Listen Closely

Betsy heard her neighbor, Des, come home, and he wasn’t alone. She knew that she shouldn’t do it, but she still found herself dragging a cushion over to the vent. Sitting in front of it, she could hear everything that happened in his apartment.

Miss_FernandeHer nipples hardened under her t-shirt when she heard three voices, Des his friend Will and a woman. Betsy smiled and quickly raced to her bedroom, returning with a vibrator. The ghostly voices drifted through the vent, to reach her hungry ears. She heard Will and Des’s stern commands to the woman, and listened, growing wetter, hearing the woman’s moans of pleasure.

Betsy knelt next to the vent, imagining what sort of depravity the three of them were engaged in. Given the moans coming from Will and the woman, she assumed those two were having sex. Was Des watching them or participating? Her fingers rubbed at her nipples imagining the scene next door.

When she heard the sharp sound of flesh slapping flesh, Betsy recognized the sound of a spanking. The woman on the other side of the wall squealed and cried out. Every sharp slap had Betsy tightening her thighs, her warm wetness seeping through her yoga pants.

Betsy flipped on the vibrator, leaning against the shared wall, wanting to hear more. She was about to the slide the vibrator down her pants, when a knock on the door interrupted her.

Startled, she dropped the vibrator to the floor. On the other side of the vent, the woman continued to moan, but with the frantic pace of someone about to orgasm. Betsy straightened her clothes and hurried to the door, ready to get rid of whoever was interrupting her.

Des stood at her door, his eyes taking in her disheveled clothes, and zeroing in on the vibrator, still buzzing on the floor.

“Did you think the vent only carried sound one way?” he asked.

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