February Photo Fest (day 7)

I’d planned on attending a Zoom Imbolc this weekend – but ended up having my own little ritual instead. While I miss celebrating with others, being on a screen for any pagan holiday just felt off.

Imbolc is kind of a strange observance here in Southern California. While we have winter, there is no snow (and the average winter temperatures stay in the 60sF/ 15sC). Imbolc does not feel like the midpoint of winter (or even the precursor to Spring) here.

This year, I am working through a lot of grief. I have lost two friends this year – both died far too young. I am process their absence from my life in addition to the losses of COVID-19. I haven’t been able to see either of my partners since last summer. One had to return to working in his office – and within two weeks, at least two of his co-workers tested positive. He, thankfully, hasn’t come up positive. But maintaining any relationship without physically meeting is challenging for me (shout out to all the LDR people out there). My other partner decided to quarantine with his other partner (which I completely understand), but she works in health care… so he is at risk of infection.

So I feel a loss there – I miss their presence in my life in a larger way, and I find it hard to maintain my connections right now. I hope that once we are able to meet again that we can rebuild our connections.

February Photofest


  1. Mid February is the peak of winter here in the North Midwest. The days are getting noticeably longer and with that comes much rejoicing. Thanking the goddess and the hope of spring’s rebirth is not so hard. Brigid has a special place for me as the patroness of smiths. This year celebrations may have to wait for time enough and strength enough to perform.


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