The Vamp

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Kate sat naked on the velvet sofa. She waved a waiter over, taking a glass of champagne and cigarette. All around her she watched the party-goers, fall deeper and deeper into debauchery. This wasn’t what she expected of the 1920s, but everything had been too real, too tactile to be a dream. Besides she’d just had the most amazing sexual experience of her life with a handful of silent film legends, and that had to be real.

When she caught sight of Lillian, Kate left the sofa. She walked naked through the party-goers until she reached Lillian, the other woman smiled broadly at her.

“I knew you’d enjoy my party,” Lillian said, running a manicured fingernail down Kate’s breastbone, stopping between her breasts. “You seem to have lost the lovely dress my girls loaned you.”

Kate smiled and stepped closer to Lillian. “I made a few friends, and seen to have misplaced it.” She placed her own hands around Lillian’s waist. “Now that I’ve had an appetizer, I thought I’d move on to something more.”

Lillian gave a throaty laugh. “You are even better than I expected.” She tilted her head and kissed Kate. “But I don’t have time to play with you right now.”

Kate felt her lip jut out in a pout. “What could be more important?”

Lillian laughed, “I have a séance to run,” she looked behind Kate and waved someone over. “I’ll find you another playmate.”

Kate turned and was face to face with Hollywood’s original vamp. “For me?” She asked her eyes raking over Kate’s nude body.

Before Lillian could answer Kate grinned, “absolutely.”

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