Cami lay next to Laura and pressed her lips to Laura’s neck. She whispered into her ear, all the wicked desires she had for Laura. Laura shivered in delight running her fingers through Cami’s hair. Laura gasped as Cami’s fingers grazed her thighs, inching higher and higher. Her fingers crept higher, slipping between Laura’s thighs, finding her warm and wet and inviting.

Carmilla 1Cami lay propped on one elbow watching Laura’s face as she teased and stroked the other woman, delighting in hearing her cries and whimpers for release. When Laura began to beg for release, small cries of “please” and “more” that were barely audible, Laura felt the sting of Cami’s teeth get lost in the orgasm that overtook her.

Laura felt the frisson that accompanied Cami’s bite and the warm languor that suffused her body as Cami fed. The warm, rush of the orgasm always seemed to rebound from her sex to Cami’s lips on her neck and go on and on, until the feeding stopped.

Laura floated in the haze of pleasure until she felt Cami’s lips leave her neck. She gave a frustrated whimper when she opened her eyes and found Cami gone and the bedroom empty.

183 words



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