Alice’s Minotaur: A Ravishment Tale

Currently only available in Scry for Lust 2

The Concourse of Swan Nebula was ablaze with lights and glittering signs designed to attract customers. But Alice only had eyes for her Minotaur. After the psychic billboard had mingled their fantasies, she was eager to get to know him. She walked beside him and felt dainty, as he towered above her, topping something close to seven feet, she guessed.


  1. I’m going to echo Marie’s Hot Damn!! I love the fake ‘stop you’re too rough’ which really means ‘more, harder, faster!’ It’s one of my favourite mindsets. This was super sexy and I need to go back now to remind myself of the finer details of the billboard/fantasy scenario.
    Delicious fantasy erotic writing as ever Lucy.

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