Stag Party

Dinah dressed Amanda sheer blue robe. She placed the mask over Amanda’s face, once again the ocean princess theme, although she offered Amanda other alternatives. For her own costume, Dinah wore a lace peignoir and her cat mask.   

Victorian woman in underwear standing next to a clothed man

“Remember, you can say no to anything asked of you,” Dinah said, adjusting the mask. “and if any of the gentlemen fail to comply simply wave your fan and Alphie will set him to rights.”

Amanda nodded and sipped her absinthe. She knew she should be nervous and certainly scandalized. Instead, she was excited and practically bursting with desire. Tonight she would get to be part of a Hellfire Club stag party, and the party was for her fiancé. She’d asked Dinah to help her become part of the entertainment to surprise him.

Dinah, of course, was only too happy to oblige.

Amanda stood backstage, arm and arm with Dinah, and let her eyes rake over the guests. Many of them were men she recognized. Those from her social circle and Noah’s all drinking and watching the show on the stage. Amanda noted the men she knew and wondered if she’d be brazen enough to approach them. They’d never know it was her, but the things she would know about them after tonight. 

On the stage, a nude young woman was bent over a chaise getting a vigorous rogering from a man Amanda didn’t recognize. The audience cheered them along, offering tips and commentary on the performance.

Amanda imaged herself on the stage, stripped bare and bent over for the audience. They were next to perform, and Dinah had a wicked performance planned. Dinah placed the collar and lead around Amanda’s neck. “You will be the belle of the party,” Dinah said kissing her softly.

And Amanda was following Dinah on to the stage at the end of the lead. “Good evening, gentleman,” Dinah called out over the whoops and hollering of the guests. “I’d like you to meet my new pet.”

Amanda blushed feeling it creep over her face and down her chest. Her father’s banker was in the front row. She’d sat across the dinner table from that man.

Dinah tugged the lead lightly. “Would you like to see her?”

Victorian woman in striped stockings and chemise revealing her breasts and vulva

The cries faded replaced by the blood rushing through Amanda’s ears. Not far from the banker were the husbands of two of her girlhood friends. Yet Amanda shrugged out of the robe when Dinah commanded it, and she stood brazenly naked wearing only the collar and lead in front of the audience. She trusted the mask to keep her identity hidden.

“Isn’t she lovely?” Dinah called out, her hands stroking Amanda’s flanks and cupping a breast. “She’s only just started her journey of hedonism and debauchery,” Dinah added before bending to capture one of Amanda’s nipples in her mouth.

Amanda gasped at the sensation and bit her lip. Her eyes locked on to the banker’s face. He wore an expression of pure lust as he watched Dinah sucking on her nipples. Amanda found herself smiling down at him and she tossed her head moaning enthusiastic cries.

Dinah looked up at her and saw Amanda’s small nod to continue. She winked at Amanda before leading her the chaise, “Sit,” she ordered.

Amanda sat on the chaise, knowing exactly what Dinah was going to ask her to do next. Amanda sat, perched on the edge of the chaise, realizing just how close she was to the audience. She watched one of her friend’s husbands free his cock and start stroking it. A smile crept over her face.

“Open,” Dinah ordered.

Amanda let her eyes lock on the banker again, and she shifted spreading her legs wide. Her sex spread open to the audience. She blushed as they cheered, and the banker leaned forward for a closer look.

Dinah kept her hand on Amanda’s shoulder, watching for any signs of discomfort. “Are you wet, pet?”

Amanda looked up at her and nodded.

Dinah shook her head, “Bad pet.” Dinah looked at the audience. “Showing off this way gets her so randy,” Dinah said pinching one of Amanda’s nipples. “I think I’ll need one of you to come up and tell us all just how wet she is.” She looked down at Amanda, “Shall I chose for you?” Amanda’s eyes flickered to the banker.

Nude woman standing in front of a clothed man

Dinah left her side and brought the man on to the stage. Amanda could see the bulge in his pants, and she wondered if she’d be able to look him in the eye at the wedding. But she sat legs splayed open on the chaise wearing a broad smile.  

She watched this man step up on the stage and felt a momentary flutter of fear. Would he recognize her even with the mask? She relaxed when she realized that his eyes never left her naked breasts and wet sex.   

Amanda felt her chest tighten as the banker dropped to his knees in front of her. When he shoved his head between her thighs, she gave a surprised shriek that made the audience laugh. But her surprise turned to moans, and she tossed her legs over his shoulders, much to the audience’s delight.

He lapped and sucked at her sex, and Amanda groaned in delight. Her arousal increased as she thought about who he was. She thought about all the times she’d sat across from him at dinner, or when he’d taken her hand at a ball, before leaving her to speak to her father. When she thought about how soon she’d be face to face with him at the receiving line of her wedding, she bucked her hips against his face and orgasmed with a cry and growl.

When he sat back, she looked down at his beard glistening with her juices, and Amanda smiled wondering what Dinah would command her to do next.     

Masturbation Monday


  1. Oh you hit all my period fantasies.
    Hellfire club
    And that woman are just as randy as the men who think they control them.
    I know better.
    She may be my sub, but my kitten is almost always right.
    There is a reason I walk on the left.
    Oh that was delicious.
    And the Victorian smut was a great illustration.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. A perfect balance of tease and execution – as someone else says, it’s great to illustrate how debauched women can be given the opportunity and respect.


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