, before pulsating and withdrawing from her body. Andromeda hung in the air, her head drooping until she felt another pressure against her pussy. A second tentacle began filling her, and the suction on her clit increased, causing her to cry out in delight.

The second tentacle began its work, pumping in and out with wet thrusts. The smaller tentacles attached themselves to her, their suction cups pulling on her nipples, belly, and even the backs of her knees.

As another orgasm overtook her, she felt a pressure against her asshole.  She jerked her head up, eyes wide. No one had mentioned this. But as the tentacle began pressing its slick, tapered end into her ass, she groaned in ecstasy. The pressure of both appendages felt like they would split her wide open.

andromedaThe tentacles matched their thrusts, and her body shivered as she orgasmed again. Finally she felt the pumping motion as the tentacle in her pussy shoot a load of its seed into her.

The tentacle in her ass finished soon after, and she was lowered back onto the bed. She lay limp and exhausted, but the aphrodisiac continued to work on her. Even panting and barely able to move, she wanted more. The tentacle began to withdraw, leaving her empty and wanting.

When the rift in the air closed, she gestured weakly to the young priest. She pointed toward her pussy, dripping with her lust and the creature’s ichor. The young man knew his business knelt between her thighs and began lapping at her clit. He’d ingest enough of the aphrodisiac to service her for the rest of the evening, and that might be enough to carry her through the night.

If not, she had brought a number of her body guards to serve her needs.

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