Calling Upon the Spirits of Air

 Warning: brief drug use.

Read the entire series here.

“Once I finish the sigils, we can start the ritual,” he said, his brush running down her spine. “We’ll need to complete the spell in front of the window, is that ok?”

Vicki turned her head to look at the massive window and its view of the city. She wondered if anyone from the neighboring buildings could see into their window, but more she wondered why that didn’t bother her.

“Yes, Colin I’m ok with it,” she paused, “I’m excited by it.”

She stood while the paint dried, and Colin began the ritual. She opened the curtains to the night sky, and he lowered the lights just enough so that she could watch her ghostly reflection. Colin stood behind her, another ghost in the window. He had a tray with everything she’d need to complete her part of the magick sitting on the bed.

The idea of practicing magick, of magick actually existing was still bizarre to her, but here she was, naked and painted, ready to beg the spirits of the air to help her find a four-thousand-year-old pharaoh.

Vicki took a deep breath and stood before the window. The night sky and city stretched before her. Her eyes briefly flickered over the nearby buildings. She wondered if anyone could be watching her. But she sat in the chair, and spread her legs, resting her thighs over the chair legs. This left her sex spread open to the window. She took another breath and started her quiet chanting. She’d memorized the words phonetically, still not proficient in any of the ancient languages all magick seemed to require.

Watching her reflection she felt herself growing aroused. She called upon the spirits and the air itself to help her find her missing lover. Her thighs ached from being stretched so wide. Finally, Colin picked up the tray and carried it to her. He knelt at her feet, silently, and offered her the tray. She dipped her fingers in the bowl of warmed oil. She anointed her forehead, her throat, her nipples, her belly and finally her sex. The oil had steeped with cannabis, wormwood, and mandrake. It left her skin tingling, and her sense of time and reality hazy.    

She took the bronze dildo from the tray. Colin had acquired it before he lost his academic career to his magical one. It was thousands of years old, and he had established that it once belonged to Merneith, the great wife of her pharaoh. Vicki anointed it with more of the oil. Her fingers rubbing the metal until it gleamed. She imagined Merneith using the toy millennia past.

Colin watched her, his eyes lined in kohl seemed to glitter. Vicki turned her attention back to the window, to the night sky and dark buildings. The toy slipped easily inside her. She began to move it slowly, the metal harder than she expected.

She began speaking the words again, her words faltering as her own desire and the oil began to overwhelm her. Colin knelt at her side and began whispering the words in her ear, his lips barely touching her face, his breath warm and comforting.

She repeated the words over and over, long after he had stopped instructing her was whispering about how beautiful she looked fucking herself for the sky to see, for anyone looking out their window to see. And that was the moment that she felt her orgasm crest and she shuddered still chanting and still plunging the bronze dildo into herself.

Colin ran his hands down her arms, “Stop now,” he said gently. “We have what we need.”

His words penetrated the haze of her thoughts, and she slowed her movements, letting the bronze dildo slip from her fingers and her body.

Colin took it from the seat of the chair, and it gleamed with her juices. He helped her lower her legs from the chair, and she whimpered as the blood began circulating again.

He massaged her thighs briefly; they both knew he had to use the bronze soon or the ritual would be lost.

He laid the wet dildo on the world map and said a few quick words. Vicki watched the dildo turn and move across the map. When it stopped moving it pointed toward France.             

Vicki joined him at the map, taking his hand and pulling toward the window, “Fuck me there,” she pointed at the night sky.


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