Goodbye 2018, Hello 2019

Thank yous!

First, thank you all so much for reading! I look at my views and the comments and I am absolutely floored that so many people enjoy my writing. I’m not quite at my two year blogiversary but my readers and page views keep growing. So thank you! Thank you for your encouragement to keep writing. Thank you for sharing your enjoyment of my writing.

Some special thanks to: Kayla Lords, Marie Rebel, Cara Thereon, Posey Churchgate, Elliot Henry, Molly, and Dok Urtybitz for your consistent support and engagement.

I look forward to sharing more of my depraved imagination with you all in 2019.

Writing News:

new years 1In 2018 I wrote over 60,300 words. I edited 115,357 words of my novel as well (Sorry Cara, I wanted to finish the edit this year – but there’s not much left, so you’ll get the ending soon. And thank you for encouraging me to keep posting it).

For the first time ever, I “competed” in NaNoWriMo. I loved it, and no, I didn’t win. (Winning means writing 50,000 words in 30 days). I made it about ½ way somewhere in the 20,000 range. Given my disability, I’ll need a lot more free time to reach 50,000 words in 30 days – I am physically not capable of typing that much on top of the other typing my life requires. Regardless, it was fun and I worked on a new novel – and I love it. I know there are events all year that focus on editing and setting up writing projects. I plan on participating in some of those.

I started Smut Marathon, but did not finish it. Why? Life happened. I had a lot of huge life changes hit me at one time (see my life section).

I made the top 100 list! And if I was a better record keeper, I would know which Masturbation Monday and Wicked Wednesday weeks I made the top three – or which of my stories made the top 3 in ELust. I’m going keep track next year.

My top story this year was: “Purloined Penis” (originally titled “Stolen Penis”) – you can read it here. “Spanking: A Vignette” was my number two read. Followed by “Natalie in the Cold” (my Natalie series remains my most read series).

I continue to learn from the fabulous erotica writing community. I wasn’t as active this year due to life (see below), and for that I am sorry. I love how wonderful and encouraging everyone is. The amazing writers I have had the pleasure to read and engage with have helped me improve my writing and made me more confident as a writer.

My unaccomplished goal for 2018 was to self-publish some of my erotica. I had a plan to work with one of my series stories and fill it out into a complete novel (either Julia’s stories or Vicki’s). I didn’t accomplish that goal. I wanted to write so many things that I just never gave the novel project enough time.

Life News

new years 2In life news, I finally snagged a tenure track position! I don’t know how it works in other countries, but in the US without a tenure track position, I was a contingent employee with no job protections or security. From semester to semester, I literally had no job. If I was hired on again it depended upon enrollment numbers, my own availability, and I’m sure some sort of spellcraft beyond my witchy ken. So after years of hustle, I am now a full time professor (working toward tenure – year 1 down, 3 to go).

The change to my work life (as well as the hiring season that lead up to it – seriously the amount of work required for full time interviews is ridiculous – if you want to hear about that PM) wreaked havoc on my writing schedule and online presence in general.

This was followed by my nesting partner learning that he needed open heart surgery. We have done all of the preliminary stuff, and the surgery should happen in January. I’m still terrified of the possibilities. Logically, I know millions of people have this surgery and are fine… but logic isn’t cutting it for me. My NP has been a part of my life for 22 years – he is my longest term friend and companion. I cannot imagine a life without him.

My last boyfriend and I broke up over monogamy – he decided that was better for him. And I understand his reasoning. But again that doesn’t stop me from wanting to cry and feel like it is a rejection of me. I’d fallen for him, but the lure of the relationship escalator was too much for him – and I can understand that drive. I think poly breakups are the hardest thing for mono people to understand. All too often I hear, “but you still have X…” As if that alleviates getting your heart broken – as if having other people around makes getting rejected hurt less.

What will 2019 bring?

new years 3I’d like to revisit putting together an erotica novel. I’ve been working on some pieces that act as links between stories. I think I can put together a viable narrative for at least three of my serial stories. However, I don’t want to make writing about an income or making money. This is my respite from the world. Maybe I’m nervous that selling a book is too much like a job.

I will write two stories a week. I hadn’t realized how much writing had become part of my self-care routine. It is an act that is totally for myself (not to say that I don’t love all of you reading this). I have too many unfinished pieces floating in Evernote, which tells me I all too often let other stuff encroach upon my established “me time.” I will also not beat myself up if I cannot always write two stories a week. When I can write more, I will.

I will continue to work on my new novel weekly. I am loving how the characters are developing, and the challenge of writing a solo-poly character is pushing my thinking in new ways.

I will finish editing and posting Temple of Twilight and I’ll start posting another one of my novels. Even though my readership is low for my novel, I’m happy to have edited that beast into something I am happier with.

Thank you all for reading!






  1. First of all, Happy New Year to you, Lucy! Secondly, congratulations on the tenure track position! It’s always good to have some security for the future. I wish you all the strength you need with the surgery you NP has to undergo, and of course, I look forward to reading more of your stories in 2019!

    Rebel xox

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  2. There is a reason people like your writing, it is good. Oh, you won by just being in the Nano. It’s not how many words your write, it’s how good they are, and I know yours were exceptional. Have a Happy ’19, I’ll be reading.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hey Lucy, this was an awesome round-up. You always have my support because your content is so good, I am glad you had time to read and engage with my writing too, because you’ve had a mega busy time. I need to get back to reading your novel, I’ve been holding back so that I could binge on it, reading it drip drip wasn’t good for me immersing myself in the character and plot development.
    I’m delighted to hear about your Tenure Track position, this is great news. I offer you massive support for your NP’s operation, and waves of well wishes for him too. I hope 2019 is kind to you, please keep writing and sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

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