Inside her suit, Layla found it thrilling to be simultaneously covered and so revealed. The suit left little the imagination; surrounded by her faceless party-goers, she found the anonymity to be delicious.

The suit was already driving Layla mad with desire. Its constant shifting and movement on her skin was like the caresses of a million feathers. Which made her nipples hard, and the suit only highlighted her aching nubs. A couple sidled up to Layla, the woman wearing a red suit and the man wearing the classic black with blue gloves. The woman, Layla noticed with interest, had extraordinary breasts, large and round with large, hard nipples.

“Play with us?” Red asked.

Layla nodded quickly and let them lead her to a quiet corner of the party.

The couple sat on a sofa and ordered Layla onto the table.

She climbed onto the table. The Latex of her suit stretching over her labia. On her knees, in front of both of them, she waited.

“We want a sex doll,” Red said, “a toy for us to use as an object for our pleasure.”

Layla felt a rush of desire at the request.

Blue continued to explain their fantasy, “If we speak to you at all, we will only call you it or doll.”

Layla nodded, “I’ll be your doll, but I want something too.” The anonymity made her bold, made her comfortable asking for her wicked desires. “When you finish with me,” I want you to give me away to someone else.”

Red and Blue turned toward each other and nodded at one another.

“So you want us to take our used toy and give it to some stranger to play with?” Red asked, excitement creeping into her voice.

Layla nodded, “Give me to a stranger and tell them about how you used me.”

“We agree,” Blue said, and Layla noticed that his cock had risen, swelling its latex sheath.

Blue reached first, his fingers closed on her hard nipple twisting and tugging the latex encased flesh. Red followed suit, taking Layla’s other nipple and teasing it. Layla whimpered in delight. She urged them on, realizing that she found their facelessness to be intoxicating. She was going to be used by these two utter strangers for their delight.   

Layla felt fingers traveling down her body, tracing her labia.

“It likes that,” Blue said, to Red.

Layla moaned behind her mask, “it” she thought, feeling a rush of warmth in her cunt. And shimmied against Blue’s fingers, wanting more.

“I want it to eat my pussy,” Red said, standing. She unzipped the crotch of her suit, and Layla sees the black latex panties that hugged Red’s labia.

“Doll,” Blue said nodding toward Red.

Layla scrambled from the table and knelt in front of Red. Her tongue probed the latex panties, licking and sucking through the plastic. Red thrust against her face, “Good dolly,” she moaned and she pinched her own nipples while Layla lapped at her latex covered cunt.

Blue sat next to Red, “Do you like your toy?” He asked her.

She nodded, “It feels so good on my pussy, but I want you to have fun too.”

Layla paused, listening to them.

“Oh, I think it’s broken,” Red whined. “It’s stopped working.”

Layla quickly resumed her licking. She could feel her own wetness inside her suit. And desperately wanted one of them to unzip her use her cunt.

“Do you think its batteries are dead?” Blue asked, ignoring Layla’s renewed efforts.

“You should check,” Red said.

Layla’s mind swan with the possibilities of what checking her batteries could mean. Blue disappeared from her view and Layla gave all her attention to Red’s pussy. She could feel the woman’s heat even through the latex and delighted in hearing the woman moan in pleasure.

Layla heard the buzzing of the vibrator before she felt it press against her clit. The suit offered no real buffering from the full force of the high powered vibrator. And the zipper pressed roughly into her clit as she wriggled against the vibrator.

Unlike Red, Layla had decided to forgo the latex panties. The invitation for this party was clear, no panties meant the partygoer was open to penetration. Of course, at this party, anything penetrating her body would be encased in latex anyway.

Layla hoped that Blue would unzip her, but he only held the vibrator against her clit while she whimpered into Red’s pussy as she reached her first orgasm.

When the woman finally came, shuddering and crushing her cunt into Layla’s face, Blue finally pulled the vibrator away.

“I think that recharged its batteries,” Red panted pushing Layla away. “You should fuck its face while it’s fully charged.”

Layla shivered at Red’s language. She was a toy, just a fuck doll for them to use and discard. She turned toward Blue, waiting to see what he would do.

He held his cock before her, and she took the latex-clad length into her mouth, she started sucking.

Blue didn’t let her suck for long, he reached for her head and began fucking her face. Layla moaned letting him use her mouth. She almost came again when she felt Red’s fingers on the zipper of her suit.

“I bet it isn’t wearing panties,” she said. “I bet it wants to be fucked.”

Layla found herself trying to nod with the cock in her mouth. And she felt his cock twitch and swell as he came.

Red unzipped her suit, and Layla felt the rush of cold air on her exposed skin. She felt Red’s gloved fingers slip into her suit and felt them find her bare pussy.

“Is it looking for a fuck?” Blue asked, pulling his cock from her mouth.

Red’s fingers found Layla’s clit and rubbed it in slow circles, “Yes, it is looking for a fucking.” She slipped two gloved fingers inside Layla’s pussy.

Layla bit her lip and moaned as she felt her orgasm overtake her. She sat shuddering before them, her cunt clenching around Red’s fingers as she came. And Red and Blue simply ignored her. “I think we should give it to someone to fuck,” Red said thrusting her fingers deeper.

Blue stood watching, “Only one?” He slipped a gloved finger in her mouth. “I think it could service at least a few cocks.”

Layal sucked on his fingers, wanting to beg. Wanting them to spread her out on the table and continue to use her, continue to treat her like a sex doll.

Blue took his fingers away, “Lay on the couch,” he ordered.

Layla scrambled on to the couch her legs weak with desire.

“Spread its legs,” Red said while Blue positioned her on the couch. He slung her legs over the arm of the couch, pulling her forward so her sex was clearly exposed. It was then that she noticed they had an audience, a few men with hard, latex clad cocks.

Red waved them over. “We’re all done with this toy.”

The men looked down at her. And Layla could imagine what they saw. Her latex clad body with only her mouth and pussy exposed, and even her labia was still shadowed by her suit. Only by slipping their fingers or cocks inside would they know she was available.

Blue slipped his fingers back into her mouth, “It’s a great cock sucker, and it’s not wearing panties.”

The men’s eyes moved to her crotch. Perhaps, Layla thought, already thinking about fucking her.

“It’s a fuck doll,” Red said holding the vibrator. “You can use this to recharge its battery,” she pressed the toy against Layla’s naked clit. Layla gave a sharp whimper and thrust her hips against the toy.

Red turned the toy off, and Layla whimpered with need. The men laughed. “It’s all yours, just give it to someone else when you are done.”

Layla shivered on the couch wondering if the men would all use her and pass her on to someone else.

Masturbation Monday


  1. […] Latex by Lascivious LucyIt’s sometimes fun to read about a fetish or kink that you havent experienced or perhaps even considered, especially if the writing leaves you understanding why the particular kink is hot for some people, or perhaps even leaves you wanting to experience it. This piece from Lascivious Lucy certainly helped me understand latex as a fetish. I have had sessions with a dominatrix wearing latex but only once or twice. Lucy’s piece is set in a sex party and things rapidly escalate! […]


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