Alicia’s Lesson Ends

Woman in vampire bat costume looming over a sleeping woman

Alicia’s fingers gripped the thick, wooden cock as she plunged it into her desperate sex. All the teasing and taunting she endured had her almost frantic with the need to orgasm. She pumped the toy with growing speed, listening to Elizabeta and Illona taunt her, calling her a filthy whore. While Justina mocked her for enjoying performing such an intimate for their amusement.

The humiliation burned but fueled her arousal driving her. She used her free hand to rub her clitoris, and they didn’t miss her movement.

“Look at our desperate slut,” Elizabeta crooned, “so hungry for cock that even a wooden toy will please her.”

Alicia’s orgasm was shot through her, and she cried out and shuddered.  Her voice broke as she thanked them for using her in this way and thanked them for letting her orgasm. She begged to be allowed to serve them in whatever humiliating ways they wished. She even revealed some of her darkest, never spoken fantasies.   

Then, she lay on the bed her cunt aching from the wooden dildo and her body shaking from her climax and from shame.

She was intimately acquainted with pain and even craved it, but this humiliation was a new pain and almost unbearable sting she couldn’t yet process. Yet she remained on the bed, her legs splayed the dildo still protruding from her cunt, listening to the Count’s wives discussing her performance.

She could hear Elizabeta describing her in the most vulgar terms, while Justina laughed.

Nude woman holding champagne bottle

“Should we order her to do it again?” Illona asked. “Watching that thick wooden post disappear into her hungry cunt was so amusing.”

When she heard the Count’s rumbling laugh, Alicia shifted, starting to remove the dildo.

“Leave it,” his voice was sharp.

Alicia bit her lip, the shame burning on her face and the desire heating her loins. It was very nearly unbearable to her. She’d never expected this type of cruelty from him. Physical pain certainly, but this was something with a keener edge. She wanted both to run away from the feeling and to lose herself in it.

So Alicia waited and listened to their talk, growing more and more aroused. She clenched her muscles around the unyielding wooden cock hoping one of them would order her to pleasure herself again and afraid of the same. She whimpered softly, but their vampire hearing didn’t miss the sound.

“Oh I think she wants attention again,” Justina said and Alicia could hear the woman’s smile.

She wondered what awful, depraved things they would command her to do. Would she have to use the wooden dildo again? Or perhaps they’d demand the crawl to them seated across the room. Her mind raced with all the possibilities, and her eyes burned, with tears.         

She felt the Count’s hands on her legs as he removed the dildo. He lifted her and settled her on his lap as he sat on the bed. And then she cried, softly and not sure why.

She felt the bed dip as the wives joined them. Their bodies curling around hers, Elizabeta pulling a fur blanket over her. Elizabeta lay next to Alicia, and she and the Count licked up Alicia’s tears. The Count tightened his hold on her.

1920s couple laying together

“My beautiful jewel,” he whispered to her. “I am so very pleased with you.”

Alicia blinked her tears away and looked up at him.

“You are so deliciously depraved,” he said his eyes finding hers.

Elizabeta’s voice was hot in her ear, “Such a good girl.”

Alicia took a deep breath and snuggled closer to the Count, resting her head on his cold, hard chest smiling.    

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