My sequined leotard glittered under the stage lights. Before I entered the box, I took off my coat, black with tails of course, and tossed it off stage with a flourish. After all, the whole point was to get the audience to focus on me and not on him.

I took a deep bow, at his insistence, the audience cheered.

I stepped into the box and the lights and audience were replaced by darkness. I heard his words, the well-rehearsed patter muffled by the box. After only a minute, maybe two, he rapped on the box and I pulled the top hat on only seconds before he flung the door open.

I blinked, blinded by the stage lights and listened to the crowd cheer. He hadn’t made me disappear, but my sequined leotard had, leaving me in fishnet stockings, heels, and a top hat.

I stepped out of the box to the cheers and wolf whistles of the audience. I smiled and took another bow, letting the audience get an eyeful of me.

He then plucked the hat from my head and peered inside. With a grin, he pulled a massive dildo from the hat’s depths.

“And for her next trick, Bunny will make this magic wand disappear.”

I smiled at the audience ready to perform.

217 words

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