Lady in Waiting

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Tonight the Crimson Queen was celebrating and her subjects would celebrate with her. It had been one year since she had defeated the Indigo Queen and taken the kingdom for herself. The Crimson Queen had shocked her new subjects with her wanton ways, her clothing, or lack thereof, had caused quite the controversy in the court. After a year, only a small number of courtiers had adopted the styles of bare breasts and corsetry. And the men of the court had been slow to adopt the tight leather and expanses of are flesh her courtiers preferred.

emerald 2

The Indigo Queen had modeled modesty in her court, clothing covered from neck to fingertips to toes. Some of the Indigo Queen’s subject’s still maintained that dress, leather gloves that stretched past the elbow and gowns that closed stiffly about the neck.  The Crimson Queen would not force them to adopt her dress, even though some of her new subjects claimed that she did. No, in her court, all were free to dress as they pleased.

There was the usual fanfare as she entered the court, the herald announced her arrival and there was a flurry of trumpets.  The courtiers all dropped to their knees and bowed their heads to her, and the room fell silent. Only the click of her heels broke the silence, as she walked to her throne. She noticed that tonight, more of the court wore less. Bare skin and leather seemed to be the dominant choice.

“My subjects,” she said and her voice rang through the hall.  “Tonight we celebrate my defeat of the Indigo Queen.”

The hall erupted into cheers and shouts of “long live the Queen.” Of course, the Crimson Queen knew that their shouts would have been just as loud for her rival, maybe louder.

“Let the revelry begin” she called and seated herself on her throne. The courtiers rose and returned to their sports. A small group of ladies, still wearing the clothing of the Indigo Queen, stood outside of the festivities. While the others ate and drank and danced, they stayed removed. The Queen sent a page to collect the leader of the group, a tall blond woman. It was her hair that made her stand out among the others. They all wore their hair tightly bound or plaited. The blond, wore her hair loose.

The woman followed the page to the Queen’s dais, and, despite the yards and yards of fabric encasing her body, sank gracefully to her knees. “My Queen,” she said with no real deference.

“Lady Emerald,” the Queen said, “Now that the realm is settled, I need to form my court. I wish you to be my first Lady-in-Waiting.” While it may have seemed like a request, both the Queen and lady knew that it was not.

Emerald’s eyes flashed at the Queen, but she kept her expression neutral. “I am honored, Your Majesty, but such an honor” the Queen could almost her choke on the word, “it is more than I deserve.”

The Queen was impressed with Emerald’s boldness in almost declining the order. She smiled at the woman, “It is more than you deserve, but nevertheless, you will be my first.”

Emerald’s cool façade dropped for a second and her eyes dropped at the insult. “As you wish, Majesty.” She lowered her head, only enough to be polite.

The Queen smiled, knowing that she was going to enjoy tormenting Emerald, for now, she sent the woman back to her coterie.

As the celebration was reaching its peak, the Queen found herself bored. She ordered a page to find Lady Emerald and send the woman to her chambers and left the party.

Ensconced in her chambers, she waited for Emerald wondering if the woman would drag her feet in answering the summons. She was impressed with how quickly the woman arrived. Emerald may not relish her new role, but she demonstrated that she would fulfill it to the letter of politeness.

emerald 3

Emerald dropped to her knees, letting her long blond hair fall forward to hide her face. She found herself reaching for the golden masses, but stopped herself.

“Help me undress,” she ordered.

Emerald rose and without a word, stepped behind the Queen. She removed the Queen’s skirt, laying it carefully over a chair back, before starting on the Queen’s corset. As Emerald began loosening the corset lacing, and the Queen could feel the woman’s hands trembling. When her corset was removed, the Queen turned to face her.

The Queen was nearly nude, wearing only her boots, stockings, and crown. It made a stark contrast to Emerald, clad in rich dark velvet from neck to toe. She’d even left her gloves on, the Queen noted. “Do you fear me?” the Queen asked.

This time when Emerald dipped her head, the Queen did touch her. She rested a finger under the woman’s chin and pressed her head up. She expected to see hate or disgust in the woman’s eyes and was stunned when she did not.

She asked again, “Do you fear me?”

Emerald’s pupils dilated and her breathing quickened. “Yes.”

“Why?” the Queen asked, trying to read the woman’s expression. She’d expected the woman to fight her, to throw tantrums – to defy her. She hadn’t expected whatever this was.

Emerald shivered, “I fear what I want from you.”

The Queen cupped Emerald’s face realizing it was the only bare skin the woman showed, “and what do you want from me?”

Emerald let her face relax into the Queen’s touch. “This,” she answered her eyes slowly closing as if to savor the Queen’s touch. She opened her eyes and closed the slight distance between them. For a moment the Queen thought the woman was going to kiss her, but Emerald only pressed closer the velvet of her dress pressing against the Queen’s naked flesh. “I want to feel.” She whispered.

The Queen smiled and sat on her chaise. “Remove your dress.”

Emerald nodded, her face blushing scarlet. With shaking hands, she began unbuttoning her dress, the tiny pearls that reached from just under her chin to the floor slowly parted revealing tantalizing inches of pale flesh.

“Touch yourself,” the Queen said softly.

Emerald paused and raised a gloved hand to her throat. She ran her fingers down her neck and between her breasts, ending at her belly. She repeated the action with her other hand, pushing her dress further open, her hands slipping under the velvet to cup her breasts.

The Queen watched as Emerald clutched and kneaded her own breasts under the fabric of the dress. Emerald shrugged the gown off her shoulders; it pooled and caught around her hips, but it freed her breasts.

emerald 4

The Queen watched as Emerald’s black-gloved hands once again returned to her own breasts. The contrast was striking as Emerald rubbed her pale nipples. She raised her eyes to the Queen and waited.

“Your dress is still on.” The Queen said, hearing the lust in her own voice. She had not expected such a desperately wanton display from Emerald. No, it wasn’t that, it was the vulnerability the woman was putting on a display that had her so aroused.

Emerald shoved at the fabric. The tearing of cloth was the only sound to break the silence. The dress slipped over her hips to pool on the stone floor. She did not wait to be ordered, but let her hands roam over her newly exposed skin. The black gloved hands ran over her hips and belly, before dipping lower to the dark curls between her thighs.

The Queen felt her own breathing quicken, and she nodded at Emerald, not trusting her voice. She heard Emerald’s soft intake of breath as the blonde slipped her fingers between her own thighs.

The soft sounds of Emerald’s breathing filled the room, as she probed and rubbed herself, all the while watching the Queen. “Do you feel, yet?” the Queen asked.

Emerald with half closed eyes bit her lip and nodded.

emerald 5

“Keep going,” the Queen commanded, “I want to watch you orgasm.”

Emerald gasped at the order, but her fingers increased their explorations. She rubbed her clitoris, in almost frantic circles and at the last moment opened her eyes to meet the Queen’s gaze. Emerald released a small moan, barely louder than her breath and let her fingers fall way, her gloves damp and sticky.

“You shall make an exceptional Lady in Waiting.” The Queen said.


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