Deliciously Ruined

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Amanda’s lovers led her to the bed. She could still hear the music and chatter from the club just beyond the screens. She considered asking Dinah or Noah to open the screens, to let her defilement be witnessed, but then they would all be forced to wear their masks again, and she wanted to see both of them.

Victorian women lying on bed

Noah lay next to her, his lips seeking hers. She felt Dinah between her thighs and broke her kiss with a gasp when she felt Dinah’s tongue on her sex. “Oh Dinah,” she moaned, overwhelmed by the soft exploration of Dinah’s tongue and lips. Amanda opened her legs wider and she met Noah’s eye.

Before she could speak, Noah kissed her again. “Just enjoy it, my love,” he whispered to her. Amanda kissed him again, and she rocked her hips against Dinah’s mouth. Amanda shivered as Noah captured her nipple in his mouth, licking and sucking at it. Amanda lay back, letting her lovers devour her. They sucked and licked and stroked until Amanda let out a panting cry as another orgasm crested over her.

Her hands knotted in the sheets and she writhed beneath their unceasing attention. “Please Noah,” she panted, “take me now.” She loosed her fingers from the sheets and reached a hand down to stroke his hair, “Please, I ache to be filled by you.”

Dinah raised her head from Amanda’s breasts and kissed Amanda, before turning to look at Noah as he raised his lips from Amanda’s sex. “Take her Noah,” she brushed her fingers down Amanda’s belly and slipped them between the young woman’s thighs. “She’s sopping wet with desire,” she said her fingers sliding into Amanda.

Amanda bit her lip and blushed. To hear Dinah speak so crudely was shocking and only made Amanda ache more. She wanted that crudeness. Dinah pulled her fingers free and licked them clean. Amanda shifted her hips, still aching for more. “Please Noah,” she whimpered again. Dinah lay next to her as Noah shifted positioning himself between Amanda’s spread legs. Amanda’s eyes locked on his cock, poised to enter her.

He paused, looking down at her. “You are every bit the beautiful, wanton hussy I knew you’d be.” He rubbed the head of his phallus over her sex. He smiled as Amanda lifted her hips, seeking his penetration. “Look at you, so deliciously desperate to be taken.”

Amanda nodded frantically. She couldn’t find any words to express how much she wanted him and how much his words made her want him even more.

“Beg for it,” he said, rubbing his phallus between her thighs.

Two Victorian women dancing

She didn’t know what to say, how to beg. Dinah whispered in her ear, a torrent of filthy words that made her blush and squirm. And she opened her mouth, repeating the words that Dinah gave her, though she stumbled and stuttered over the dirtiest of them. She only stopped when she felt Noah’s phallus begin to press into her.

She whimpered and clasped Dinah’s hand. Noah felt indescribably different than her fingers or even the hairbrush she’d used alone so many times. His flesh was hot and hard and stretched her sex until she thought she could not bear it. And then he stopped, his thighs pressed against her.

She was, by the rules of her own society, irrevocably ruined. “Yes,” she sighed and wrapped her legs around Noah and felt him shift. “More, please” she whispered.

And Noah, biting his own lip, as he thrust slowly in and out. Dinah lay beside Amanda, holding her hand and watching the two. “Oh, my lovely girl,” Dinah whispered to her, nipping at Amanda’s neck. Amanda closed her eyes, letting the sensation of Noah’s phallus wash over her, while Dinah continued to pet and stroke her.

She felt Noah stiffen and pull his cock free and she felt the splash of his seed on her belly. Dinah ran a finger through the milky liquid and slid it into Amanda’s mouth. Amanda sucked Dinah’s finger clean and felt Noah moving. He once again lay beside her, his arms wrapping around her.

She settled her head against his chest and opened her arms to Dinah. The three of them lay together in a sticky tangle, while Amanda’s breathing slowed.

“You’re ruined, now” Noah whispered into her hair.

Amanda snuggled closer to him, “Only barely.” She tightened her arms around Dinah. “We’ve only just begun and I,” she paused, biting her lip. “I want to taste Dinah the way she did me. And I want to watch you with Dinah,” she caressed Dinah’s breast.

Noah tightened his arms around her. And Dinah laughed, “She’s going to be the death of you, Noah.”


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