Carriage Ride

Amanda’s father wasn’t unhappy about the match with Noah; however, she knew that he had harbored hopes for her to marry further up the social ladder, but Noah’s family was perfectly respectable, and he learned obscenely wealthy. It seemed their businesses in the Caribbean were excellent ventures.

Topless woman wearing a hat

“Darling, are you sure you’ll be happy living so far from home?” her mother asked, for the fifth time.

Amanda had spent days agonizing over leaving England and resettling in the Caribbean; however, she knew that she could never explore the passions and debauchery that Noah had unleashed in her If she stayed. She did not doubt that others, even her own peers likely shared many of her desires, but the cost of public outrage was simply too high. She’d be safer, shielded from the gossip mills of the house parties and ballrooms, if she was so far away.

“Oh, Mama, I will miss you and papa tremendously, but it will be such an adventure to see something of the world.” She took her mother’s hand. “I’d never dreamed I would have an opportunity to travel beyond the continent, and Noah is such a wonderful catch.”

Eventually, the marriage contract was written and signed, and they set a date for their wedding.

They continued their courtship while they waited for their wedding date. This evening, he was taking her for a card party at his aunt’s home. He’d send an encoded message with the invitation, which had left her blushing. Fortunately, her parents assumed her blush was simply a result of the invitation, not a response to his request that she bring the mermaid sculpture he’d sent her as a gift.

He arrived, looking as refined as he had at the ball, but she admitted to herself she preferred his more disreputable fortune teller costume. He’d suggested that they may attend more of the bohemian events if she wished, and she had eagerly assented. As he helped her into the closed carriage, he whispered that they would be skipping the Ward card party and instead they were going to a party hosted by his fortune teller friends.  

For propriety, the carriage already contained another young couple and an elder, married, sister of the young woman. Amanda had not met any of the party before, but if they were like Noah, she was hoping to befriend the two women. To finally be able to share these experiences with another woman would be a prize. 

woman wearing a sheer gown

As they settled in the carriage, Noah carried out the introductions. It seemed that only the chaperon Lady Dinah was going to attend the bohemian gathering, and the let the other couple out of the carriage a few streets away. Dinah was beyond beautiful. Her perfectly curled and coiffed blonde hair and large green eyes complimented her seductively full lips. Amanda wondered if the woman were cosmetics, something to deepen the pink of her lips.

Once the three of them were alone, Dinah spoke.

“Are you excited to explore the forbidden with us,” She asked Amanda.

Amanda nodded, blushing thinking about this woman, a stranger, knowing something of her intentions.

Dinah grinned at her. “Your blushes are so wonderfully genuine, Amanda,” she took her hand. “You will have such a delightful time.”

Amanda felt Dinah squeeze her hand, and some her boldness returned. “You find delight in these events?”

Dinah laughed, “Oh my stars, I live for these events.” She shifted on the carriage seat to sit closer to Amanda. “It is the one place where women like us can show our true faces and be free from all the strictures of polite society.”

Amanda glanced at Noah seated across from them. “Aren’t you afraid of being recognized?”

Dinah shook her head and produced two leather masks. Dinah’s was molded to look like a cat, while the one she handed Amanda was covered in seashells and aquatic motifs. “Noah has taken to calling you his mermaid,” she said with a giggle.

Amanda was pleased to see Noah blush, his own emotional intimacy revealed.

Dinah offered to help Amanda affix the mask, and as she adjusted it, Amanda leaned forward and lightly kissed the other woman. She wasn’t certain if she’d meant it playfully or in friendship, but when her lips met Dinah’s, she felt the familiar warming, rising of her passion. Instead of pulling away, Dinah returned her kiss, and Amanda reached up, placing her hands-on Dinah’s face, pulling her closer, kissing her deeper.

When she felt the tentative probing of Dinah’s tongue, Amanda squeaked and melted into the kiss. Her own tongue darting out to join Dinah’s.

Two women in Victorian clothing preparing to kiss

She nearly forgot about Noah being in the carriage until he cleared his throat. “Ladies, we have arrived at the party.”

Amanda broke from Dinah, her face burning.

Noah smiled and took her hands. “My beautiful love, if Dinah is amendable, and I think she is,” he glanced at the other woman who nodded, “I will happily find you two a room to continue your explorations together.”

Amanda was stunned. She understood that he was a libertine, but she expected that he would not extend such a free reign of exploration to her. At least not without being involved himself. “And you would not be jealous?”

Noah squeezed her hands. “I will envy every moan and delight I am certain Dinah will draw out of you,” he leaned forward and kissed her then. “But when we spoke about our passions, I truly meant that I desire you to explore for yourself. I understand that sometimes those explorations will not include me.” He kissed her again and straightened her mask. “Although, I do hope in the future that we can share our passions as well. I can’t lie, the thought of seeing you and Dinah together is enticing.” He took her hand and slid it over his thigh, letting her feel his hardened phallus.

Amanda looked between Dinah and Noah, “Can I have you both tonight?” She asked.       

Masturbation Monday

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