Sharing Is Caring (December 1)

I love all of this week’s Sharing Is Caring stories for different reasons. You should check out all of these excellent blogs.

Sharing.jpgI missed Jayne Renault’s gorgeous cemetery post until now. It’s probably not surprising that I adore stories with a spooky bent, and “Deceased to Exist” brings the spooky and sexy.


Exhibition? I’m in. Kisungura has given us a perfect example of good, solid flash fiction. It’s short, but “Third Floor” still tells a complete story.

This story by Asrai Devin pushes so many of my buttons. I can’t wait for the next installment of “Total Control: Deeper In.” Excellent character interaction, and I love knowing just how much Miss Sharp wanted this meeting.

I love how FUN this story is. Sometimes the playful side of sex gets forgotten in erotica, but E.L. Byrne put together a hot and fun romp in “Let’s Play.” I’m looking forward to reading more of E.L. Byrne’s blog as well.

Until next week, read more smut. 




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