Religious Instruction

Charity’s first adventure is here. 

Charity stroked the mouse’s head, before speaking the words of the spell.  The mouse in her hand melted and reformed into the Reverend’s purloined penis. Hitching up her skirts, she attached the organ to her mons, feeling it already starting to stir and harden.

Fernande_postcardCharity stroked her new cock, wrapping her fist around it. She wasn’t surprised to discover that the Reverend was a lusty man; she understood the hypocrisy of the Salem clergy all too well. She quickly let her skirts drop as her new kitchen girl came traipsing in from the yard, once again letting the door slam behind her.

“Mercy,” Charity growled at her, “I’ve told you to stop letting the door slam.”

Mercy blushed beautifully and lowered her head, her red curls hiding her face. “Sorry, ma’am. It slipped.” She laid a basket of freshly collected eggs on the table, and frowned at Charity.

“What is it?” Charity snapped at the girl, more annoyed at herself for toying with the cock where she could be interrupted.

“Um your dress ma’am,” Mercy said blushing. “I know you aren’t a Puritan, but is this the new style?”

Charity glanced down and realized that her cock was tenting her dress. “Devil take it,” she muttered, stifling a laugh at the scandalized expression on Mercy’s face.

Thankfully, they were interrupted by Tituba’s arrival. She took one look at Charity’s dress, and licked her plump lips. “Good Morrow, to you both.” She said, “I’m not early for my lessons am I?”

Once again, Mercy stared at the Caribbean born servant woman. Charity hadn’t decided if the girl was enamored of Tituba or terrified of her. Mercy had certainly seen very few non-Europeans. She wondered how the girl would fair in Spring when her Naumkeag friends once again returned to visit her. Mercy would certainly have been raised on tales of white women stolen away to be the sexual playthings of the Indians.

“No, not at all” She took Tituba’s arm. The two women claimed to be studying the bible at their weekly meetings, but they rarely discussed the finer points of the Lord. Yet both certainly cried out his name often enough during the lessons.

“Mercy, we will be in the parlor and should not be disturbed.” She looked back at the young woman, “Please prepare enough luncheon for the three of us.”

Mercy nodded, still looking slightly scandalized, and Charity was beginning to question her decision to take the young woman into her household.  She had thought she was doing the girl a favor, but wondered if the girl’s puritan roots were dug too deeply. If so, her presence may put the entire coven at risk.

Her fears were forgotten, as Tituba closed the parlor door and enfolded Charity in her arms. Tituba kissed her passionately, her hands hitching up Charity’s skirts. Charity felt the warmth of the fire on her bare skin, and Tituba’s hand wrapped around the cock stroking it slowly.

“The Reverend does have a generous cock,” Tituba said, breaking the kiss. “Is it true you used my form to take it from him?”

lesbian cuteCharity nodded, watching Tituba’s dark hand rubbing the cock. “Aye,” she shivered at the touch, “He has so many naughty dreams about you, my dark beauty.”

Tituba laughed a deep throaty sound. “And he will feel what you do?”

Charity nodded, her hands busy unfastening Tituba’s dress. “Yes, no matter where he is and what he is doing he will feel whatever the witch wearing his cock feels. I wish I could have seen his face as I was buggered in the last circle. I heard he rushed from the meeting hall, looking tormented.” She smiled at the now naked Tituba, and her hands began stroking her flesh and kneading her large breasts. “His maid later told me that he locked himself in his room, but the good girl watched through the keyhole.” She giggled and kissed Tituba’s shoulders.

Tituba unfastened Charity’s dress, her hands moving over Charity’s flesh. “Tell me, what did the girl see?” she asked drawing Charity to the floor with her. When Charity was lying on back, Tituba began licking and suckling her nipples.

“Oh,” Charity moaned in delight. “The girl said he bent over the bed and thrust his buttocks out for a phantom lover.” Charity gasped as Tituba’s teeth grazed her nipples. “He cried out for his lover to take him harder, and he stroked his cock,” Tituba’s hands traveled lower, slipped over Charity’s belly and down below her purloin penis. Her fingers slipped between Charity’s warm, wet folds and found her clit. “Oh yes, my love,” Charity moaned, and thrust her hips up to meet Tituba’s hand.

She squealed when Tituba slapped her pussy.

“Finish the story, you wanton slut.”

Charity shivered in desire. Even the slap, unexpected as it was, sent delicious frissons through her body. Her cock bobbed and glistened with its lubricating fluids. It took another wet slap, for her to return to the story. “The.. the girl” she panted as Tituba began rubbing her over-stimulated clit. “The girl claimed he rubbed and rubbed his cock, but it never rose, nor could he seem to find release.” Tituba returned to breasts, sucking on the heavy white flesh, until Charity bit her lip to keep from crying out. She didn’t trust Mercy to not come and investigate.

Tituba raised her head, “So he suffers every time you use this cock.” She wrapped her fingers around it again, stroking it. “Have you used it often?”

lesbian vintageAfter a month of playing with it, Charity still found herself reveling in the unfamiliar sensations of the cock.  “Oh yes. I used it in the meeting, taking and being taken countless times. And this last fortnight, I wore it while I was fucked by a pair of your countrymen, traveling north to the French controlled territories.” She bucked her hips. Reciting all her sins of the flesh left her even more aroused and desperate for her lover. “They were beautifully dark skinned, and taught me a little of their own magicks. One even took my cock in his mouth, sucking it and letting me use his mouth like a cunt.”

Tituba slipped two fingers into Charity, thrusting slowly. “Do you know how he responded?”

Charity grinned. “His girl said his cries woke her from sleep.” Charity ran her fingers over Tituba’s skin, loving the smooth feel. “Once again, he moaned and groaned, thrusting at nothing. Please Tituba,” she moaned, “let me come and I’ll tell you all you want to know.”

Tituba pulled her fingers from Charity’s pussy. “Greedy slut,” she slapped her pussy again, and captured Charity’s hands with her own. Charity felt Tituba’s weight on her, pinning her to the floor. With a deft hand, she looped charity’s apron strings around her wrists, and bound the woman. “Now, finish reciting your sins.” Tituba commanded, pinching Charity’s nipples. This time Charity did cry out, a mix of frustrated pleasure and pain.

“She said he began flagellation.” She moaned, recalling the encounter with the two island men. They’d been good lovers; both intent on sharing her and their pleasures. Before the night ended, they had taken her both from behind and the front. And one had sucked the Reverend’s cock until it came. She’d invited them to stay, telling them they could pose as labors on her farm. The idea of having access to both of them regularly had been so tempting. She thought perhaps the older of the two could be led to enjoy her darker passions, but alas, they left before dawn. “He still couldn’t not reach his satisfaction, nor stop the sensations his cock gave him.”

Tituba moved lower, her lips hovering over the cock. “Is that all?”

Charity could feel her breath on the cock, and shook her head. “No, wore the cock while he gave the service on Sunday.” She groaned as Tituba wrapped her lips around the cock. “I was alone, so I used the cock on myself, treating it like one of the wood phalluses the Magister gave us. She thrust her hips us, wriggling on the floor, trying to free her hands. “I frigged myself three or four times.” Her words trailed off, and she begged Tituba to fuck her, to use her cock.

Sliding her lips from the cock, she asked, “Did he finish the service?”

Sharing 1Charity writhed beneath her and shook her head. “No, my kitchen girl, Mercy, was there.” Charity reflexively looked toward the closed door. “She said he became flushed and panting rushed from the church.”

Tituba rose on to her knees between Charity’s legs. With a few quick words, she snatched the penis from Charity and attached it to her own body. Before Charity said a word, Tituba had thrust the cock into her. She thrust in and pulled almost entirely out, getting a feel for the cock, before setting a slow pace, filled with hard thrusting.

Charity bit her lip, once again trying to keep Mercy from hearing anything. She was already so near to coming that, it wouldn’t be long.

Tituba leaned over and kissed her deeply as she came, muffling Charity’s cries of delight.

They both jumped as the door opened and Mercy came barreling in to announce lunch was ready.

They three of them stared at each other silence, until Mercy spoke.

“Pardon me, ma’am. I didn’t know you ran a French household.” She looked at the two naked women. “I can assure you, I was a maid to a French lady, and I am happy to take part in these household chores.”

Tituba and Charity both broke into giggles, and Tituba waved the girl into the room.

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