Wanton Wedding (image only post)

I love corsets of all types. I ordered this one for a winter white party. It arrived too late.

I didn’t wear it to the event, but I love the wedding night look of it.

Also I’m an Archer fan, and and I didn’t realize how reminiscent these are to Mitsuko Miyazumi… It makes me think I should get back into cosplay.

Sinful Sunday


  1. I have such a curiosity about cosplay but have never done it – I’d love to read/see more about that! Also – what an exquisite corset – I love that it’s so fem and frilly and almost OTT but also just perfect. You look amazing!


    • Cosplay can be so much fun! For me, it’s like taking role play to a new level. There’s the artistic side of it and the “being someone else” side.

      After my last couple of photos, I am thinking about getting back into it cosplay. thank you


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