Erotic Journal Challenge: Dirty Talk

I love dirty talk…

diry talkBut I also find dirty talk to be so very unique to the individual speaking and listening. Because of this, I often use references to dirty talk in my fiction, limiting the actual talk. The dirty talk that I love can easily be a turn off for someone else. With my own partners, I adore the right talk for me. I find negotiating dirty talk to be underrated in terms of hotness. I love asking a new partner what kind of limits and preferences they have – trying different levels of language to gauge their responses. There’s something delightful to me about whispering a litany of ever-increasing filth into a partner’s ear.

I don’t do much phone sex, but I do enjoy sexting. I think I prefer the stealth of sexting. I can sit at restaurant and tap out the filthiest messages to a lover, and no one will ever know. There’s something wicked about receiving a sext as well.

I was surprise at ho little I’ve tagged my own fiction with “dirty talk,” but I’ve linked some of my stories that include dirty talk.


Beverly’s Private Show

Natalie in the Cold

From Behind

Jingle Bells

Julia’s Troll

Caroline’s Tarot Cards

By Any Other Name…




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