TMI Tuesday

I want to branch out a bit here – so TMI Tuesday seemed like a good opportunity to start.

altar1. I want to repeat taking a risk and being honest with people I care about. 

Someone I really like and have come to care about recently took a risk and let himself be very honest (and vulnerable), and I want to take more of those risks myself.

2. I want to lose my anxiety about so many aspects of myself and my life.

3. I want to gain a work life balance for the first time in a decade.

4. I want to enjoy long hours talking, laughing, touching, and fucking the people I care about.

5. I want to savor every moment I have with my Nesting Partner.

I’ve mentioned it on Twitter, but my Nesting Partner has a significant surgery coming up. And I want all the time I can get with him, in case…

6. I need more confidence in myself and my abilities.

I am my own worst critic – whether it is about my writing, my work, myself in general.

Bonus: I will succeed in setting and holding my boundaries. 

I am terrible about letting people push and disregard my boundaries. I’ve had more success with this over the last few years, and I will be successful this year.

 TMI Tuesday blog

TMI Tuesday blog



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