She Meets His Wives

If you’d like read about Alicia’s first meeting with Dracula, here it is.

Alicia woke to the sunset out the castle window. She stretched in the massive bed, wondering when her vampire lover would return. She watched as dust motes were caught in the last rays of the sun. It shimmered and slowly, she realized, took form. Alicia knew the story, but she hadn’t given any thought to this part. As the glittering motes took shape, Alicia watched Dracula’s brides become corporeal.

She smiled as the three women, each an unearthly beauty clothed in little more than jewels, joined her on the bed.

“Our husband tells us you enjoy pain with your pleasure,” the blond said running a lacquered fingernail over Alicia’s cheek.

Alicia nodded, “I do very much.”

The darker of the two brunettes smiled, her deep red lips parting to reveal her sharp teeth. She brushed her fingers over Alicia’s chest, and between her breasts. “So we play?” She asked.

Alicia bit her lip, taking on three vampires felt far more dangerous than the count alone. Alicia found herself nodding, “Yes, let’s play.”

And the three wives descended upon her. She felt lips and teeth on her breasts while the blond kissed her passionately.

She felt both brunettes sucking and biting her nipples and the warring sensations had her moaning. Hands trailed her belly and thighs before she felt fingers slipping between her thighs. The blond bit at Alicia’s lip, and Alicia moaned when she felt the other brides grab her ankles and begin binding her to the bedposts. When her legs were tied open, they took her arms and Alicia let them.

“Now we’ll see how you play,” the blond said, once more running her lacquered nails over Alicia’s face, this time pressing harder. Before Alicia could whimper, the blond slapped Alicia’s breast. And this time Alicia did cry out.

Then they began to play.

Alicia had mouths sucking and biting her breasts and nipples, while fingers scratched at her flesh. When she felt fingers slipped between her thighs, rubbing at her clit, Alicia cried out begging for more.

The brides laughed, throaty almost mean laughs, which made Alicia blush, but still straining against the bonds that held her trying to rub her sex against the fingers teasing her. One of them whispered in her ear, “wanton slut,” before nipping at her earlobe.

She felt teeth bite harder, deeper into the underside of her breast, while two fingers pressed inside her. Alicia whimpered, thrusting her hips, as far as the bounds allowed, against the fingers. She found herself begging for more, pleading to come for them.

But the brides only laughed at her pleas, but she felt another finger press inside. She knew she must have three fingers inside her, and she could feel her sex stretch. When the fingers inside her curled up, rubbing at her walls; Alicia squealed, and renewed her begging and cries for more.

When she felt the blond’s sharp fingernail dig into her skin, her orgasm washed over her, leaving her shivering. The brides didn’t stop their attentions. The blond lowered her head to the now bleeding cut and began lapping at the blood welling from the cut.

The brides began a seemingly endless rotation of cutting and drinking her blood and burying their blood-coated tongues in her pussy. Alicia let herself grow lost in the waves of pleasure and pain. Just as Alicia thought she reached her limits, she heard the door slam open.

The brides turned their faces away from Alicia. “Hello darling,” the blond purred at the Count. “Come join us for dinner.”  

Chapter 3


  1. […] She Meets His Wives by Lascivious Lucy Wait, wait… vampire sex!?!? If you know me at-fucking-all, you know that I love me some lewd monster porn. But almost all the creature sex I consume is through sex comics and graphic novels, so it was a treat reading this short erotica about a young woman named Alicia getting freaky naughty with Dracula’s wives. DO want that follow-up teased in the end, please! […]


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