The Butcher (2019 EuphOff Entry)

“Do you have any of those special sausages?” Alice asked, giving, Sam, the butcher the eye.

“I’ve kept one in the back for you, Alice” he replied with an exaggerated eyebrow waggle. He wiped his hands on a towel, and Alice watched the muscles in his arms flex and bulge.

inkfrog178376730-97-hot-n-spicy-bbq-pork-sandwiches-tin-sign-pin-up-girl-grill-cook-out-red-head-z8She felt his heat radiating against her rump as he followed closely on her heels. Inside the backroom, she ran her hands over his flanks that were as solid as a side of beef. His ham-fisted hands cupped her rump, kneading her flesh like she was hamburger. “You ready for your hot beef injection?”

Alice nodded frantically, “Oh yes, fill my lady casing with your hot, love sausage,” she moaned at him.

He tugged her skirt up, and found her without panties. He buried his thick, Vienna sausage like, fingers between her lush meat folds, sliding one inside her casing. He wanted to taste her gravy before he filled her with his love sausage. His fingers plunged into her, probing her depths. Alice squealed in delight, urging him on. She gripped his strong arms as her knees grew weak.

He pulled his fingers from her wet folds and licked them clean. “Mmm you taste so good, Alice. Now why don’t you bend over so I can give you that sausage you wanted.”

Alice nodded eagerly, and bent over, resting on the butcher block. She hiked her dress up and spread her legs. “Come on Sam, give me that sausage.”

His hands grasped her hips and he slid his sausage home. Then he began pounding her like she was  a steak that needed tenderizing. He gave a bellow as he came, finally slowing his pace. They stayed together for a moment, both of the breathing hard, until the chime of the bell hanging over the door sounded.

His cock flopped free, hanging like wet bologna.  He tossed her a towel, “I’ve got to get that.” He fumbled his sausage back into his pants and washed his hands before heading back out to the front of the store.

Alice quickly cleaned herself up and straightened her dress. She ran her fingers through her hair and tightened her bun. Before she slipped back into the store, she heard same talking to the customer.

“Hello Mrs. Brady, I didn’t expect to see you today.”

Alice paused at the door.

“Oh Sam,” Mrs. Brady purred, “I just have the worst craving for some of your sausage. Do you think I could get some?”

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