Natalie’s New Friend

Natalie knelt and waited. She hated waiting and Des knew it. She tried not to fidget and tried even harder not to think about the impending meeting. In the past, she’d met some of Des’s other partners, but always in a neutral way, and except for Will, she’d never been sexually or romantically involved with any of them. Tonight, Des wanted something different. He wanted to let Betsy play with her.

And this was why she hated waiting. The longer the time stretched out, the more time she had to doubt. She assumed this was part of his plan. To make her wait so she would be sure this was what she wanted, to give her time to back out if she needed to. When she heard the door open again, she was ready to jump out of her skin.

“Kitten,” Des said. And it only took a moment for him to cross the room and stroke her back. “Do you consent to Betsy playing with you tonight?”

Natalie hungered for his touch, and she shifted her head from her hands, turning her face just enough to see him. “Yes, Sir” she answered. Her words filling her with a confidence she hadn’t known she felt before. “I want to show her that I’m your good kitten.”

Des smiled, “I’m very proud of you kitten.” He continued to pet her back, “Would you like a kiss before we start?”

Natalie nodded and sat up. She felt his lips on hers warm and strong. He wrapped his arms around her; his shirt sleeves brushing her bare skin. She leaned into the kiss, her arms wrapping around his neck.

He broke the kiss.  “Be a good girl tonight,” he said, “And you will like your reward.”

Natalie nodded, “Yes, Sir.” She turned back to the wall and resumed her waiting position. She was tingling now from the kiss and his attention, and once again, from her anticipation. To have a stranger watch her in such a vulnerable position left her a little breathless.

Finally, the door opened. “Betsy, that is my kitten.”

Natalie could hear their feet on the carpet but kept her eyes trained on the floor. She knew that Betsy could see her bare ass and the flogger at her feet. Betsy who could see her, but whom she’d never seen or spoken too.

“How long has she been waiting here?” A woman’s voice asked.   

“For her, an eternity,” Des answered.

“Would she wait longer?”

Natalie tried to still her thundering heart. Would this woman make her wait longer? She shifted her weight and realized that she could feel herself growing aroused by their exchange.

Des answered, “She struggles with waiting.” Natalie could hear the smile in his voice. “She is impatient.”

Natalie forced herself to breathe, to relax while they talked about her as if she wasn’t there.

“So, what are you going to do to her?”

Natalie waited.

“Kitten, I’m going to blindfold you now,” Des said. “I want Betsy to see you before we start.”

“Yes, Sir.” She answered and felt the cloth slip over her eyes. She felt his hands on her arms, as he helped her to sit up.

“Put your hands behind your head” He ordered.

She did, locking her fingers together and pressing her palms into her neck. She knew that this position thrust her tits out, and she wondered if he’d make her spread her legs for this other woman.

“May I touch her?”

Natalie knew the question was directed at Des and not her. Something about this made her even more turned on. Her nipples hardened, and she could feel her thighs growing damp. She wanted Des to say yes. Her breathing quickened.

“Yes,” Des said.

Natalie felt a hesitant brush of fingers over her breast, and she let out a soft whimper.

“She likes being touched by strangers?” Betsy asked, again the question seemed directed at Des. Betsy’s hand grew bolder, cupping Natalie’s tit, as if she was feeling the weight of it, before softly pinching her nipple.

Des laughed, “She loves it.” Natalie felt his hand stroke her hair, and she leaned her head against his leg. “Maybe later I’ll tell you about her birthday gang bang.”

Natalie felt her breath catch as Betsy used two hands on her tits, pinching her nipples and pulling them out. She flashed back to the gang bang Des had arranged for her and found herself hoping he would tell Betsy the story. She’d fucked five strangers that night and been watched and touched by uncounted others. The memories filled with a delicious mix of shame and delight. What would Betsy make of the story?

“Look at her blush when you mention her gang bang,” Betsy said, her fingers still tugging and teasing Natalie’s nipples. “Look at her enjoying my touch,” Betsy said. “Do you like my touch, kitten?” Betsy asked.

Natalie was surprised to hear Betsy address her directly. “Yes,” she managed to respond. “Yes, very much.”

Betsy’s hand moved lower, tickling Natalie’s trembling belly, her fingers stopping at Natalie’s mons. “I can feel her heat from here,” She said to Des. “Is she always so randy?”

Des continued to pet Natalie’s hair. “Absolutely. It’s why I love my kitten.”

Natalie rubbed her head against Des’s leg, careful not to dislodge the blindfold. Natalie felt Betsy’s fingers running softly over her labia and shivered. She wanted this cruel woman to use her, to continue this subtle humiliation.

“I’d like to use her,” Betsy said her voice carrying an edge. “After our date tonight, I think I’d like to find a little relief for myself. Can she do that?”

Des’s hand closed around Natalie’s hair, pulling her head up. “Kitten, I’m going to give you to Betsy for a little while.”

Natalie bit her lip, “Yes, Sir. I will please her as she orders.” Natalie quivered. Betsy wasn’t anything she expected, and her particular type of cruelty had Natalie’s thighs wet. Des stepped away from her, and she was left blindfolded and kneeling naked in the room. She heard the clink of a leash and felt it snapped on to her collar.    

She dropped to all fours and followed at Betsy’s heels. The playroom was small enough that Natalie knew she wouldn’t have to crawl too far. But she hated the act and hated how much it aroused her. “Heel,” Betsy said.

Natalie sat up on her knees. “Yes,” she paused unsure how to address her. “Mistress?” the question was clear in her voice.

“Oh does she always talk?” Betsy asked.

Natalie’s blush blazed over face and chest. She was glad of the blindfold, as she felt her eyes water with tears. Being talked about as if she wasn’t there was flooding her with conflicting shame and arousal. She bit her lip.

“Order her not to.”

Natalie heard Betsy moving around and was certain the woman had sat in the room’s single chair. Once again, she heard Des and Betsy kissing, and then she felt the tug on the leash. She moved forward on her knees.

She brushed against Betsy’s bare leg before the tugging stopped.

“Kitten,” Betsy’s voice was hard, and she held Natalie’s chin. “Put your tongue to use, and lick my cunt.”

Natalie’s jaw would have dropped at the command, but Betsy still held her chin.

“I don’t want to waste time giving you more commands, so get to it.”

Natalie let her face be led by Betsy’s hand. She felt the warm heat from the other woman’s pussy and could smell her arousal. Natalie ran her tongue over Betsy’s labia, tasting her salt and arousal. Natalie lapped and licked before probing deeper. When she did, she felt Betsy shift in the chair, shifting her pelvis forward giving Natalie more access to her pussy.

“Oh, look at her,” Betsy said with a sigh. “She is like a cat with a bowl of cream.”

Natalie heard the descriptions grow cruder, but also more punctuated with Betsy’s gasps and moans. Betsy pulled Natalie’s face closer, as she gave a final cry. Natalie felt a rush of wetness coat her face. Betsy released her hold on Natalie. And Natalie sat back on her heels, breathing heavily.

“Oh, she is wonderful,” Betsy said panting.

 Natalie felt Des’s hand on her head. “Good girl,” he whispered in her ear, and Natalie beamed at him.   

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  1. This didn’t disappoint – Natalie’s fears and unfamiliarity with the situation were well portrayed, and I loved her arousal at being so humiliated. Wonderfully tale beautifully told.

    Liked by 2 people

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