Always and Forever

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flapper sitting nude on a turkish rug

Vicki slipped the business card into her journal and left the bar. She knew that Colin would want to know about the contact with Evren. That was the name of the magical contact they’d been seeking in Istanbul.

When she returned to their room, she found Colin asleep on top of the bed. He must have come back from his research quest while she was out. As she looked down at his sleeping form, his eyes flickered open.

“You’re back,” he said, his voice heavy with sleep. He shifted on the bed, opening his arms to her.

Vicki pulled her dress off and hung it over a chair. Her bra and panties followed. She crawled naked into his arms. He wrapped his arms around her, and she wriggled in close to him, resting her head on his naked chest.

“How was your evening,” he asked her, kissed the top of her head.

As they had gotten closer to reconnecting with Djet, Colin had changed. He asked questions about her day as if he didn’t know the both of them were meeting with magicians and occultists and witches in the hopes of learning the rituals they needed to rescue their pharaoh from Anubis. She wondered if he had also begun to wonder how their relationship would change once they were reunited with Djet. After all, in her dreams, Djet viewed her as a concubine and sometimes priestess – even if her knowledge of the magical arts was woefully limited. He did not appear to Colin in dreams, and while he knew that she was working with Colin, Djet had never questioned their relationship.

“I had a few drinks at the lovely hotel bar,” Vicki answered. “I was writing up my most recent dream, and the bartender gave me his card.”

She could hear the smile in Colin’s voice, “Getting chatted up by the bartender then?”

She laughed. Their relationship was beyond unconventional, and she knew without a doubt that had the bartender being chatting her up, he’d have no problem with that. He’d happily support her had she opted to go home with the other man. “I don’t think he was chatting me up,” she said mimicking his accent. “He suggested that we needed to talk to Evren.” She sighed when he stroked her hair, “Oh and he called you my master.”    

Colin didn’t bother to stifle his laughter, and he squeezed her tighter, “So you’re my slave girl.”

She swatted his arm, “You wish.” She giggled, but she felt his mood shift. Suddenly the playfulness of the exchange had become something else. “What is it?” She shifted, turning over to rest on her elbow, looking down at him.

“I don’t want to lose you, Vicki,” he said his voice steady but quiet. “You are willing to sacrifice so much to find a way to save him, and I fear that I will lose you to those sacrifices.”

She thought about everything they’d experienced together – and about the sacrifices, she’d made. She shivered to recall what it had taken to rid her of the attentions of the entity – an otherworldly creature whose tentacles had used every orifice she possessed. It had laid a claim on her until Colin had once again used his connections and his family money to rid her of its attentions. That evening had challenged both of them and their growing bond, but it hadn’t broken it. She had thought that they had gotten past that night. “Colin,” she started unsure what to say – she couldn’t promise everything wouldn’t change once Djet was free – “I can’t promise what will happen when Djet is free from the threat of Anubis, but I don’t believe he will separate us.” She stroked his cheek, feeling the rasp of his unshaven beard.

vintage boudoir postcard. Nude woman seated on a chair surrounded by flower

Colin held her hand in place, closing his eyes. When he opened his eyes, their dark depths shimmered with tears. “My beautiful Vicki, I don’t fear him,” He turned his head and shifted rummaging at the bedside table. Magical tomes and travel guides slipped to the floor as he unearthed a paper letter. Without a word, he handed it to her.

 She glanced at it, it was sealed and addressed to her. Her heart skipped when she saw the return address was from Leila. She hadn’t heard anything from Leila since their meeting in France. She looked at Colin, “when did this arrive?”

Colin looked up at her, “only today. It was at the front desk when I returned from the library.” His gaze flickered to the letter, “are you going to open it?”

Vicki took a deep breath and sat up. “I don’t know,” she shrugged, recalling her last meeting with Leila. It had been a painful exchange. Leila wanted Vicki to walk away from Djet and her quest to free him from Anubis. She admitted that her family served Anubis – they had for centuries tracked those who had escaped from death to return to the world of the living. It placed the two of them on opposite sides of a cosmic battle. “Colin,” Vicki said returning the letter to the bedside table, “I don’t want Leila to come between us.” Vicki lay next to him.

He put his arm around her and looked into her eyes, “You know that I love you.” He didn’t wait for her to reply but pushed on. “I am afraid she will take you away from me. I am more afraid of losing you to her than I was of the entity, or even of Djet.”

Vicki stroked his cheek. She loved this about Colin, his complete openness. She wondered if it was a side-effect of practicing magic after all emotion was a huge component of making spells work – or if he had always been so open about his feelings. Her fingers moved down his cheek, feeling the rasp of beard growing in. She finally met his eyes, “And I love you,” she paused letting her palm rest against his cheek. “And I love her.”

For a moment she thought she saw the disappointment in his eyes.

“But she is working against Djet,” Vicki said softly. “And I cannot let her send him back.”

Colin reached for her hand and kissed her palm.  

Vicki gave a soft, contented sigh at the touch. “I don’t understand how I can love all three of you, but I do.”

Colin gave her a  small smile, “I love him too.”

Vicki stared into his eyes and knew that what he said was true. Somehow, this quest she’d started back in the tomb had taken over her life. It had taken her farther from Leila but tied her forever to her pharaoh and Colin, her high priest. She squeezed Colin’s hand. “We are in the strangest polyamorous relationship,” she laughed.

Colin smiled back, but she could still see the fear in the back of his eyes.

“She can write to me,” Vicki said, “And I know she will – but I won’t let her or family destroy Djet.” Vicki searched his eyes. “You and I are his priests, and together we are going to usher in his new aeon.”

He nodded and slowly lowered his head to hers, kissing her softly.

Vicki responds to his kiss, opening her mouth and wrapping her arm around his neck. It has been too long since the two of them took any time for themselves. All of their energy was spent in magick and studying the arcane arts. This night was for them.

Colin broke the kiss, letting his lips travel down her cheek and neck – kissing and licking her flesh. She moaned softly as his tongue traveled across her clavicle. She let her head fall back, enjoying his mouth on her – letting him slowly relearn her body. His hand traveled over the curve of her waist and her hip, and she felt his grip on her tighten.

Vintage photo of a nude woman wearing a headwrap and holding a veil

He shifted rising on his elbow and looked down at her. She could feel his eyes on her, and they seemed to enliven her skin just as much as his touch. Vicki watched his face as he gazed at her. She watched his fear ebb away, replaced with love.

“I want you, Colin” Vicki whispered. “I want you now and forever.”

He bit his lip at her words and moved again this time positioning himself between her legs. “Tell me again,” he asked his voice thick with desire.

“I want you,” Vicki said, “I want you, Colin Bishara.” She could feel this heat from his body against hers. She raised a hand and let her fingers travel down his chest, feeling this flex of muscle beneath his skin. “I want you forever,” she said – and her voice grew heavy, “And I want you now.”

He shifted and she felt his cock pressed against her, so close to entering her. “Please,” she panted, “please, I need you now.”

And his control fell away, and he pressed into her, and she moaned a soft “yes,” as he entered her.

She felt his cock stretch her, fill her, and he leaned down and kissed her, moving slowly inside her. Vicki shifted opening her legs wider, tilting her hips wanting more of him – wanting all of him, wanting him to know that she loved him. She held his head as he kissed her, feeling his tongue in her mouth.

He broke the kiss, “tell me again,” he panted.

Vicki could feel the brush of his lips with every word. “I want you now and forever,” she said. And he kissed her again, starting to move again – pressing faster and harder into her. She ran her fingers down his back, feeling his warm skin and the flex of his muscles, and gave herself over to being with him.

She wrapped her legs around his waist, meeting his thrusts. His hands were panted on either side of her head as he held himself above her, and Vicki grasped his wrists – holding tightly to him – wanting him closer, wanting to hold on to him so that she wouldn’t lose him.

Vicki felt him tense and heard his moan as he came. He pressed deeper inside her, staying above her – inside her.

“I love you, Vicki,” he said moving slowly off of her. But rather than moving to lay beside her, he shifted moving lower. He looked up at her before lowering his head to her pussy. And then his lips and tongue were on her, teasing her already sensitive flesh.

Vicki moaned in delight as his tongue found her clit and he teased and sucked on her flesh. His hands curled around her hips, holding her against his mouth until she shuddered and came.

He rested his head on her thigh, and Vicki still panting tugged on his arm. “Come here,” she asked.

He moved next to her and took her into his arms. They both snuggled closer together.

Vicki broke the silence saying, “Always and forever.” She knew that it didn’t matter what was in the letter from Leila – nothing would take her away from Colin and Djet.



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