A Gift of Time

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After her meeting with the Queen, Emerald found herself overwhelmed. She’d been raised in the Indigo Court, and it was a court that prided itself on modesty and chastity. She’d suppressed all of her desires to serve her former Queen and wasn’t sure how to deal with her newly awakened desires.

1920s woman in a tight skirt, profile

Yet she couldn’t wait to serve her Queen, and every evening found herself nearly frantic waiting to be alone with the Queen. Each night, she helped the Queen undress and pleasured herself at the Queen’s order. Tonight was special as they both knew the Queen was leaving the court for an extended tour of her new lands, and she could not take Emerald with her.

Emerald began her duties, carefully unlacing the Queen’s corset. As the garment fell away, Emerald ached to stroke the lines cut into her flesh, to sooth them away, but she could not. Rather she finished her duties with shaking hands. The Queen, gloriously naked, sat upon her divan and gave a nod to Emerald to finish.

As had become their custom, Emerald slowly removed her gown. She flicked open each button, from the one just under her chin to the one just above her mons. The dress peeled away from her skin and pooled on the floor. With her gloved fingers, she unlaced her corset, and she ran her leather clad fingers over the marks the corset made. The Queen watched smiling, her eyes dark with lust.

Emerald let her panties fall to the floor but left her stockings in place. She felt the Queen’s gaze more than she would have felt the woman’s touch. And then, without prompting, she began touching herself. Her hands cupped her breasts, kneading her flesh. She watched the Queen and she watched herself in the mirror. The black leather gloves gave the impression that someone else was touching her.

Her fingers rubbed at her nipples, the smooth leather gliding effortlessly over her hardened flesh. She pinched and twisted her flesh until she released a soft moan. She let her hand drifted, abandoning her breasts, stroking the welts left by her corset, until she reached belly and the curled hair of her mons.

Illustration of a flapper nude wrapped in a black sheet

She hesitated, waiting for the Queen’s order, wanting to cede control of her desires. If the Queen ordered her to pleasure herself, then she could pretend this wasn’t her desire. Or so she reasoned.

The Queen watched silent and patient, offering no commands while Emerald’s gloved fingers twitched to touch herself. She could feel her wetness and heat and clamped her legs together, wanting release but still being unable to take it. She stood and shook, staring at the Queen, her eyes pleading for the command.

“Please,” she whispered the need raw in her voice.

The Queen nodded. “Pleasure yourself.” She ordered.

Emerald shifted, opening her legs and slipped her fingers between her thighs, her heat bleeding through her gloves. Emerald stroked and teased until she felt her knees grow weak. This time she went further, a single finger seeking entry, filling her. It was far more intimate than her previous explorations. Again she moaned into the silent chamber and bucked her hips watching her lewd display in the mirror. She bit her lip, feeling herself grow more aroused at her own boldness. Her display of wanton enjoyment urging her forward, adding a second finger and rubbing more roughly at her clit. For a moment, she wanted to feel her own flesh without the barrier of leather between her wet heat and her fingers. But the idea of stopping, of not reaching the climax she was on the edge of, prevented her from stopping long enough to remove her gloves.

1920s nude woman in a lace robe

With a strangled cry, she felt the surge of feeling crest and shuddered as her fingers continued their movements. She met the Queen’s eye, as she pulled her fingers away, letting her hand hang limp and slick with her juices at her side. She panted heavily, watching the Queen as she regained control of herself. When her breathing returned to normal, she brushed her hair back from her face and stood facing the Queen.

“You may put your robe on,” the Queen said. “Then, come and sit with me.”

Emerald perched on the edge of the seat, near enough to feel the warmth from the Queen’s skin, but not touching her.

“How may I serve, your majesty?” She asked, letting her hair fall forward to hide her face and her blush.

The Queen brushed her hair back, tucking the blond locks back. “Your desires are a struggle for you.” It wasn’t a question, and Emerald recognized that. “I have a gift for you while I am away, something that may help you come to understand your desires while I am away.” She set a beautifully wrapped package between them.

Emerald looked surprised and began to demur about accepting it. The Queen silenced her protests with a look.

“Open it.”

Her hands shaking, Emerald opened the package. The mass of leather and chains confused her as she drew it from the box. She shifted it from hand to hand, trying to decipher what she was looking at.

“May I?” the Queen reached for the device. She held it up, but Emerald was still confused. “This is a chastity belt,” the Queen indicated how it could be worn and locked in place. “While I am away, I want you to wear this.  You will not be able to pleasure yourself in the way you do for me, and I want you to have an opportunity to reflect on what you want.”

Emerald felt her mouth grow dry wondering what the device would feel like locked in place. She only pleasured herself for the Queen, but knowing that option would be taken away from her for weeks was something altogether different. But removing the opportunity would force her to reflect on her place in the new court. “Will you put it on me?” She asked her voice low.

The Queen raised an eyebrow, “Now?”

Emerald nodded and rose from the divan, letting the robe she’d pulled on slide to the floor. Once again, she stood nude except for her long gloves before her Queen. The fire warmed her skin while the Queen placed the device on her. She felt the leather between her thighs and then pressing tightly, but not painfully over her sex. Emerald gasped as she heard the click of the lock that held the garment in place.

1920s nude blonde woman seated

The Queen directed her to the mirror, and Emerald gazed at herself and the leather that locked her sex away. And she instantly felt her arousal grow, and almost without thought her gloved hands drifted to her sex but found only the hard leather shell. She met the Queen’s eyes in the mirror.

“Do you like it?” The Queen asked.

Emerald nodded, “Oh yes, your majesty.” She breathed her response, her eyes returning to the leather chastity belt. “And only you hold the key?”

The Queen gave a throaty laugh, “Yes, I hold the key.”

Emerald felt her wetness seeping between her thighs and turned to the Queen. “So I will wear this when you leave?”

The Queen shook her head, “No, your obligation to wear it starts now.”

Emerald’s eye grew wide, and the ache in her sex grew. “Now, your highness?”

The Queen gave her a wicked smile, “Yes, I think now is most appropriate. You will use this time to reflect upon your desires.”


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