Daisy on Display

Daisy waited for her Master at the dungeon party. She was dressed as he ordered in latex boots that stretched to her thighs and a crotchless latex bodysuit. The full coverage of the suit made her crotchless state feel even more exposed. She stood with her legs clamped tightly closed, leaning against the wall to cover her naked ass.

Flapper lying on her back exposing her nude ass

She watched other partygoers, in various states of dress and undress, as they filtered into the party flirting, playing, and teasing. But one woman caught her eye and she recognized her Master’s wife.

Daisy had met the woman before, but never in this context. She hadn’t even known that the woman was part of the scene. Yet there she was wearing a vinyl pencil skirt and what looked to be a silk blouse. Her black hair was bound into a tight bun, and her black-rimmed cat eye-glasses caught the light. Daisy bit her lip and felt her stomach tighten in desire. With hungry eyes, she watched this 50s fetish librarian, laughing and chatting with her friends.

And then she looked up and met Daisy’s eyes. Her burgundy painted lips curving into a wicked smile. Daisy swallowed, unsure of how to respond. But the wife simply crooked a black-gloved finger at her, motioning for her to come over.

And Daisy did. She forgot all about feeling self-conscious with her crotchless state, forgot that her Master had yet to arrive – forgot everything except for her.

“This is my husband’s slut,” she said by way of introducing Daisy.

“Yes, ma’am” she answered.

She walked around Daisy, looking over her outfit. “Yes, this will do,” she said coming to stand in front of Daisy again.

She handed Daisy an envelope, and she immediately recognized the handwriting. It was her Master’s writing, and she half hoped and half dreaded to read what was inside. “Tonight, Lissa owns you.”

Daisy read the words and lowered the card. “How may I serve you, Lissa?”

And Lissa smiled and clipped a lead onto Daisy’s collar. Daisy trembled to feel the light brush of Lissa’s hands against her neck. “I have wanted you for so long,” Lissa said, looking her over.

Daisy smiled at Lissa and felt the rush of warmth hearing those words. She’d imagined being with this woman a million times, and now here she was wearing this woman’s leash in front of an audience, but Daisy couldn’t think of a thing to say.            

Daisy expected to be led to one of the playrooms, but instead, she found herself following Lissa to the stage. She shivered wondering just what the woman wanted from her, and why she wanted it to be on the stage.

“Sit,” Lissa ordered gesturing at a throne-styled chair.

Daisy sat gingerly on the edge of the seat, still not sure what Lissa wanted. Her excitement surged as she watched the crowd, turning to watch her.

“I want you,” Lissa said, running her fingers down Daisy’s chest.

Daisy bit her lip, unable to take her eyes off Lissa. She didn’t understand what Lissa wanted yet, after all, they could be in a playroom right now, alone and getting to know each other. “I want you, too,” Daisy answered.

“Spread your legs,” Lissa said, keeping her eyes locked on to Daisy’s.

Daisy felt like she was drowning in Lissa’s chocolate gaze and she looked away. She shifted on the seat, wanting to obey, but thinking about the audience watching. Looking back at Lissa, Daisy spread her legs.

Nude flapper facing away from the mirror

She felt the rush of air on her exposed, wet pussy, and heard the audience. Some watching her and others, continuing their conversations and play. Daisy was blushing, but she was also growing more aroused at being so exposed. And when Lissa smiled at her, she felt her heart surge.

“Good girl,” Lissa said.

And Daisy bit her lip and felt her heart race and her pussy grow hot.

“Now, I want you to watch the audience,” Lissa said taking Daisy’s chin in her hand. Lissa leaned down and kissed Daisy.

Daisy felt Lissa place something in her hand, and automatically wrapped her fingers around it. When Lissa broke the kiss and smiled at Daisy. “Watch the audience, and use that,” she gestured to Daisy’s hand.

Daisy heard her, but her thoughts were still on the kiss. She’d lusted after that woman for so long that it took her a moment to shake free of the kiss and look at her hand. One of those industrial wand toys – the kind that made her come in under a minute. Once again, she met Lissa’s eyes.

“Use it for ten minutes,” Lissa said, her smile wicked.

Daisy’s eye went wide at the order. Ten minutes of that monster buzzing her clit for ten minutes would leave her a sopping mess. Daisy held the wand and let her eyes drift over the audience.

Lissa’s friends were watching, their interest keen. A few others had drifted over to see the show as well. Daisy wanted to perform for the audience; she wanted them to watch her writhe against the wand and come over and over. But even more, she wanted to hear Lissa call her a good girl again.

When Lissa handed her the lube bottle, Daisy took it and spread a generous amount of the wand. She found that she liked the way it felt against her latex-gloved hands, and she squirted more from the bottle and rubbing her lube slick fingers over her pussy.

Keeping her eyes on Lissa, she moved the wand between her thighs, and pressed it lightly against her lips, and switched it on.

Already aroused the rumbling, buzz made Daisy rock her hips nearly off the chair. She could hear the audience, but kept her eyes on Lissa, slowly moving the wand.

Lissa smiled, “Now, watch them” she pointed a gloved finger at the audience. Daisy felt herself tremble as she turned to face the small crowd. She didn’t recognize anyone, but the constant rumbling of the vibrator had her on edge – she was so close. When she felt Lissa’s hand caressed her tit, Daisy let go and rocked hard against the wand, crying out with the crowd watching.

She wanted to pull the wand away from her now overly sensitive clit, but Lissa whispered in her ear, “9 minutes to go.”

Daisy whimpered and continued to hold the wand, the buzzing the only thing she could focus on even as Lissa continued to massage her tits and tweak her nipples through the latex suit.

Daisy knew that she was close to coming, and closed her eyes, letting the tingling in her pussy build and finally explode through her. She could feel the lube and her juices pooling on the chair. And still, there was Lissa. Lissa watching and smiling. Lissa reaching out a gloved hand to press the wand tighter, closer against Daisy’s flesh. Lissa encouraging her, while Daisy rocked and squirmed against the wand.

After her third or maybe fourth orgasm, Daisy’s hand faltered. She was crying from both the overwhelming buzzing and her realization that she wasn’t going to make it ten minutes. “Please, Lissa” she whimpered. “Please hold the wand, I want to finish for you.”

And Lissa grinned at her, surprised at Daisy’s request. “You’re half-way there,” Lissa said, wiped away Daisy’s tears. She looked at the crowd and called one of her friends over. Lissa took Daisy’s hand, pressing the wand once again tightly against her clit.

Nude flapper on hands and knees her ass facing the camera

When Ivy joined them, Daisy let her take the wand. For a brief moment, the buzzing stopped as Ivy took the toy away. Daisy gasped feeling the cool lube flow over exposed clit and pussy.

“Five more minutes,” Lissa said, and Ivy rubbed the wand between Daisy’s thighs. Daisy clasped the arms of the chair and writhed against the unceasing buzzing. She loved a wand, but she couldn’t recall ever using one without stopping for so long.

“Watch the audience” Lissa ordered her.  

Daisy turned her eyes to the audience, biting her lip and rocking her hips. She’d given up trying to hold back her orgasms. She squirmed and cried out, while the audience watched. She’d lost track of her orgasms, all she could focus on was the wand always moving to her most sensitive spaces, letting it out of her control only increased the torment. When she’d held the wand she could move farther closer, less direct – Ivy had an unerring skill of finding Daisy’s clit.

When the buzzing finally stopped, Daisy sat panting in the chair. Yet, even without the wand, she could still feel the phantom throbbing, buzzing of the wand. She sought out Lissa and met her eyes.

Lissa leaned down and kissed her, softly her tongue teasing Daisy’s lower lip. And her gloved fingers found Daisy’s pussy. Two fingers pressed inside of Daisy, slowly pumping in and out. Daisy moaned into the kiss, opening her legs wider to allow Lissa’s invasion. In the back of her mind, she realized that they were still being watched. This small crowd was watching Lissa’s fingers disappear inside her.

And Daisy didn’t expect it, but she came again and felt the rush of liquid between her thighs.   

Then Lissa pulled back, and Daisy slumped in the chair, letting her knees fall in. She didn’t close her legs fully, not without permission. Lissa leaned down and stroked her face, “Are you ok for more?”

Nude flapper, facing the camera, wearing stockings and holding a champagne bottle

Daisy nodded, unable to form words.

“Wonderful,” Lissa whispered, “I have a playroom waiting for us.”

Daisy felt the gentle tug on the leash, and Lissa gave her time to find her feet. When she was certain Daisy was able to walk, Lissa took the end of the leash, but also took Daisy’s hand.

Daisy pulled on Lissa’s hand, “Wait.”

Lissa stopped, looking back concerned.

“Can Ivy come too?” Daisy asked.

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