TMI Tuesday

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These questions took some thought… and I edited #1 to include multiple significant others.

1. Who has the tendency to hold a grudge–you or your significant other/s?

I don’t hold grudges. If I can’t forgive, then I shouldn’t be in that relationship. That said, if I cannot forgive someone, I will leave the relationship (friendship, romantic, or otherwise). I don’t “forgive and forget” so much as remove them from life. My nesting partner and I never hold grudges with each other, but I think he has the capacity to hold grudges that I lack. I tend toward not dating people who hold grudges, but if I had to guess, I would say my current partners both have the capacity.

2. The last time you had sex, was it meaningful (making love) or trivial (getting a much needed fuck)?

Both or maybe neither. I’ve started a new relationship, so right now everything is tinged with NRE (new relationship energy) – and that is amplified by this partner is someone I’ve known and had a crush on for ages. So the last time was still exploring and beginning to learn the other person, combined with a lot of passion, and really deep talking afterwards.

3. Do you have sex with your eyes open or closed?

Totally depends on the circumstances. Usually open.

4. When arguing with a loved one, who is most likely to “hit below the belt*” first?
*attacking your partner’s character or something personal about them.

That’s a hard limit for me. Either we talk about the issue or we wait until tempers are settled. I cannot deal with meanness.

5. Is sex with your best friend a dream come true or the worst nightmare?

My partners are my friends, and very often some of my closest friends… but they aren’t the people I consider my best friend. I think, for me, it would be a terrible idea as I like to have a friendship outside of my romantic/sexual relationships.

Bonus: Share with us your best tip for making your online dating profile standout.

Mention being a feminist (totally a bonus for intersectional feminism) – or include being married and polyamorous. I get tons of messages from men looking to cheat on their wives/girlfriends that I can ignore. I think I’m awful at writing dating profiles. I’ve had a good friend read and re-write mine more than once (and after a few drinks). Honestly, I’ve had very little success with online dating – that said I do have a date later today, so maybe that will change.

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