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Emerald was frantic only a day after the queen had left. She’d been locked into the chastity belt, and she was desperate for her queen to release her. She hadn’t expected to find the confinement so challenging. She remained conflicted about her lewd desires, her need to touch her most intimate parts in front of the queen, something she rarely did when alone.

desp 2

As a lady in waiting, Emerald had no real tasks to occupy her time. Rather she’d spent hours locked in her own quarters teasing and toying her with own nipples, trying to ease the ache between her thighs with this other stimulation. When that failed, she taken to the hidden passages and spied upon those living in the castle.

Tonight, she followed one of the queen’s maids, the one the queen called Brat. The queen had mentioned the girl actively sought out punishments, and Emerald had witnessed the Brat’s punishments on more than one occasion. Emerald knew that the young woman was not supposed to visit the barracks, without the queen’s consent, but Emerald watched as the Brat slipped into the men’s space.

The men cheered the maid’s bold nakedness and she quickly scrambled on hands and knees on one of the beds. Emerald felt her breath catch as she watched one man thrust his phallus into her girl from behind while the brat opened her mouth for another man’s phallus. Taken from both ends, the Brat seemed happy. Her moans and squeals filled the barracks, and Emerald watched in the darkness, her own loins aching with desire, and her fingers scratched helplessly against the chastity belt.

Emerald tore at the buttons on her high necked gown, releasing her breasts from their confinement. Her fingers teased her own nipples, rolling and pinching her flesh. She watched the guards and the brat. The girl changed her position, moving to lie on her back, and watched the guard who stepped between her spread legs take hold of the Brat’s breasts, kneading her flesh roughly.

Emerald found herself mimicking the man’s touch, and bit her lip imagining herself as the Brat. Imagining herself nude before this group of men; imagined their hands on her body, and imaged their phalluses entering her most secret place. She wondered if the queen would enjoy watching her thus. She knew the Queen often entertained the Captain of the Guard Aleksey. The queen had even invited Emerald to join them. But she’d always respected Emerald’s quiet demurred, but she allowed Emerald to stay and watch safely hidden from Aleksey’s view behind a screen.

Now, Emerald found herself watching another woman find her pleasure in not just one man but many. She tugged and pinched at her nipples, pressing her thighs together in vain, as the chastity belt prevented her from finding any release. Emerald had lost count of the number of men the Brat had taken in her mouth or between her hungry thighs.

She moved closer to the wall, her nipples pressed against the cold stone. The girl now rode astride one of the guardsmen. Her breasts bounced as she rode him, and she seemed to enjoy this position as much as she had the others. It was not lost on Emerald that the girl’s own hand often strayed to her pleasure nub, and she’d shuddered and quivered with orgasms more than once. Emerald bit her lip as a second man rubbed his phallus with cream or oil and knelt behind the Brat. She glanced over her shoulder, red-faced and smiling. She stopped her ride, wriggling her hips and settling herself on the cock that impaled her, and leaned forward.

The second guard slowly pressed his cock against her arsehole. Emerald stifled a gasp, watching this new level of depravity. She hadn’t realized that such a thing could be done. She was focused on the scene in front of her and never heard the footsteps in the tunnel.

desp 5.jpg

Her fingers had once again returned to rolling and pinching her nipples, as she watched a second cock disappear into the Brat. She heard the girl’s moan and watched as both guards began their slow movements in and out of the maid. For her part, the maid occasionally glanced back at the man behind her, her eyes glazed with passion. She pinched her nipples harder, feeling her loins aflame. She clawed at the hard leather of the chastity belt and felt her wetness drip down her thighs.

“Lady Emerald” a cool male voice whispered to her.

Emerald gasped and jumped away from the spy hole, realizing that this only revealed her state on undress. Her breasts were bare and her nipples engorged. Her skirts fell in disarray when she’d whipped her hand from under her skirts.

“Captain Aleksey,” she stuttered, her face heated with embarrassment. And somehow, she felt even more aroused at being caught in this state. She didn’t know how long he’d been watching her, but he had to have seen her touching her own nipples, with her hand in her own skirts.

His blue eyes took in every inch of her exposed flesh, pausing noticeably on her bared breasts before he stepped closer to her and glanced through the spyhole for himself. “Ah, the Brat is at it again,” he tsked. “She craves the punishment the Queen will give her.” He turned away from the spyhole, his face inches from Emerald’s. Her nipples almost reached his coat. “The Queen has commanded your presence.”

Emerald blinked and frowned, “She has returned?”


Aleksey nodded, “I’ve been tasked with bringing you to her,” he offered her his arm as if she wasn’t half undressed and in the throes of unfulfilled passion. Emerald responded to his offered arm as she had been trained to. She took it, and let him lead her from the hidden passage. She belatedly realized his hold on her arm meant that she could not rebutton her dress.

When she entered the queen’s chamber, already half naked, she dropped into a deep curtsy. “My queen.” She was afraid to raise her head, to see the queen’s expression. Even if the queen didn’t know what Emerald had been doing, Alesky was sure to tell her. And her face flamed as Alesky reported on the Brat’s behavior and finding Emerald witnessing it.

Emerald watched the queen’s bare feet come into view and felt the queen’s fingers on her chin. She let the Queen force her head up, and met the queen’s gaze. The queen’s wicked smile made her heart beat faster.

“Tell me how you fared with my gift,” the queen ordered, and Emerald let her eyes fall on the small silver key hanging between the queen’s breasts.


  1. I love Emeralds desperation to be let explode in orgasm.
    I think my favorite is the depravity of the brat, seeking eager cocks to fill her arsehole.
    Once again, thank you for sharing another delightful tale, as my balls tingle on this packed train. Another couple of these stories and I may need some hand relief in the toilet


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