The Queen’s Concubine

When Pharaoh Djet found himself at war with the god Anubis, his queen set about to make him immortal on earth. She knew that if he died and faced Anubis’s judgment, Djet would find himself cast into Ammit’s den.  Merneith was renowned for her skill in sorcery, and her long study led her to conclude that the key to immortality on earth was through the Ka.

queens conc 2

She began experimenting on the concubines and guards of the palace. After much practice and many failures, she mastered the art of pulling the Ka from the mortal flesh, at least for a brief time. Often the side effects were disastrous, but she’d finally made progress enough that she believed she could safely remove a living Ka.

Tonight, she planned a display of her progress for Djet. She selected the most beautiful of his concubines, Tabiry, a Kushite with high cheekbones and a rich, dark complexion. Her hair was twisted into a thousand tiny braids that swung to her waist. She found Tabiry reclining on a couch in the concubine’s quarters.

“Queen Merneith,” Tabiry purred at her, not bothering to rise, even though all the other women bowed with their foreheads on the floor. “Do you come to show me your magic again?”

The queen smiled at her, “Tonight, I wish to show Pharaoh my magic, and I would like your aid.”

At this, Tabiry sat up, her many beaded necklaces clicking and sliding to rest between her full, bare breasts.  “And what sort of aid will be giving?”

Merneith stroked the woman’s bare back before sitting beside her. She cupped Tabiry’s face and kissed the woman, for Pharaoh shared everything with his Queen. But Merneith broke the kiss, “I’m going to remove your Ka from your body.”

Tabiry knew that Ka was a person’s spiritual doppelganger. A spirit that matched one’s physical form, which at the moment of death, could be preserved in a statue as long as that statue resembled the person. What she also knew was that the Ka only left one’s body at that moment of death.

Tabiry blinked, “I know your powers are vast, my Queen, but I am in no hurry to die.” She inched closer and ran her fingers down Merneith’s thigh. Her dark fingers were stark against the pristine linen of Merneith’s gown. “Besides, you’d miss my physical attention if I were dead.”

queens conc 3

Merneith laughed capturing one of Tabiry’s braids. “Ah my beauty, you are correct” she tugged the braid pulling the woman closer. “But you need not die for this to work. I have perfected the technique,” she twined the braid around her hand, drawing Tabiry ever closer. “And your Ka will take physical, corporeal form.” She leaned to whisper in Tabiry’s ear. “Djet will get to enjoy two of you at once.” Merneith kissed the hollow of Tabiry’s throat. “And so will I.”

Tabiry gave Merneith a wicked grin, “I don’t think that even the two of you can handle two of me.” She drew Merneith in and kissed her. “But I will enjoy your effort. Yes, my Queen, I will play your game tonight.”

Without looking away from Tabiry’s face, she ordered everyone out of the chamber. Alone, Merneith kissed her again, her hands freely exploring Tabiry’s body.

Merneith cupped Tabiry’s bare breasts her thumbs rubbing the concubine’s nipples, feeling them harden under her touch. Merneith trailed kisses down Tabiry’s neck, tasting the woman’s sandalwood and musk skin. “You taste of heaven” Merneith murmured as she captured Tabiry’s nipple between her teeth, nipping lightly before sucking. She smiled to her Tabiry’s moan of delight and reached under Tabiry’s beaded skirt. Tabiry was already squirming when Merneith’s hand slipped between her thighs. She cupped Tabiry’s sex, the smoothly shaved mons radiating heat.

“Oh my queen,” Tabiry murmured as she tilted her hips silently begging for more.

Merneith slipped her fingers into Tabiry slick, wet warmth. Tabiry spread her legs and groaned as Merneith slipped a finger inside her pussy. She pumped her finger inside Tabiry, watching the woman writhe underneath her. “You’re beautiful,” Merneith said watching her.

She slid in a second finger, feeling Tabiry’s muscles clench around her. She curled her fingers seeking Tabiry’s favorite spot. Merneith thrust her fingers deeper feeling Tabiry grow hotter and her breathing quicken. She crooked her fingers rubbing, seeking the spot she knew from experience would give Tabiry an intense orgasm. Merneith stroked her inner walls until Tabiry shivered and begged for more.

As Tabiry shuddered and cried out, her pussy clamped around Merneith’s fingers. Merneith smiled and spoke the words of her spell, using Tabiry’s orgasms as a catalyst, she pulled Tabiry’s Ka free of her body. The silver mist of her Ka coalesced and Merneith spoke more words and the Ka glowed and grew more substantial, still misty but almost solid. Tabiry lay in the aftermath of her orgasm, her eyes closed and her breathing slowing.

queens conc

“My queen, what have you done?” she reached a hand out to Mer, “that felt different.”

“Look” Merneith squeezed her hand.

Tabiry opened her eyes and blinked at her double. “Gods, is that my Ka?”

Merneith nodded. “Yes, but I still cannot make it solidify. But I am closer.”

Tabiry shifted moving closer to the look at her Ka. “It needs more energy.” She took Merneith’s hand trying to explain what she could see that the sorcerous could not. “I need to orgasm again,” Tabiry said.

Merneith smiled, “that’s easy enough” and leaned down to kiss her.


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