Absolutely a Bad Witch

I’ve been saving this for Halloween. I realize that I do not own a full size witch’s hat, which surprised me. I do have a certain famous wicked fairy hat, so I put that on. I love the shadows on this and strange angles this corner of my house makes.

I’ve practiced witchcraft for over 20 years now, and it and paganism continue to be actions that I find empowering and powerful. I look at this picture and I feel strong.

Sinful Sunday

Lingerie is for everyone


  1. Love this image, I once made a Maleficent headpiece for a friend’s party, still have it! Great viewpoint and I like the sense of distortion in your surroundings like you’re summoning up your powers!

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  2. as a fellow Witch, I appreciate the energy and power you have conveyed here. Photos in corners are often hard to get right but you have nailed it here and you absolutely exude the Divine.

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