Tam Lin 2023

In the ruins, of Carter Hall, Janet plucked the wild roses. When she had at least two dozen, she laid them on the ground.

tam lin 2.jpgAnd he appeared faster than she expected; the Knight walking out of nothing and nowhere to appear before her as she sat upon the carpet of roses.

He strode toward her, his gray eyes stormy with rage, “How dare you come to Cater Hall without asking leave of me.”

Janet laughed, “I need ask leave of no man. Carter Hall belongs to me.” She looked up at him, “I’ve inherited it from my great, great, great grandmother.”

The unearthly Knight stared at her stunned. “Lady, I am Tam Lin and no one leaves Carter Hall without leave from me. My geas is clear, I must demand your mantle or…”

tam lin 1She turned and gave him a winsome smile, “or my maidenhead?”

Tam Lin blinked down at her.

“I know your story,” Janet said, “it’s why I’m here.” She tugged her skirt up above her knee. “Why don’t you join me?”

Tam Lin joined her on the rose petals. Janet straddled his lap and pushed him back, until he lay on the roses. She freed his cock and rode him hard and fast.

When she lay down spent beside him, he took her into his arms; “you are no maiden”

She giggled and shook her head, “no, sir Knight I’ve not been a maiden for quite some time.”

He stroked her hair, “so about the Queen of Fairy?”

“Oh, I’m not crossing her for anything.” She turned over on her belly and looked down at him. “But I’d love to meet her.”

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  1. And mine – i swear to god that’s why my loves have so often been troubled men who change into strange beasts in my arms. Sometimes to my detriment but not this time I hope. One of my fave bits of teen fiction is Fire & Hemlock by Dianna Wynne Jones.

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