Dinner Date

His arms around her, his face buried in her neck. “I want you” he whispered, his lips against her skin. He nips her neck, and she melts against him.

oral 3Naked, in candlelight, her flesh almost glows. His mouth is on hers again, the stubble of his beard scratching her face, her belly, her thighs. His mouth on her pussy – he wraps her legs around his neck and buries his tongue in her. The flat of his tongue moving from clit to ass, and her hands are tangled in his hair as he lifts his head to look at her. “You taste so good,” he says and lowers his head again, his tongue flicking over her clit. Lapping up her wetness and finally sucking on her clit. She writhes against him, her moans and gasps spurring him on.

He continues to devour her. Her thighs are around his face, the scratch of beard stubble against them. His tongue presses into her pussy, before returning to her clit. Never keeping the same rhythm, he is, she realizes trying to taste every inch of her. She pants and moans that she is going to come, and he continues licking and sucking on her flesh, as the orgasm overtakes her and she mumbles “yes, please yes.” And he continues, lapping at her while she bucks her hips and is reduced to making whimpers and moans of pleasure.

Finally he rests his head on her thigh, and kisses her twitching pussy. He continues to drop soft butterfly kisses on her quivering flesh, while she strokes his hair. The night was only beginning.

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