After the Convention

Wendy knew what was coming. They’d met at the convention, had a couple of drinks, and now the couple was going to go back to their room and whisper about how close they’d come to that threesome they’d always talked about.

kneeling woman in sheer nightgown

“We have booze up in our room if you wanted another a drink,” the wife said.

Wendy blinked, she hadn’t expected that offer.

“Like just for a drink, no pressure or anything,” the wife said into Wendy’s silence.

Wendy gave a soft pout and brushed her fingers over the wife’s hand. “I don’t want to overstep, and I’m happy to go back to your room to share a drink and keep chatting about science fiction. But,” she ran her fingers over his hand. “I’m also totally into going back to your room and getting naked with you both.”

It was their turn to sit in stunned silence for a moment. “Really?!” the wife squeaked? “Like I wasn’t sure you were…” she let her words trail off, but twined her fingers into Wendy’s.

“You didn’t think I was flirting?” Wendy smiled, “I wasn’t sure you guys were flirting back.”

For a moment, they all sat a little unsure of what to do next. Wendy bit her lip, looking at the wife wanting to lean across the bar table and kiss her. She let her eyes skip over to the husband, a giant of a man, who kept looking between the two of them like he couldn’t decide who he wanted more.

“You mentioned a drink in your room?” Wendy prompted. And that shook them all into action. They signed their bar tickets, and they rushed to the elevator. They didn’t run into anyone on their way back to the couple’s room.

nude flapper in a mirror

Once inside, Wendy was quick to sit on the bed and encouraged the wife to join her. The husband poured the drinks and handed them each one. He sat in the room’s only chair.

Wendy inched closer to the wife, “May I kiss you?”

The wife started to nod, and then she looked at her husband. Whatever silent communication passed between them ended when the wife said, “Oh my god, yes.”

Wendy leaned in and kissed the wife. She felt the other woman stiffen for a moment and started to drawback. Then the wife kissed her back, a hungry, needy kiss. Wendy wrapped her arms around the wife’s shoulder, feeling the woman’s silky hair in her hands.

In the background, she heard the husband whisper or groan or some combination of those sounds. Wendy felt the wife’s tongue slip into her mouth, and her fingers rested on Wendy’s thigh.

Wendy broke the kiss, letting her lips brush over the wife’s cheek and down her neck. She breathed in the woman’s scent, her hair and skin smelled delicious, sweet needing to be touched. Wendy licked the hollow of the wife’s throat, wondering if the woman was watching her husband or looking away from him.

Wendy felt the fingers on her thigh creeping under her skirt. The fingers tickled her thigh but didn’t move any higher. Wendy was disappointed at that, but she nipped at the wife’s neck. “If feel like my clothes are in the way,” Wendy giggled.

The wife echoed her giggle, “I think we both are.”

Wendy slid off the bed and stood up. She glanced at the husband, who’d been silently watching them. His eyes never left her as she pulled the dress over her head. She winked at him and turned back to see the wife, tugging her own top off. Wendy climbed back onto the bed, crawling back to her, as the wife lay back on the bed.           

The husband was still sitting and watching. “Is he allowed to play?” Wendy whispered to the wife, wanting to make sure she wasn’t pushing any boundaries. The wife nodded, “He wants to watch us, but I know he wants to fuck you.”

Wendy giggled and reached out, cupping the wife’s breast. “How about I eat your gorgeous pussy while he fucks me? That way, we both get off.”

The wife moaned, “God, yes.”   

Wendy had her face buried between the wife’s thighs. Her lips and tongue dragging moans from the wife.

Between the wife’s gasps, she called to her husband. “Babe, come join us.”      

Wendy felt the bed shift as he sat on the edge. She lifted her head from the wife’s pussy, and she looked over at him.

“Kiss her,” the wife said, watching them both.

Wendy sat up and licked her lips, tasting the wife.

nude flapper with hair brush and vanity mirror

The husband leaned in and kissed her hesitantly. Wendy kissed him, waiting to see his response.

When the wife moaned and said “Watching you with her is so hot, babe,” his hesitation drained away. He had his hand wrapped around her neck and he kissed her hard and hungry. Wendy moaned and ran her hands under his shirt.

Wendy groaned as he grabbed her ass. She felt the wife shifting on the bed, and wasn’t surprised to feel the wife’s soft hands caressing her back.

When the husband broke the kiss, Wendy turned her head and kissed the wife. She moaned as the husband began teasing her tits, his hands cupping her and his fingers finding her nipples. He was as close enough that she could feel his erection against her thigh. Wendy rubbed against him, not wanting to rush the couple, but desperately wanting him to fuck her.

It was the wife who moved them forward, as she edged back from Wendy, watching the two of them. When she lay back on the bed, Wendy turned to her, “ready?”

The wife nodded at her, and she looked at her husband, “I want to watch you fuck her, while she fucks me.”

Wendy smiled at his face, the surprise and the passion that warred in his eyes. She looked at him and bit her lip, “I want you to fuck me, while I eat your wife’s pussy until she comes.”

That was all the additional encouragement he needed. Wendy shifted, on to her knees, kissing the wife’s thighs, feeling her wet heat before her lips even reached the wife’s pussy. Wendy didn’t tease her; she slid her tongue between the wife’s thighs, lapping every inch of her.

Wendy heard the husband shedding his clothes a zipper and the soft woosh of clothing falling away. She felt his fingers first, probing between her legs. She was nearly dripping wet and wanted him to feel that.

When she finally heard the rustle of the condom wrapper and felt his cock nudging against her, she moaned into the wife’s pussy. He pressed his cock slowly inside her, filling her. She pulled back slightly, looking up at the wife.

The woman was watching them all in the mirrored closet door, her eyes lit with lust. She met Wendy’s eyes in the reflection, “you promised to make me come.”

Wendy smiled at her and turned her attention back to that task. Her attention shifted between the two. Her tongue delighting the wife, only to feel her own orgasm building as the husband started to fuck her harder. The wife began panting, telling her she was going to come. Wendy kept licking and sucking at the wife’s clit until the woman clamped her thighs tighter and she moaned softly.

Nude woman standing next to a full length mirror

Wendy kissed the inside the wife’s thigh and lay her head down on the wife’s thigh. Her eyes focused on the mirror and her fingers drifting to her own clit. She came quickly, watching them all in the mirror.

The husband groaned as he came. He went to the bathroom to dispose of the condom and Wendy crawled up next to the wife snuggling with her. The husband soon joined them, lying next to Wendy, wrapping his arms around them both.

The wife yawned and kissed Wendy. “Stay the night,” she said.

Wendy smiled and snuggled closer to them.       


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