Work in Progress

As this week is all about writing, here’s  snippet of my work in progress for NaNoWriMo.

snip 1

Georgia had used a car service to get to the restaurant, and after all the wine they had with dinner, it was probably a good idea to not be driving. Maggie thought about inviting Georgia back to her place, but the thought of running into Jean put a damper on that idea.

They walked outside together, and the night air has turned cold and damp, hinting at the fog that would roll in later. Maggie wrapped her arms around herself, envying Georgia’s foresight to bring a coat. “Maggie,” Georgia turned and looked at her, “I’d really like to kiss you, if that’s ok.”

Maggie bit her lip and nodded. She felt Georgia step closer to her and wrap her arms around her neck. Georgia did not hesitate when it came to kissing, and Maggie melted into her arms. Georgia’s phone chirped alerting her that her car was arriving.

“Am I too forward if I invite you to come home with me?”

Maggie, feeling a little dizzy from the kiss, simply shook her head. “I’d be delighted.”

Maggie had expected Georgia to live across town, in the more affluent areas, but the car didn’t go too far. It was still a Berkeley address, which increased the property values. But by then, Maggie didn’t care. All she wanted was to get inside and get back to kissing Georgia.

They held hands as they tumbled into Georgia’s living room. There was only a small lamp on, so the room was in shadows. Maggie swept Georgia into her arms, kissing her again, and letting her hands tangle in Georgia’s hair. Georgia’s hands fumbled at the back of Maggie’s dress, finally finding the zipper.

Maggie broke the kiss, stepping back and removing the dress. She laid it over the sofa, and reached for Georgia again.

“Wait,” Georgia whispered, her eyes traveling over Maggie. “You’re beautiful.”

Maggie blushed, “I think it’s your turn.” Georgia turned and Maggie unzipped her dress, slowly. She lowered her head and kissed Georgia’s shoulder as the dress slid to the floor. Underneath the dress, Georgia wore lace and satin in a color that almost matched the discarded dress. Maggie wrapped her arms around Georgia, her hands resting on Georgia’s belly, “Someone thought she’d get lucky tonight,” she whispered in Georgia’s ear.

snip 2

Georgia laughed, “So you like it?’ She turned in Maggie’s arms, letting Maggie see the lingerie.

Maggie nodded and bit her lip. And then Georgia was kissing her again. Eventually they were both naked, and Maggie lay on the sofa, while Georgia’s lips traveled her chest, to her breasts. Maggie gasped as Georgia’s tongue found her nipples. She licked and sucked, moaning in enjoyment every time Maggie sighed or bucked her hips. Maggie found herself whispering Georgia’s name about the same time Georgia’s fingers crept between Maggie’s thighs.

Maggie almost squealed as Georgia’s fingers trailed along the outside of her pussy. Maggie tried to open her legs, but the two of them on the couch made that difficult. Georgia’s fingers inched further, slipping between Maggie’s lips.

“Oh god, yes” Maggie whispered. And Georgia raised her head from Maggie’s nipples. Her fingers continued their teasing and Maggie twisted her hips, wanting more. Georgia shifted on the couch, moving lower. She kissed Maggie’s belly, and slipped between Maggie’s legs.

At the first brush of her tongue, Maggie let out a gasp. Georgia’s tongue delved within Maggie’s lips, first lapping at her, tasting her.

Georgia shifted away, “You taste to good, Maggie” she whispered her face shadowed by Maggie’s thighs and her own loose, blonde hair. Without letting Maggie answer, she returned her tongue to Maggie’s flesh. She found Maggie’s clit and her tongue danced over it. Teasing and probing her, driving Maggie to new heights.

Maggie found herself tilting her hips, the tingling in her belly telling her she was going to come soon. Georgia continued to lick and suck at Maggie’s clit, finally slipping a finger inside her. And that sent Maggie over the edge. She came loudly, her hips thumping against the couch. Georgia continued to lap softly, until Maggie stilled. She shifted back up on the couch, and kissed Maggie.

snip 3

Maggie tasted herself on Georgia’s lips and let her own hands begin to explore. She kneaded Georgia’s breasts, her thumbs brushing Georgia’s nipples. She shifted on the couch, trying to disentangle herself from Georgia, wanting to touch more of the other woman. Georgia shifted, and sat up.

She smiled at Maggie, “bathroom,” she said and rose, “I’ll be right back.”

Maggie started to sit up, but Georgia grabbed a blanket from the couch and laid it over her, “I don’t want you to get cold.”

Maggie watched her go, feeling both languid and excited. She looked around the room for the first time, and wasn’t surprised to see it was elegantly decorated in muted earth tones. She was glad of the blanket as the room held a chill. She snuggled up under the soft blanket, and noticed a collection of framed photographs on a side table. She considered getting up to look at them, but a large yawn stopped her.


  1. There it is, the tease… ‘framed photographs’… next chapter please. This story proved exciting and I’m kind of reading your stories in reverse order, Lucy, as you no doubt have been writing about these two. I’ve got a lot of stories to catch up on and better go back to where I left off.


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