Lelia, Interrupted

Warning: Drug use

(this is a taste of my NaNoWriMo project).

After a month of hard work, the crew had cleared the entrance to the tomb. It had taken two more days of painstaking documentation before Dr. Edwards would even contact the authorities back in Cairo for permission to open the tomb. And now the crew waited for the expert to arrive. Waiting meant most of their work was on hold, so Vicki and her bunk mate Leila were taking the opportunity to relax tonight. Somehow Lelia had gotten hashish and the two of them lay next to each other, sharing the pipe.

“How long do you think we’ll have to wait?” Vicki asked. Leila was a post-doc and this was her fifth expedition to Egypt.

Lelia shrugged, “bureaucracy is terrible here.” She took a long drag, “Are you in such a hurry to get back to work?” She asked her voice teasing.

Vicki noticed that Lelia shifted closer to her on the bed, and brushed her fingers against Vicki every time she returned the pipe. Vicki was fairly certain the other woman was flirting with her but wasn’t quite ready to act on that assumption. She delayed responding, the hashish smoke filling her lungs and her head starting to swim from the drug. “You know what would be amazing right now?” she asked, handing the joint back to Lelia, this time letting her own fingers brush over Lelia’s hand. She met Lelia’s dark eyes, “Skinny dipping.”

Lelia bit her lip, “I’ve never gone skinny dipping.”

Vicki gave her a surprised look, “Never?“

Lelia shook her head, her long black hair tickling Vicki’s arm. “What’s it like?”

Vicki shifted on the bunk, closing the distance between them. “It‘s amazing,” she drew the word out. “first there’s the flow of water on every single part of your body.” She let her hand rest on Lelia’s arm when she returned the joint. “The way the water feels brushing against everything is just delicious,” she watched Lelia bite her lip again. “It‘s a bit like a bunch of feathery touches everywhere, all at once.”

Lelia shifted, lying in her side next to Vicki and resting her head on her palm. She looked down at the other woman. “But what’s the best part?” she asked, letting her fingers trail over Vicki’s exposed mid-drift.

Vicki licked her lip before answering, “The best part is that it’s being bad.” She ran her own hand through the curtain of Lelia’s dark hair. It felt like velvet between her fingers. She watched Lelia take the last hit from the pipe, and wasn’t at all surprised to feel Lelia’s hand inch under her shirt.

When Lelia leaned over to toss the pipe into the ashtray, Vicki sat up just enough to kiss her. Lelia’s lush lips tasted like the hashish smoke and cinnamon. And she was quick to respond to the kiss, her hands tangling in Vicki’s hair. 

Lelia swung a leg over Vicki, straddling her and leaned down into the kiss. Vicki felt Lelia’s breasts press against her own, and she slid her hands slid around Lelia‘s waist, her hands finding tracing up Lelia’s spine.

With a moan, Lelia broke the kiss, looking down at Vicki, “You’re not too high for this are you?”

Vicki smiled up at her, “I’ve been thinking about this since we met.”

Lelia laughed, “Me too,” she tugged her own shirt off, tossing it to the bed. Lelia smiled and ran her hands over her own breasts “Do you like what you see?” She gently pinched her nipples, while Vicki watched.   

“You’re so fucking sexy,” Vicki said, running her hands up Lelia’s sides. When she reached further to replace Lelia’s hands with her own, Lelia gave a breathy sigh.

Vicki shifted, sitting up with Lelia still in her lap. Vicki kissed Lelia again, biting Lelia’s lower lip.

“Naughty,” Lelia grinned at her and nipped at Vicki’s lip. She reached for the bottom of Vicki’s shirt, starting to pull it off when they both heard someone calling them from outside of the tent.            

Then they both heard someone at the door to their tent. The crew had established a call-out at the “door” policy in their first week.

“Vicki? Lelia?”

They both recognized Tom’s voice. Neither woman cared much for the snobby grad student, but it wasn’t like they could pretend they weren’t home. Lelia slid off of Vicki and pulled her shirt back on and pulled a scarf over her hair.

Vicki looked in the direction of the entrance and rolled her eyes, before sitting up. “Come in Tom,” she called.

Masturbation Monday


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