Love Tester

Blah: “You’re really pretty…” … “But you’re like really cute…”

Clammy: “But you’re not like those other girls…”

wtchy bold.jpgTried & True: “What did you think about that new Trad Craft book written by those podcasters in New Jersey?”

Lovable: “It’s a full moon and I’ve got a bottle of wine and a good bonfire.”

Irresistible: “I’ve got two tickets to a late night screening of Hellraiser for Valentine’s Day.”

Naughty but Nice: “Sometimes I get a little wild” he said. “What’s wild to you,” she asked with a grin. He looked a little shy, maybe embarrassed, “I like giving spankings.”

Smoldering: the wine bottle is empty, and the moon isn’t the only thing full. She’s straddling him, riding his cock to cries of “IO Kore” and the stars glitter above them.

corset piercingRed Hot: They spent the movie with his hand up her skirt, subtle and teasing. The drive home was a blur when he ordered her to masturbate on the drive. Home, she’d lie on her stomach and feel the bite of the needle that pierced her flesh traveling up her spine, followed by the sharp sting of the ring being inserted. Her flesh stretched, just slightly as he laced the ribbon through the rings, using her very flesh as a corset. He let her look at his handwork, the blood tickling her flanks as it trickled from the wounds. She felt her skin tear and bleed as she sat on the table and wrapped her legs around his waist, guiding his cock into her waiting pussy.

251 words

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  1. Eeek – I was quite engaged until it got to the needle play, then I had to duck out! Fun and sexy but a bit too edgy for me! Floss and LSB are going to love it though, I bet!

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