Sharp Beauty

Content warning: blood play and knives.

sleeping 2

When Beauty nicked her finger on the spindle, she didn’t fall asleep. The quick sting was forgotten as she watched the crimson bead grow on her finger. She stared at the blood in fascination.

The wicked fairy, the one who brought her spindle, gently took her hand. Her rich voice whispered, “There, there my Beauty. I’ll kiss it better.” And Beauty felt her finger disappear into the warm, wet depths of the fairy’s mouth.

Beauty gasped, feeling the suction on her finger. When the wicked fairy released her finger, the blood had ceased to flow. Beauty stared at the fairy’s blood red lips, and then stared down at her own finger and bit her lip. She reached her hand out once again stabbing her finger with the spindle. “More,” she said, raising her eyes from her bleeding thumb, to the meet the storm gray eyes of the wicked fairy.

The fairy’s lips curved into a smile. “There is much more I can teach you.” She took Beauty’s hand, but this time squeezed the wound, letting the small trickle of blood run down Beauty’s arm. Then the fairy ran her tongue over the red line, lapping the blood slowly. Beauty watched as the fairy’s pink tongue grew turned red from the blood, her blood.

“Come,” the fairy said, tugging her hand and leading her away from the spindle. Beauty followed, her breathing quick and ragged with desire. She wanted to know what “more” was possible.

The wicked fairy led her to a small bedroom in a forgotten tower. There, Beauty found herself quickly, and skillfully undressed. The wicked fairy’s hands were sure and skilled in removing her clothing, but they teased Beauty’s flesh with lingering caresses. When Beauty finally stood naked before the wicked fairy, she was shivering with desire. “More, now?” she asked.

The wicked fairy laughed and pressed her gently down on the bed. Beauty lay on the silk bedcovers, her masses of blond hair a halo around her face. She parted her pink lips, “Now what?” She propped herself up on her elbows as the wicked fairy turned away from her.


The wicked fairy, still fully clothed, opened one of the drawers in a small chest of drawers. Beauty heard the clink of metal until the fairy pulled a blade from the drawer. The small sickle blade glinted in the candlelight and Beauty gasped. “Do you want this?” the fairy asked.

Beauty nodded already imagining the bite of the blade and the burn of the first cut. “Oh yes,” she whispered, licking her lips. The wicked fairy joined her on the bed, her silk skirts rustling between them.

“Do you want to watch?”

Beauty nodded.

The wicked fairy parted Beauty’s legs and slowly traced the tip of the blade over Beauty’s thighs, letting it follow the curves of Beauty’s flesh and stopping just short of the nest of blond curls between her thighs.

The only sound in the room was Beauty’s rough breathing.


The wicked fairy moved the blade away, down Beauty’s soft inner thigh. She pressed the blade deeper, not enough to cut, but enough to sink into Beauty’s flesh. Beauty watched, her blue eyes locked onto the blade. She nearly missed it when the blade flashed and bit into her skin, this time deep enough that a line of scarlet blood oozed down her thigh.

It took a few seconds for the pain to travel, for Beauty to release a hissing breath and soft moan. They both watched the slow welling of blood before the fairy moved again and the blade flashed and an identical red line appeared on Beauty’s other thigh. The fairy drew her finger through the blood, smearing the crimson line before she raised her finger to her own lips and licked it clean.

Beauty watched with a whimper as the wicked fairy slipped between her thighs, and dipped her head. Beauty’s cry echoed in the forgotten chamber when she felt the first wet touch of the fairy’s tongue. The wicked fairy lapped at the cuts, stopping to watch Beauty. When she sucked at the cuts, it sent waves of stinging pain through Beauty. Beauty twisted her hands in the silk bed covers, feeling her sex grow wet from the pain.

Beauty lay back with a moan of delight when the wicked fairy’s tongue dipped into her sex, her sucking now sending waves of delight through Beauty. The fairy’s tongue probed and teased Beauty’s flesh, bringing Beauty to the very edge of desire. Beauty lay, her hair in sweaty tangles, making incoherent moans.

The fairy lay a hand on Beauty’s belly, holding the girl still, her own tongue never ceasing its attention. She placed the edge of the knife just above Beauty’s sex, the tip poised in the tender flesh at the top of her mons. And it was this pressure and the final cut that sweet burning parting of her flesh and the wet welling of her blood that sent Beauty over the edge. And she leaned her head back, her mouth opened in a silent cry as her orgasm washed over her.

She sighed contented as the wicked fairy lapped at the fresh cut.



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