Erotic Journal Challenge January 2020

January: Mindfulness

I am an eternal seeker of mindfulness. I find it easy to drift into my head – I start writing stories, I think about the stories I’m writing, I let my anxiety color my interactions. So I am always striving to make sure I stay connected to the people/person I am with. 

When it comes to organization, I use my trusty pomodoro timer, 25 minutes of focused time. I keep a notepad on hand for any distracting ideas (jotting them down quickly) and getting back to the task at hand.

Most Sundays, before or after my book club meeting (yes, I have a book club for almost every Sunday), I sit down with my digital planner. This year I modified the Passion Planner and I am using that. I write up my goals for the week (professional, personal, and writing).

I start by reflecting on my accomplishments and feelings about the previous week. 

Then I use “focus” prompts for each one – and those prompts are all about how I feel. I copy over any unfinished tasks, then I list out the major tasks I need to accomplish.

There is a lot to my planning process, but it gives me time and space to be mindful of myself- my needs, my accomplishments, and my feelings.

I check over my calendar, making sure that I am not overbooking myself (such a common polyamory problem) and that I have made time for all of my partners – especially as they have different needs.

I like to end with a brief meditation – usually a 5-10 minute guided meditation (using an app).

My other mindfulness practices tie to my paganism, with twice monthly meditations/reflections. I schedule a bit of time each full and new moon for this. Weather permitting, I go outside – enjoying my lovely yard and really look at and experience the nature in my little yard. I am a relatively new homeowner (this is year 5!). I want to enjoy what I have – what I worked and sacrificed to get. I notice how much the hibiscus flowers have grown since I moved in (they are taller than me now!). I look at the changes to my trees, and the strange growth pattern of the climbing jasmine (that absolutely is not growing where I wanted it to). Then I light a candle or sometimes a fire and relax a bit – I wish I could see more of the stars, but the light pollution where I live is far too high to see much beyond the brightest of stars.

Until next month – and the next Erotic Journal Challenge.

Erotic Journal Challenge
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