Flash Fiction (a collection erotica)

bound man 3

She had a bad habit of developing crushes on her best professors. #storyin12

Just around the corner from the hotel was a pub, that specifically catered to magical folk. After checking in, she walked over to the pub. She stood outside a moment, the familiar building making her hungry, for more than food. She let herself slip into the memory. #HODHeartbeats

Lillian’s eyes traveled over Kate’s dress, smiling at her erect nipples. She met Kate’s eyes. “You are welcome to join our revels, or you can stay here until after the party when I will be free to send you home” She said without harshness. #timetraveltues

Alice was adept at interspecies assignations. The social & erotic norms varied wildly. Anatomically, his muzzle would prevent kissing, at least in the human style. But all species had their kinks, taboos, and traditions. Alice’s job was to study them. #BookishTues

I’d been wearing my sexy librarian clothes all week. I even had my hair up in a bun. I could feel her eyes on me as she followed me. I lead her behind the poetry stacks because I knew it that lacked any security cameras. #btr2sday

The man stood behind the altar, tall and as imposing. He was as pale as the moon. Soshay felt his golden eyes burning into hers & she forced her gaze down, her body following to rest on her knees in supplication. #TuesLine

Dating tales: “What’s your experience with non-monogamy?”

“I don’t have any”

fail. #storyin12

His rough, large fingers found her wet slit, & started rubbing. Julia moaned at the pressure on her clit. She really was going to fuck a troll. The 2nd troll watched them, his eyes glittering with interest. He fumbled with his pants, and released his massive erection.#BadWordSat

Sharing 1

“Care to take them on too?” He asked her.
She eyed them, noting that they were far less hesitant than her current partners. She guessed they were experienced at debauchment. But the ideas of what they might do overcame her, and she nodded. “Oh my stars, yes.” #womenwrite

The other night I ran into her.  I’d developed a bit of a crush on her since our first meeting.  She was a witty woman, and charming in a shy way.  She was also an adorable, pixie-like at just about five feet tall, with long dark hair. #lesficfri

I paused in front of a tall headstone, like the one in my fantasy. I envisioned myself bodice torn open, breasts exposed to the evening air. I imagined my skirts piled into my lap. And I felt the cold, phantom hands caressing me. #vss365

She shifted back with a satisfied smile. He loosened his hold on her, and to Caroline, he seemed to relish her gaze. “So what does that card mean?” She nodded back toward the table. #moodmon

Coliu began the invocations to Itz, begging he purge the supplicant of her wrongdoings. The incense burned, and great clouds of the sticky, sweet herb filled the room. She chanted and prayed, while she selected her tool. Every altar room held a basket of fresh scourges #MuseMon

“This isn’t a praise the god and goddess, dance around a bonfire coven – This is a,” her voice dropped, “a sex cult.”

“You don’t have to whisper,” She glanced around the nearly empty cafe, “And yes, sex is part this coven. I thought you wanted to try sex magic?” #LoveLines

It always turned her on more to imagine people she knew watching – her colleagues, the man at the newsstand, the young bartender, her neighbors. It didn’t matter. What got her off was the hiding in plain sight, keeping her debauchery behind the mask. #LustyMondayLit

Locked in a kiss with the Domaris, Alice felt the feline alien’s tail slide up her thigh & under her skirt. She didn’t know if Domaris enjoyed the kiss or if it was a chance to cop a feel; honestly Alice didn’t care as the tail’s touch had Alice ready to purr. #seducemesunday

“Why won’t you stay?” he asks.

“I do stay, just not the way you are asking” She replies. “For you staying means owning, means relationship elevators, and monogamy.”

beverly 3 3

“I don’t understand,” he said. “Yes, and that has always been the problem” she said sadly. #saidsun

When she finally flicked her tongue over my nipple, I thought I would cum on the spot. All her teasing ceased as she sucked and nibbled on my nipples.  It was my turn to moan and writhe. #salacioussun

The smiling bride spread her legs for the next groomsman. #storyin12

She’d been staying in the cabin with Bjorn and Astrid for a couple of weeks. Tonight she knew the couple had something new planned for her, but for now, she enjoyed lying naked next to Astrid watching Bjorn light the candles. #FriTease

When she sped up, he slowed further. Julia whimpered in frustration, but the energy building in the room was palpable, & Julia understood her partner wanted to ride that energy, wanted it to build. Julia found her witchy side at odds with her burning ache to orgasm. #FeelLines

This was her dream, so she would play by her rules. “Come,” she called to him stopping short of snapping her fingers. His strange obsidian eyes glinted at he. He stretched his lithe form, before sliding to the floor.He lowered his eyes to the floor and crawled toward her. #thurds

Astrid was, in Julia’s opinion, delightfully aggressive. Julia melted into the kiss, her tongue vying with Astrid’s for control. Astrid moaned enjoying the fight. She swung a leg over Julia pinning her to the bed. #thurstale #erotica

This was her fantasy, the dark secret fantasy of a gang bang. The reality of it left her shaking. “Can,” she licked her lips, “can we start slowly?” Des nodded, wrapping his arms around her. “You are in control here. If you don’t want this, we can go.” #talesnoir #erotica

She felt the soft rasp of his beard, and twisted her fingers in his hair.  “Shahbanu” he whispered to her, “will you forever torment me?” His voice was thick with desire and, Maggie thought, despair. #vss365

“Are you afraid, Caroline?” her Mistress’s voice cut through Caroline’s racing thoughts. Caroline found herself nodding. “What are you afraid of?” Caroline wasn’t sure. Her mind raced. Living in a sex negative culture? Years of internalized sex-shaming? #lesficfri

man stockings

Alice was adept at interspecies assignations. The social and erotic norms varied wildly. Anatomically, the Gliesen’s muzzle would prevent kissing, at least in the human style. But all species had their kinks, taboos, and traditions for Alice to learn. #foodparty

Witches had a variety of familiars. Charity’s favorite was Reverend Burroughs’ purloined penis. She’d stolen it from him in the woods one night. She kept it in a cotton lined box feeding it milk every morning. Every night, she took it from its box to play. #bookishtues

Vicki saw the email icon on her phone. She knew that the message was from her best friend Julia. Both of them were traveling, and both women continued their tradition of sending the other “postcards” – self-made, often self-taken always NSFW photos, of their adventures. #btr2sday

He arrived promptly at 7. She’d allowed him to wear a coat that almost covering his outfit. There was no way to hide his stocking clad legs or high heeled shoes. He waited at the door, his silk panties straining to contain his erection. #vss365

Once inside Des poured them all a drink. “Kitten, take off your dress,” Des said. She peeled the dress off slowly, teasing a bit. She stood naked in front of the two men, and felt her nipples stiffen under their gazes wondering how long they would keep her standing. #FridayKiss

beverly 3 1

She picked her drink, letting the condensation drip onto her bare skin. It ran down her belly, sliding off her sides. She glanced up at the dark clouds, as the storm started. She felt the fat, warm drops of rain splash against her upturned face. #FridayKiss

Caroline wanted to submit. After finding and relishing her dominance, she wanted to give up control; however, this was a more intense submission than she expected. “Do you consent?” The Dominatrix asked? #FriTease

Holding hands, we walked out of the club together and hurried along the darkened streets to her car. I felt my nipples stiffen as the chill slipped over me. She was parked off the main street, on a dimly lit side street. We slipped into the backseat of the car. #lesficfri

“And for once I do not wish to see you go.”  He still lay naked on the bed, his eyes constantly tracing the lines of her body.  She looked back at him, her smile fading. #WIPWordSearch #amwritingfantasy #WIP

beverly 3 main small

“What, you have an open marriage!?”  She stifled a sigh. “I thought you guys were in love.” She tried not to roll her eyes.  “We do love each other, and I love my boyfriend and he loves his girlfriend.” “But you can’t really love them both.” She sighed and rolled her eyes #vss365

I looked up at her. She was shifting her weight from one leg to the other, and I could see the tension in her arms. She didn’t like not being allowed to touch back.  I ran my fingers down her arms, “I want you to stay this way. Keep your hands behind her back.”  I said.#lesficfri

Daddy made me beg, until he silenced me by fucking my mouth #Storyin12

The first prickle of cold air on my uncovered skin almost has me pull the blanket up. Instead, I let the chill sink in, slowly leaching the warmth out of my skin, making my nipples pucker, until the sun, that wicked shaft, begins to heat me up. #vss365

She slipped into the latex halter dress, find that it clung to her like a second skin. It highlighted all of her curves from her breasts and hips to the rounded outline of her thick thighs and belly. She tied the halter behind her neck… #vss365

Anne stood on the deck, letting the wind tangle her long red hair. Leaving her Faith was always the hardest part. She was torn between her two lovers, Faith and the sea. Once again, she watched the swells growing between her and Faith. #vss365

“I’m touching myself” she whispered in his ear, and he could feel the heat of her body on his skin. He leaned forward just a fraction of an inch, wanting to touch her so desperately. His lips brush her skin before she pulled away. “Still the bad boy,” she tsked at him. #vss365

At work, she mentioned a partner, but with a vagueness that left the office wondering what she meant. They never thought about the picture on her desk, her polycule together at a backyard BBQ. This was the family she couldn’t talk about. #HODHeartbeats #polyamory

He applied himself to the blowjob, like it was his air supply. #Storyin12 #erotica

The rain spiraled from the sky to patter against her, still calling to mind invisible hands and perhaps lips to worship her body. Her own fingers glided over her clit, rubbing slowly, softly wanting to build to her own release like the storm had.
#wffriday (June 1)

She’d submitted. She’d given in to a secret desire, and she realized that she wasn’t ashamed. “I,” she swallowed, “I loved letting go. Of not thinking, of not worrying.” She paused trying to work out her own feelings. #FridayKiss

She unzipped her hopelessly wrinkled skirt, and let it pool around her feet. She stepped out of it, stepping toward him. She’s could feel his eyes on her.

her at my place 2

She wrapped her arms around his neck, tangling her fingers in his hair. She pulled his mouth closer to her. Her unschooled desire flooded her senses. She wanted to taste him, to touch him, to feel more. She shifted position, trying to get closer. #BeElysian

I shifted closer to her and deepened the kiss. My tongue darting between her lips, I tasted whiskey and sugar, and it made me hungry for her. I slid my knee between hers, and felt her smooth, silky thighs against mine. She moaned in response and melted into my arms. #lesficfri

Her touch, while gentle, was far from soothing.  He’d transgressed, and he knew he’d be punished, and that made her every touch an electric surge that went directly to his cock. She pulled away from him.  “Are you ready for your punishment?” She smiled #TuesLine

Darkness filled her vision, until the hand released her throat. #Storyin12

Astrid leaned down & kissed her, while Bjorn moved to tie her hands. Julia tugged at the ropes, & found that she was truly tied up. Astrid climbed off of Julia, & she and Bjorn traded wicked grins as they each bent and took one of Julia’s nipples in their mouths. #LustyMondayLit

His fingers were tight around her wrist, not hurting her, but letting her feel his strength, his power.  He leaned down, and she watched his lips, red with her blood draw nearer.  She closed her eyes as he kissed her.  His lips were hard, hungry against hers.  #MuseMon #WIP

In compliance to Her, he found peace. #Storyin12

After a long day, she pulled the bottle from the cupboard.  She poured, the warm, smokey scent wafting toward her. She turned the glass in her hands, watching the amber liquid gleam. She anticipated the way it would roll over her tongue and warm her blood. #vss365


She shivered watching his tongue trace over each of his fingers, the vivid crimson staining his tongue and lips. Why wasn’t she frightened, why wasn’t she repulsed watching him consuming her blood. Her hand, still on the altar, tingled as if it was her hand he licked. #sunwip

She was an animal in rut, her pussy dripping and ready. #Storyin12

Cuddled with her spouse, she spoke of her most recent heartbreak. How she found herself measuring new partners against the lost lover. The spouse replied that he was glad. Glad that she experienced the bittersweetness of the one who got away. #ThursTale #polyamory #truestory


Tonight his Mistress wore pearls, glossy orbs dripping around her. One strand shifted, framing her breast. He knew later, she’d wear only those strands. He watch them slip between her breasts, and dangle above her sex, caressing her the ways he’d beg to be allowed. #vss365

“I’m touching myself” she whispered in his ear, and he could feel the heat of her body on his skin. He leaned forward just a fraction of an inch, wanting to touch her so desperately. His lips brush her skin before she pulled away. “Still the bad boy,” she tsked at him.#FridayKiss

Alice’s was going to make the most of her shore leave was. She wanted to learn more about the Saurian locals. She’d meet a local, and he’d expressed clear interest in helping her experience the hemipenis first hand. He assured her their anatomy would work. #scifansat #SciFanSat

Finally, her Mistress’s blows slowed. “Now, my little slut what do you say?” Caroline heard herself say, “Thank you Mistress,” her voice was thick with tears and lust. “Thank you,” she said with more confidence. #fridaykiss

As she watched Anubis moving behind Colin, his erection still glistening with Colin’s spittle, she understood. Colin closed his eyes as Anubis began pressing his cock into Colin. Vicki bit her lip, both aroused by what she watched and concerned for Colin. #FriTease

The Queen of Elphame selected a slice of honey dew, feeling the juices run down her fingers. She held the melon to the lips of her mortal lover. “Eat my love” the Queen purred. Lizzie, with tightly closed lips,  shook her head. She knew to eat in Elphame was death. #vss365

Anne broke the kiss, her lips traveling down Faith’s jaw. She nipped at Faith’s ear. “Moan for me my love,” Anne commanded her voice a husky whisper. #Winewords

After eleven years, my heart still beats faster when my husband’s stormcloud eyes fall upon me. And when my boyfriend gives me that smile, my heart trips in my chest. And after, I love them both so much more. #vss365 #polyamory

She’d fantasized about life under Pharaoh’s rule. In her fantasies, he’d burst into her rooms and toss her onto the bed. He’d tear away whatever cliched harem girl costume she imagined and fuck her until she…well in the fantasy, until she came & fell asleep. #seducemesunday (April 29 2018)

chris lee priest

On her knees, she said “forgive me my trespases.”  He stroked her hair, before grasping it, pulling her head back. “You have much to atone for.” She smile in anticipation as he unzipped his pants.  He noticed and chided her, “you’ll atone for that too.” #vss365 #Erotica

She dropped to her knees on the stone floor and waited.  She served her goddess in this act, and that thought filled her with glory.  She felt the wetness between her thighs, a religious ecstasy. #Thurds #amwritingfantasy Like this? Read more here Temple of Twilight

Caroline had thought her confidence was an act. She used to feel like she was wearing a costume, even when she was nude. But it wasn’t an act at all. She’d finally found herself. #SockItTueMe

Bent over the table, she felt her skirt flipped up and her panties pulled down. “Are you sure” he asked, one last time. “Yes,” she nodded, keeping her eyes on him “I ache for this.” She felt the first #stranger take his place behind her. #vss365 #erotica

behind curtains

Samantha danced around the altar. The drums matched the drumming of her heart. Her blood grew fevered as she caressed and was caressed. She fell into the arms of another witch, kissing him passionately. Her blood thrilled as she felt a hand between her thighs. #vss365

Why did you stop?” Her skin felt on fire. Keron kept his face turned from her. His hands clutched the blanket in a white-knuckled grip. “Because if I do not stop, I will not stop.” His voice was husky with emotion. #1linewed #wip #templeoftwilight Like this? Read more here Temple of Twilight

“Tell me a story,” he demanded, like I was his personal Scheherazade. “Tell me about all the naughty things you’ve done,” He ordered punctuating each word with a smack to her ass. “Tell me all the wicked things you want me to do to you.” #Sunscribbles Like this? Read More “Bad Girl”

She moaned, a mix of delight and pain, as the lash met her skin. Tenoch wielded the flail of his god with skill, striking her flesh over and over, but never breaking her skin. In this act, Setch thought they both found succor with their gods. #SunWIPLike this? Read more hereTemple of Twilight

Everyday the light and dark grew closer together. Everyday the Earth grew a little warmer, and that warmth seeped into her blood. Pale jade plants inched their way out of the ground, and her desires inched their way out of hibernation. #vss365 #SockItTueMe

Charity knelt beside him, stroking his hair. “Good boy,” she purred, unfastening his trousers. His cock sprang free, hard & pale in the moonlight. She touched the head, letting a moist drop of precum coat her fingers & his cock. “Lie back,” she ordered. #vss365 #SeduceMeSunday Like this? read more “Stolen Penis”

He crept into her bed, again. She welcomed his cold fingers kneading her flesh & moaned as his teeth & cock penetrated. She begged for more until the blood loss left her groggy. When the bruises on her neck faded, he’d return again,& she’d welcome him. #horrorprompt #viciouscycle


she shivered, naked on her knees. The collar was tight around her throat. His leather clad hand #jerked the leash. Could she crawl? Not just for him but for an audience of strangers? He jerked the leash again. she closed her eyes and took a breath. #vss365 #erotica

Empyrean she heard as if he’d said it just to her. #hangtenstories

It was only a couple months, but she could tell it wasn’t going to work. He’d spent most of the party flirting with another woman, trying to raise her #temper. She left him to flirt, enjoying the party on her own; she just didn’t understand monogamous people. #vss365 #polyamory


She brought him flowers, roses but not the hot house type. These had thorns, and when he accepted them, they bit his hand. She kissed his fingers, lapping the blood, before ordering him to the whipping post. The roses were the perfect gift. #1linewed

Oh sweetheart, I didn’t know. I never knew.” #hangtenstories

Peter reads a special set of tarot cards, but he rarely talks about reading #auras. He can see so much about clients in the roiling field of light that surrounds them. Take Caroline, for example, her aura was a storm of crimson desires & indigo kinks. #scifierotica #SciFanSat Related to A Tarot Reading

Alice had a date with the woman from Centari. Alice just didn’t know it yet. The Centari had built the holodeck program and added herself. Now Alice lay bound naked in Roman Orgy facsimile she’d designed, waiting for the #alien programmer to fuck her. #vss365 #erotica #scifisex Hints at the next chapter of “Alice’s Adventures in Space”

In the haunted house, Lara woke feeling fingers wrapping round her wrists & ankles. The ghostly fingers jerked her hands over her head & pulled her legs open, & she gave a small cry. She felt the cold breath of ghostly lips on her nipples & shivered. #horrorprompt #horrorerotica Hints at the next chapter of “The Haunting of Jill”


With the blindfold in place, his vision was #gone. He whimpered when she freed his cock from its cage. When her leather clad fingers wrapped around his cock, he groaned his orgasm. #vss365 #amwritingerotica Inspiration for “Blindfold”

Standing outside, nude and bound, the #chill in the air seemed to vanish as he heard her boots crackling through the snow. #vss365 #amwriting #amwritingerotica # bdsm Inspiration for Snow Day

The footsteps stopped in front of him. He kept his eyes downcast, focusing on her black boots. When she locked the cage around his cock, he knew he’d get no #quarter tonight. #vss365 #amwriting #erotica #bdsm Inspiration for Snow Day

woman flowers

He squirmed as the cold metal of the cage touched his cock and sighed hearing the lock click. He shivered when She ran a gloved finger down his belly. He bit his lip as she tapped the bars of the cage. Knowing she was pleased with him never got #old. #vss365 #erotica #amwriting Inspiration for Snow Day

She applied a coat of #red lipstick before giving him a sultry smile. “Are you ready for your punishment?” She asked.

He gave a slow nod, transfixed by her newly painted mouth and her leather catsuit. “Yes, Mistress.”

She smile and blindfolded him. #vss365 #erotica Inspiration for “Blindfold”

As he slid his head between her thighs and his lips and tongue became a benediction. Time was #distorted, distended as he worshipped. Neither knew if it was minutes or hours of worship. #vss365 #amwritingerotica Included in Dressing Up

With the blindfold in place, his vision was #gone. He whimpered when she freed his cock from its cage. When her leather clad fingers wrapped around his cock, he groaned his orgasm. #vss365 #amwritingerotica

arthur rackham selkie

There is an art to the #tease, at least that’s what the ad claimed. She handed over her credit card and walked into burlesque class. An hour later, her muscles ached, but this was an anniversary gift her wife wouldn’t forget. #vss365 #burlesque

She nervously fidgets with her stockings as waits in her car. This #opportunity to visit the sex club was one she’d been dreaming, but but now that it was here, she found she couldn’t open the door. #thurstale

They in the smoky Irish bar, drinking beer, and flirting outrageously. She wasn’t sure if it was the beer or his eyes darker than the Irish Sea that had her feeling light-headed. “Have you heard of the selkies, the #seal-folk?” he whispered in her ear. #vss365 #paranormalerotica

She lay back, her body tingling and her pussy pulsing. An afternoon with Him left her #spent. #vss365 #erotica

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