Garden Party

The afternoon after receiving Noah’s gift, Amanda attended a garden party. She was delighted when she saw him chatting with a small group of party guests on the sweeping lawns. It was far too soon for him to have contacted her father regarding his marriage proposal, so she was unsure of the proper etiquette. She could not simply join the group he was conversing with. Other than him, she didn’t know any of the others in the group.

Nude woman wearing a flower crown in the woods.

Fortunately. Noah saw her and disengaged from the group and came to greet her. He took her arm and led her toward the far end of the garden and the hedges that were only just starting to grow into a maze. The greenery reached a little higher than Amanda’s waist, so their walk was perfectly acceptable to society. However, as they walked, Noah whispered to her, “Hitch your skirt up a bit.”

Amanda bit her lip and looked over at the party, trying to gauge if anyone was heading in their direction. She didn’t see anyone, so began slowly inching her dress up, feeling the breeze on her stocking clad legs. When it was about knee height, she felt Noah’s hand on her leg. “Very good,” he said to her. “I’d like very much to give you a preview of the pleasure I can bring you.” His gloved hand stroked up her thigh, above her stocking onto her bare flesh.

“Here?” she was incredulous.

 “I think you’ll enjoy the danger of getting caught.” He looked her in the eye, “Will you let me pleasure you with my fingers?”

This was a much larger step than her bold talk. She had no enforceable marriage contract from him, but her body hungered for the experience. And he was right, the idea of being pleasured here, being pleasured while only yards away the party guests could see their perfectly proper torsos had her dizzy. “Yes, please,” She whispered to him.

He smiled down at her, his hand moving higher. “Be more specific, Amanda. What do you want?” His fingers brushed her pantaloons, trailing over the lace and moving closer and closer to the opening between her thighs. “I’ve heard your bold words before, and I find them so very arousing.”

Amanda looked up at him, pausing in their walk. “I’d like you to pleasure me with your fingers right here and right now.”

The smile that broke over his face was magnificent. “I cannot wait until we are married,” he replied. “Exploring your desires will bring me unceasing pleasure.” His fingers slipped between her thighs.

She felt the smooth leather of his gloves touching her sex, followed by a fingertip brushing her lips, slowly and carefully probing her. Her gaze shifted from his face to the party goers on the lawn. His finger slipped deeper, and she shivered, suddenly unsure if she could stay on her feet.

Nude woman in profile. Seated surrounded by flowers, holding a glass orb.

“You are deliciously hot,” he whispered in her ear. She bit her lip to keep from crying out. “Tell me what you feel?”

She kept her eyes locked on the party, as his fingers moved deeper, finding the nub of her pleasure. His fingers stroked and rubbed.

And she did whimper in his ear, watching another couple walking toward the hedges. “I don’t know if I have the words,” she panted, and he increased the pressure of his fingers. “I’m dizzy with the pleasure, almost drunk with it.” She gasped a little as he gently pinched her flesh. She continued to whisper in his ear, his fingers stroking her and bringing her closer to her climax. “I’m so close to climaxing for you,” she whispered to him.

He tightened his hold on arm, as she shivered in delight. The climax crested over her, and she lost her focus on the party for a moment. She felt his hand withdraw, and her skirt slid back into place.

She leaned on him a moment, as he turned away from the couple approaching them, shielding her with his body, and hiding his face from them.  He slipped his gloved finger into his mouth. “Delicious” he smiled.

685 words

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