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Vicki hid her own grin and tried to not laugh. She was still feeling the effects of the hashish and Leila’s story of hair braiding was so ridiculous.

After Tom left, Vicki turned to her, “Hair braiding?”

Nude, blond woman standing covering her breasts with her arms. She is outside surrounded by plants. Circa 1920s

Leila shushed her, pointing to the door of the tent. Their voices would carry clearly through the fabric. “Like most Western men, he’s fascinated by my covered hair.” She whispered. “You haven’t  noticed how often he stares?”

Vicki raised an eyebrow, “I thought he stared for the same reason I did.”  

Leila smiled at her, “You are far more subtle.” She pulled the scarf from her hair. “And I really do admire your hair braiding. Your blond school girl braids are so distracting.”

“Distracting?” Vicki asked, her hand unconsciously touching her braided hair.

Leila took a step toward her, her hand reaching up to stroke Vicki’s braid. “Very distracting,” she said leaning closer to Vicki, kissing her.     

Vicki could taste the hashish on Lelia’s tongue and leaned into the kiss. When Leila’s tongue entered her mouth, she moaned. “Oh god, Lelia you are so hot,” she whispered looking at Leila.

Leila grinned at her and tugged one braid, leading Vicki back to the bed. Leila playfully pushed Vicki back on to the bed. “You think I’m hot?” she asked, tugging her shirt up. Showing an expanse of tanned belly and the delicious swell of her under breast.

Vicki sat back on the bed, watching her, “God yes, I think you’re hot.”

Leila pulled her shirt off and joined Vicki on the bed. She straddled Vicki’s lap and kissed her again. Leila’s soft, naked breasts pressed against Vicki’s shirt. Vicki slid her hands over Leila’s back, her skin like silk. She found the waistband of Leila’s shorts and slipped her fingertips under the waistband.

Leila moaned and unbuttoned her shorts, and Vicki’s fingers followed. Vicki slipped into Leila’s panties finding her warm and wet. She fingers moving deeper, sliding between Leila’s lips.

Leila growled in delight and snatched the pipe from the table. She rubbed against Vicki’s and taking another drag off of the pipe. The scent of hashish filled the tent, and Leila smiled down at her, and blinked, “Why are you still dressed?”

Vicki grinned up at her and eventually both of them lay naked on the bed. Vicki couldn’t keep her hands off of Leila. She stroked and caressed the other woman, while Leila moaned quietly – both of them conscious of the thin tent walls. Vicki moved from petting to kissing, tasting Leila’s warm skin. She kissed and licked Leila’s breasts, and Leila urged her on in delight.

seated nude woman with dark hair and a hookah pipe

Vicki captured her nipple, licking and sucking. She moved back and forth between each nipple, feeling Leila’s hands on her head, and Leila wrapping her braids around her hands. Leila pulled Vicki’s hair, softly, tugging her head up.

Vicki met Leila’s eyes. There was something almost ageless about Leila’s gaze at that moment, something dark and endless. Vicki stared into the woman’s face and bit her lip, realizing in that instance that she wanted to worship this woman. Leila whispered something, and Vicki thought it might be in Egyptian. And then, it was as if the room tilted, or realigned. The air was still heavy with the scent of sex and hashish, but together it was almost like incense on the air.

Leila released her hold her on Vicki’s hair, and Vicki looked away from that dark gaze, her lips traveling down Leila’s belly, and between her thighs. She breathed in Leila’s scent and shivered in delight. And then she tasted her, her tongue slipping into Leila’s wet, pink depths. She heard Leila’s sigh of enjoyment, and lost herself in lapping and sucking on Leila’s most intimate flesh.

She heard the rasp of the lighter and the hiss of the pipe, but the scent that reached her seemed different from the hashish.

“More” Leila whispered.

Vicki continued to lick and suck at Leila’s clit, feeling Leila buck against her, until she finally cried out with her orgasm. Vicki rested her head on Leila’s thigh, her head swimming with the taste of Leila and the hashish in her system. The room seemed dimmer, smokier, so Vicki closed her eyes and felt Leila moving, felt Leila’s hands and her hair tickling over breasts and belly.

Then she head the pipe again, and opened her eyes, watching Leila take a long drag. The smoke curled over Vicki, and she wasn’t sure what it was. Leila held the pipe out to her, and Vicki took it, drawing the smoke deeply into her own lungs. It hit her quickly, and she took one last drag as she felt Leila’s fingers between her thighs, she dropped the pipe into the ashtray and whispered, “Oh yes.”

Nude woman with her back to the camera. Wearing ancient Egyptian style headdress.  Circa 1920s

Leila’s fingers explored and teased her clit, and Vicki watched her beautiful roommate teasing her. Leila’s long dark hair fell untamed around her naked flesh and Vicki couldn’t help but think of some wild goddess of myth.  

And then Leila lowered her head and her lips and tongue replaced her fingers and Vicki didn’t think of anything at all.

Leila’s tongue worked on Vicki, leaving the blond panting and biting her lips trying to remain silent.

Vicki heard herself whispering, telling Leila how beautiful she was that she was a goddess. Even when her orgasm shuddered through her, she continued her litany of praise and worship.

Vicki felt Leila’s fingers, sticky with her own juices, tracing sticky hieroglyphs on her thighs. And then Leila was lying next to her, wrapping Vicki in her arms.

“Vicki that was amazing,” Leila whispered to her. And for the first time in a while, Vicki heard the sounds of the camp outside the tent. She glanced at the canvas and realized that it was dark outside.

Vicki blinked at Leila, “I must have smoked more than I thought.” She ran her fingers over Leila’s arm, “When did it get dark?”

Leila kissed her, and Vicki tasted sex. “Around your third orgasm, I think.”

Vicki surprised herself by blushing. “That was intense.”

Leila looked concerned, “Too intense?”

Vicki smiled at her and quickly shook her head, “Good intense.”

They lay curled up together, whispering about whether they should bother getting dressed to get dinner. At least until once again, they heard Tom calling their names outside the tent.

“Fucking Tom,” Leila hissed.     

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