February Flash Fiction (2019)

February 24

“I seek my sister, Lord,” Soshay said bowing her head trying desperately to appear humble, “I did not seek to disturb you.”

The Unnamed God laughed, and it sounded like the clash of battle.  “Do not lie to me Death’s whore.”  #vss365

egyptFebruary 24

In the Club Amour, she is perched on the chair, keeping her knees clamped together. Her tits, heavy and round are on display in the cupless, vinyl bustier. She is looking out the window, waiting for him.

He’d been at the window every Friday for a month. #salacioussun

February 24

When he bent his head to her neck, her cry echoed in the stone chapel. His teeth pierced her flesh as his fingers coaxed an orgasm from her. She shivered as his fingers withdrew, her warm, wetness dripped down her thighs. His lips pressed into her neck, drinking. #SeduceMeSunday

February 24

He saw the obsidian blade in Mitlan’s hand, saw the blood pooling on the altar, flowing slowly down the gutters. He heard the shrill laughter of the Unnamed One and the howling rage of a jaguar.  He watched the City of the Jungle descend into chaos and violence. #SunScribbles

February 20

She’d never imagined he’d beg for her piss, but he was begging #storyin12

February 20

Eventually, Setch had simply tried to accept the possibility.  If our gods die, what will happen to us? Will we all be forced to serve the unnamed one?  Can new gods rise? Her thoughts disturbed her.  They shook the very foundations of everything she knew. #WippetWednesday

February 20

Mercy nodded, looking scandalized, & Charity was beginning to question her decision to take the young woman in. She had thought she was doing the girl a favor, but wondered if the girl’s puritan roots were planted too deeply. If so,her presence may put the coven at risk. #WordWhim

wtchy boldFebruary 20

He waited until she walked back around, her boots still crunching the snow. He kept his eyes trained on those boots, the black leather length of them gripping the curve of her calves.

“Please, Mistress” he whispered. #worthywritings

February 20

She’d asked her what was wrong with dating a “real grown up.” She sometimes hated the way the woman asked questions that made her think. Why don’t I want to date a real grownup? Because when I tried that after a few weeks, the grownup wanted me to grow up too. #TalesNoir

February 20

Her transit ride to his place had required constant vigilance of her clothing, unless she wanted to flash a bus full of strangers. Sitting was a particular challenge. The sweater rode up enough to reveal a wealth of naked thigh. #1linewed

February 18

I set the coffee cup down.  “So, I can talk to dead people, like with a crystal ball and stuff?”

Jenny shrugged, “I guess this is a lot to deal with?  Um, but I don’t think you need a crystal ball.” #MuseMon

February 18

Vicki heard herself moan and did not fight his hands or his cock, even when the saliva slipped over her lips and ran down her chin. She ached to touch herself, to plunge her fingers into her own wet heat, but waited to hear his commands. #LustyMondayLit

bound kneeling manFebruary 17

Anacoana had broken the covenant w/ her goddess. She had crafted magics for the Century War, but she went beyond the bounds of Tzi’s laws. She sought magics from a foreign source, some Suyu relic. W/ its use she rained destruction upon the Lakiti #SunScribbles

February 11

He gave her a sly smile, “Who are you?” He raised his hand, as if to touch her, but stopped short. She felt the energy pass between them. Maybe the magic wasn’t an affectation after all. She found herself reaching for him, but also stopping short of touching him. #Monsense

February 11

He offered a shy smile, & I felt better. I couldn’t explain it, but his smile left me calmer, more in control. I mentally chastised myself for acting like some romance novel heroine. The handsome detective is here to save the day. #LoveLines

February 6

The ifrit dwelt on the desert wind, riding the winds over searing dunes. Sometimes he slept within the ruined walls Ubar. When the archaeology team found the ruins, he slipped into an ancient stone box and let them carry him out of the sands and into the cities of man.  #vss365

February 6

Professor Edwards suggested that she seek out Colin Bishara. He’d left academia,& a skyrocketing career in Egyptology, to study ancient Egyptian magic, or more accurately to practice magic. So Vicki stood in a long black robe, scanning the crowd for him. #WorthyWritings

February 6

Julia felt the energy in the room shoot off.  It fled the room, rushing toward its intended purpose. She felt a wave of exhaustion flow over her, and her knees felt weak. Her partner helped her to the floor, until she sat on her crumbled robe. #wawwed

corset piercingFebruary 6

Vicki accidentally awakens a pharaoh and becomes his lover and priestess. When he’s stolen away thru magical means, she enlists the aid of a sexy magician. Together they work to save their pharaoh using any magical means necessary. #carinapitch #pr #er #polyamory

February 6

When Soshay, prophetess of the God of Death, starts having visions of her people’s doom, she’s forced to confront an alien God bent on destroying her people & her God. She may hear her God, but getting anyone to hear her is harder than she’d ever imagined. #CarinaPitch #f

February 6

When Hero’s aunt is murdered, she discovers a supernatural world that had been hidden from her. When the killer targets her, she’ll have to master her new found necromancy skills to solve the murder and save herself. #carinapitch #uf #pr

February 5

Sophie slipped on the costume, the coarse spun wool tantalizingly rough against her skin. She entered the small stone building. It was a beautiful recreation. A thick wooden crucifix hung on the wall. She was ecstatic to get to use the stone chamber. #writingromancelines

February 5

She pulled away from him. “Are you ready for your punishment?” She smiled, her lip painted the deep red he loved. #HODHeartbeats

February 5

Maeve, like all the fey folk, had a fatal allergy when it came to iron. Yet she found herself staring at the brave human. She slid from the back of her horse, & watched him swing his hammer, shying back from the spray of sparks& the stinging taste of iron in the air.  #FoodParty

February 5

He wrapped his hands behind her head and kissed her, hard, the kind of kiss that screamed claiming or ownership.  She twined her arms around his shoulders, drawing him closer, letting him have his branding kiss. #TuesLine

February 5

Natalie watched wide-eyed as Will stripped out of his clothes, slowly and deliberately teasing Des with his movements.  She stayed wrapped in Des’s arm, as Will joined them on the bed.  #vss365

February 4

Vicki felt Colin’s hands, slick w/ soap travel over her shoulders, down her back as he pulled her closer to him. She fell into his arms, after months of travel & magic, she was closer to him than anyone on earth. She wrapped her soapy arms around him.  #LustyMondayLit

February 4

She felt herself move toward Pan, stepping around the other members of the coven, each frozen in shock or worship. As she neared him, she could see that his goat slitted eyes were tracking her. He stepped toward her, his cloven feet silent in the grass. #LoveLines

February 4

Their shadows loomed & twisted over the uneven walls, dancing in their own orgiastic frenzy. Their dirty hands touched, and his skin so warm against hers, chased the chill from her bones. He tutted at her bloody knees, & she stroked the bruises blooming on his arms. #MuseMon

February 1

Not that time existed for them. In darkness time ceases; there is only being. At least that’s what one of the damp, smudged tracts read. Words that were embedded in her flesh. While searching for the void, encased in perfect darkness, she found him.  #vss365

a gift 4February 1

Jack dreams of snow. He’s in a forest, sheltered from the storm. The entire forest is coated in ice. A deep pounding echoes across the land & shatters the forest. 1000s of crystalline ice chips rain over him& Jack throws his arms up to protect his eyes, & hears Mercy’s laugh. #FP

February 1

Kitten lay on the bed, nude except for her collar. She followed the directions of the game. Setting the wand in the right place so she couldn’t wriggle away from it & positioning the camera so he could watch everything. #FictFriNotG

February 1

Sigli waited for Jason to come home. Maybe it was cliché, but she lounged on a rug in front of a fire, wearing aubergine lace panties and a matching robe.  A bottle of wine, already open, waited with her. She heard him come in “Babe?” he called. #Fri1st

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