Alicia Learns about Pain

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The Count looked at his wives, noting their crimson-stained lips and tongues. Alicia squirmed in her bounds when his eyes fell on her. The wives had been lapping at her blood and her sex in equal measure, laughing at her cries and moans of pleasure and pain.

“Continue” the Count said and seated himself across from the bed. Alicia followed his gaze when it left her body and she noticed the large mirror. True to the tales, the only person who appeared in the mirror was Alicia. When the brides fell upon her again, Alicia watched her breasts in the mirror, sucked into painful points and teeth marks blossoming on her pale flesh. She whimpered and looked back at the Count.

He watched as the blond bride once again buried her face between Alicia’s thighs, her lips closing over Alicia’s clit. She sucked at Alicia’s flesh and slipped two fingers inside.

Alicia strained against the ropes again, crying out begging for more as the blond began driving her fingers in deep and hard. One of the brides swung her leg over Alicia’s face, and Alicia lost sight of the count. Seeing only pink flesh and thighs, she knew what the vampire wanted, and started licking hungrily. She tasted the woman’s salty musk, her tongue and lips exploring – all the while the blond continued her finger fucking, hard and unrelenting. The vampire on her face rocked her hips, grinding her cunt into Alicia’s face.

“She’s a good cunt eater” she hissed, whether it was directed at the Count or the brides or both, Alicia didn’t know, but she felt her own cunt tighten and spasmed so near her own orgasm. Her pleading for more was smothered by the bride riding her mouth. The blond slowed her thrusting and pulled her fingers free. Alicia felt the air on her cunt and felt suddenly empty, so close to orgasm and now left alone.

No one touched her as the bride continued to ride her face, the woman’s own moans and whimpers coming faster and louder. Alicia knew the woman must be close to orgasm. She continued to pleasure the woman. The bed dipped and the woman shifted her position, her hands smacking against the wall, and her cunt moving back. Alicia gasped realizing it was the count on the bed and preparing to fuck his bride.

“Pleasure her,” he growled at down at Alicia. Alicia watched his cock slip into the woman’s cunt before she started licking at the woman’s clit. The Count didn’t hold back while he fucked his bride.

The bride whimpered and shuddered her orgasm. The Count thrust into her again, before sliding his cock out of her. “Go,” he ordered her. He looked down at Alicia, her face smeared with the other woman’s juices. “Please,” she whimpered at him, “fuck me.”

The wives laughed, and the blond joined them on the bed. “Your new toy likes to beg,” she said stoking the Count’s cock with one hand and twisting Alicia’s nipple with the other. “But I don’t think she’s had enough pain.”

The Count gave her a vicious smile, and Alicia shivered beneath him. “Elizabeta you can use her as you wish,” while Justina pleasures me.”

Alicia watched the Count return to his chair, and the final woman, Justina, joined him. She knelt before him taking his still slick cock into her mouth.

“He gave you to me,” Elizabeta hissed at her, tugging on Alicia’s nipples. “He’s going to watch your debasement, little pain slut.”

Alicia shivered, yet felt herself grow aroused. She did have much experience with humiliation, but she found Elizabeta’s crude language and ridicule to be intensely arousing. She wanted to do whatever this woman asked of her, no matter how humiliating.

“And you crave it don’t you?” She felt Elizabeta’s fingers in her cunt. “You’re hot and wet, desperate for a good fucking, aren’t you?”

Alicia nodded.

She never saw Elizabeta move, but her head jerked when Elizabeta slapped her face. “Answer me.”

Alicia gasped and tried to catch her breath. “Yes, yes. I am desperate for a fucking.” She stumbled on the words, her cheeks flaming both from the slap and the shame of her answer.

Elizabeta returned her fingers to Alicia’s cunt, rubbing at her clit. “You must beg, beg me to give you release,” She purred at Alicia. “tell me how much you need to be used, to fucked, to have this sopping wet pussy filled up,” her final words were followed by her fingers pressing inside, curling at rubbing against Alicia’s sex.

Alicia whimpered, the feeling so intense and pushing her toward orgasm.

“And you cannot orgasm until you have begged,” Elizabeta smirked down at her. She pulled her fingers free and smeared Alicia’s lips with her own wetness. “I do not hear any begging, slut.” She slapped Alicia’s breasts.

“Please, mistress” Alicia began, blushing and aching for release. She looked at the Count and saw his dark eyes watching everything, while Justina’s brunette head bobbed on his cock. “My pussy needs to be fucked,” she said.

Elizabeta twisted her nipples again, “not good enough.”

“Please,” Alicia whimpered as the pain flooded from her nipples to her cunt. Then the words began, she spat out humiliating filth, begging to be fucked, begging for more pain, offering to service the entire castle if only she was allowed to orgasm. The more she begged, the more depraved her offerings became. Elizabeta sat listening, occasionally, slapping her if Alicia paused in her begging. The Count watched, his cock now spent between his hairy thighs. “Let me lick your sex, while I pleasure myself,” Alicia panted. “I can finger myself while you reach your pleasure.”

The Count sat forward.

Elizabeta looked at him.

Alicia didn’t understand their exchange, but she kept speaking. Offering even darker and more depraved things. Saying she’d serve at the Count’s table naked and let his guests use her as they wished. Elizabeta left the bed, and Alicia lay whimpering.

Elizabeta released her bounds and helped Alicia sit up. Then she opened the door to the bedroom, calling out to the castle. Alicia’s face flamed, as she sat on the bed, her sex dripping unsure which of the debased things she offered would be the one she was required to do.

They all watched Alicia on the bed, naked her nipples hard and her thighs slick. She bore their bite marks.

Elizabeta tossed a wooden dildo onto the bed next to her. It was a massive thing, her hand barely closed around its girth. “Beg to use this dildo,” Elizabeta smirked at her.

Alicia felt the eyes of the Count and the brides. “Please,” she was almost in tears. “Please mistress,” she bit her lip wanting to say all those debased things but feeling the stinging shame more.

“Beg,” Elizabeta said. She looked at Ilona, “Would you have her pleasure you again?”

Illona nodded, “She can please us all night now that we have fed from her.”

Alicia looked at the Count, would he want this? What did he want her to do? She picked up the heavy dildo. “Please mistress, let me use this dildo to satisfy my hungry cunt.” She felt her wetness drip down her thighs. The brides laughed softly at her begging. The Count only watched, his dark eyes glinting.

Elizabeta finally nodded, “Yes, pleasure yourself while we watch.”

Alicia bit her lip, looking at the Count and looking at Elizabeta. She slid the thick, wooden cock between her thighs, rubbing it through her wetness. She saw the count’s cock stirring between his thighs, and Illona began running her hands over Justina. “My cunt is so hungry for cock,” she said watching them all, hoping the Count would join her, but also wanting to put on this show.

She sat on the bed, spreading her legs wide pressing the tip of the wooden dildo against her sex. She slowly pressed the unyielding wood into her cunt, and she kept a running commentary of how the toy stretched her and how much she needed it. She slid the dildo further, deeper and groaned lying back on the bed. Before anyone asked, she turned her head and looked at the Count and Elizabeta.

“Look at your new toy,” Elizabeta said to the count, sitting on his lap. “She is like a bitch in heat.”

Alicia bit her lip and pumped the dildo faster, harder. She continued to speak, echoing the names that Elizabeta called her. The dildo stretched her, but it also pushed her closer to her release. So Alicia lay on the bed, fucking herself, while the Count and his brides watched her climax.

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