Phone Call

“I want you to imagine me.”

“Ok, what are you doing then?”

7875aa70fb93188585c44e0367c348acHer breathing quickened, “I’m touching my nipples.”

Her panting was the only sound for a moment, broken by her small groan of delight. She could hear the listener echoing her breathing, and wondering if the listener was doing more than breathing hard.

She described the soft flesh of her belly as her hand moved lower, slipping past her smooth, shaved mons and into her warm wetness. Her words got lost in her breathing and her moans. Her fingers probed and rubbed and for a moment she wondered how much he could hear. Did her liquid squelching reach his ears, or was he only hearing her soft moans and sighs?

The phone slipped off her shoulder as she reached her shuddering climax. After she caught her breath, she re-positioned the phone. “She licked her sticky fingers, did you like what you heard?”

153 words

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